Venus Transit In Aries (12 March); A Concise Description For All Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Aries 2023: The planet Shukra in the revered and ancient language of Sanskrit means “Bright”. It is a beneficial planet that brings luxury, material pleasure, beauty, harmony, and attraction to all of us. The planet of love and beauty Venus is a fast-moving planet and naturally, it changes zodiac signs at a good speed and has greater impacts on our lives and in each sphere of our existence. Venus is considered feminine in nature and exudes refined qualities that everyone of us wants to possess. In ancient texts, Venus as a deity is referred to as Shukracharya and he is the Guru of Gods and Demons. The beloved color of Venus is white and the dedicated day is Friday. His mount is a White Horse. So, through this blog, you will learn all about Venus transit in Aries and how your zodiac sign is faring through this impactful transit!

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Venus Transit In Aries: Date & Time

Venus, the harbinger of attraction and harmony, will transit in the zodiac sign of bravery and masculinity, Aries on 12th March 2023 at 8:13 am. With this transit, each zodiac sign will come across changes in all aspects of their lives. So, let’s check what this report tells us!

Venus Transit In Aries: Account For All Zodiac Signs


Positive changes will be there for blessed natives of Ram as Venus rules your second and seventh houses and now with this transit will come in the first house, i.e, Lagna house. Your personality will undergo luxurious changes and you will greatly enjoy material pleasures. Interpersonal relationships and popularity will blossom as well!


Venus is the ruling lord of Bull and also rules their sixth house; with this transit it will come in your twelfth house. Health must be given precedence as with this transit, health status might stumble. Medical expenses might rise, and a strong character and healthy lifestyle will be beneficial for you during this period. Overseas traveling will be there for you!


Venus with this transit will come in your eleventh house and hold the lordship of the fifth and twelfth houses. Financial gains will be there for Twin natives during this period. Business natives will also get good opportunities to gain money. Careers of Gemini natives will soar with good benefits. All in all this transit will provide great benefits in all spheres of their lives!


Venus with this transit will come into your tenth house and hold the lordship of the fourth and eleventh house. The female natives of Crab will get favorable opportunities during this transit. Significant and beneficial opportunities will come in the careers of Cancer natives. Happiness will be there for you through this period!

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The power of luck will be increased for Leo natives during this period. Venus will transit in your ninth house and hold the lordship of the third and tenth houses. This time is favorable for professional changes. Natives in the crafts and entertainment industry, media, and journalism will receive benefits. Support of siblings will be there as well!


Venus for Virgo natives rules the second and ninth house; with this transit, it will come in your eighth house. The health of your father must be given precedence during this period. Virgo natives are advised to keep up with their health and personal hygiene. However, financial prosperity will be there for you during this transit period!


Libra natives are ruled by Venus who also rules their eighth house; it now enters their seventh house. Interpersonal relationships will have a boost with this transit. Benefits of personality and health will prevail as Venus is aspecting your first house. However, a stronghold of character is advised for Libra natives. 


For Scorpion natives, Venus will transit in their sixth house; holding the lordship of the twelfth and seventh houses. This transit will bring mixed outcomes. At the front of relationships, you might come across troubles. Communication must be given importance as it will be beneficial for your relationship. Expenses might rise but they will be used favorably.  


Venus transit will take place in your fifth house. It rules your sixth and eleventh houses. Favorable and beneficial outcomes will be there for you in the spheres of love relations, children, and education. Financial gains will be there for Sagittarius natives and problems coming in their relationships will get resolved!

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For the natives of Capricorn Venus acts as a Yogakaraka planet and rules the fifth and tenth houses. Venus transit in Aries will take place in your fourth house. Happiness will prevail in the lives of these natives as this transit period will be favorable. Your expenses will be spent on items of personal comfort. Beneficial and progressive opportunities in career will present themselves. This time will be favorable for property investment as well!


Venus acts as a Yogakaraka planet for Water-bearers as well and with this transit, it will come into your third house. Venus rules your fourth and ninth houses. For your personal life, this transit will bring great outcomes. Good times will be spent with family and friends. Aquarius natives will indulge in creative hobbies and will receive support from their mentors. Thoughts of religion and spirituality will take over this period as well!


Venus with this transit will come into your second house. The love planet holds the lordship of your third and eighth houses. During this period, your communication will be positively affected and people around you will be mesmerized by your speech. Health should be checked and you will be able to save during this time, however, financial variations might be there as well. Interpersonal relationships will get better!

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