Venus Transit in Capricorn Proves Lucky For These Signs!

Venus transit in Capricorn will bring unexpected life changes! Read how positively or negatively this transit influences your life, and what measures must be done to attain favourable results.

Venus represents beauty, attraction and materialistic pleasures, and is known to be a benefic planet. It is feminine in nature, and is governs the second and seventh house in a kundli as per Kaal Purush Kundali. It rules over the Purvashada, Purva Phalguni, and Bharani Nakshatra and Libra and Taurus zodiac signs and is friendly with Saturn or Shani and Mercury or Budh. on the other hand, it shares an inimical bond with Moon and Sun. as per astrology, it remains exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo.

Establish Shukra Yantra To Improve Your Marital Life

Venus in a Kundli

As per Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus rules over the seventh house in a kundli, which signifies marriage, spouse and partnerships in life. An exalted or strong Venus in a kundli blesses the native with attractive physical features and great marital life. Such natives live happily with their spouse and become the centre of attention with their influential behaviour. Also, they are likely to become famous and attain materialistic pleasures. A weak Venus in one’s kundli creates obstacles in marriage and childbirth. Such natives are less attractive physically, and can dress peculiarly odd. There can be a lack of prosperity and happiness in their lives, and a sense of dissatisfaction from everything.

Time of Transit

Around 17:44 on 15 December 2019, Sunday, the planet Venus will be seen transiting in the zodiac sign Capricorn from Sagittarius. It will remain placed in this sign until 04:14 morning on Thursday, 9 January 2020. One can attain the blessings of Venus as well as positive results if s/he chants the Shukra Beej Mantra with devotion. Below is the mantra:

 “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः

oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

Birthdays On The Day Of Transit

Several renowned and admired personalities will celebrate their birthdays on the day of Venus transit. The first is Bhaichung Bhutia, the Torchbearer of Indian Football Team on international platform and former Footballer. He has led his team through innumerable vitories, and is considered as the iconic player. Indian Professional Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh also shares his birth date with Baichung Bhutia. A Padma Shri recipient, Jeev Milkha Singh is known to be the first ever Indian to appear on the Top 100 List of the Official World Golf Ranking. Let’s see how this transit of Venus in Capricorn affects their lives.

Festivals on the Day Of Transit

Sankashti Chaturthi falls on the day of this transit. According to the Hindu Calendar, this day is observed on the fourth day during Krishna Paksha in a month. This day is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and fasting on this day helps to attain liberation from evil energy, miseries and bad times. Click here to read about Sankashti Chaturthi Rituals

Effects on Share Market

With the transit of Venus in Capricorn, a sense of deflation will dominate the Share Market. Stocks related to Footwear, Rubber, Diagnostic and Travel will see a rise in their value. However, there will be constant fluctuations in the value of PSUs, Banking, Gold and Wheat sectors related shares. Click here to know Sensex-Nifty Predictions

Let’s read the effects of this transit on all signs.

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