Venus Transit: Which 5 Signs Will Enjoy A Life Full Of Love-Romance-Wealth?

On 23 May, Venus is going to transit in Aries. Venus is regarded as the planet of happiness, luxuries, and lust. So, due to this transit, some natives will enjoy love, romance, and wealth in their life. But which are these signs? And how will it affect your zodiac sign? Find out below!

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Besides this, we will also tell you about the importance of Venus in astrology, the duration of Venus transit, timing of Venus transit taking place on 23 May, and the remedies to reduce Venus’ negative effects from the horoscope.

Venus In Astrology

Venus is regarded as an auspicious planet in Astrology. The auspicious impact of Venus blesses a person with physical and marital pleasures. This is why in astrology, the planet Venus has also been considered as the benefactor of material comforts, marital happiness, object of luxury, fame, beauty, romance etc.

Besides this, Venus is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra and its exalted and debilitated signs are Pisces and Virgo, respectively. Venus transits within around 23 days. It means that Venus remains in one sign for about 23 days then changes its zodiac sign.

The Venus transit taking place on 23 May will take place at 8:39 pm in Aries and it will move to the next sign, i.e. Taurus, on 18 June, 2022, at 8:28 am.

This transit will definitely affect the lives of 12 zodiac signs in some way or another. Now let’s check out some remedies related to Venus.

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Remedies Related To Venus

When Venus is in an auspicious position in the charts then such a native attains wealth, love, prosperity, marital happiness, success, etc. On the contrary, the adverse or weak position of Venus in the horoscope brings problems in various aspects of life for the natives. So, to protect yourself from the negative effects of Venus, you can perform the following remedies.

  • If Venus has become the reason for your troubles then you must worship Goddess Laxmi.
  • Worship Lord Parshuram.
  • Recite Shree Sukta.
  • If possible, observe a fast on Friday and donate items related to Venus like curd, new clothes, silver, etc. to the needy. 
  • Besides this, it is advisable to wear a diamond to attain the auspicious outcomes of Venus. However, you must consult a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone.
  • You can also establish a Shukra Yantra at your workplace. This device helps progress in love, business, and wealth.

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 Effects of Venus Transit & its Astrological Remedies

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