Sun-Venus Conjunction on 7 August, 4 signs To Face Issues In Married Life!

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus, which is the benefactor of all worldly pleasures, is considered very auspicious. Venus is the brightest planet among all the planets in the solar system.  Hence, it is also known as the evening or the morning star.

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Venus is the benefactor of married life, woman, ecstasy, splendour, material happiness, luxury, complexion, art, culture, literature, children etc. Apart from this, Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra from all the 12 zodiac signs, whereas Pisces is its Exalted sign and Virgo is its debilitated sign. If we talk about planets, then Mercury and Saturn are friends with Venus, but Venus is the enemy of the Sun and Moon. That’s why in complete human life, there is a considerable significance of Venus.

Venus Impact On The Horoscope

According to esteemed astrologers, if the position of Venus is weak or inadequate in the horoscope, then that native is deprived of a life partner, vehicle, house and money. Apart from this, if Venus is in a good state in the horoscope, then the native will get material happiness, marriage and child happiness in life. That’s why the position of Venus is calculated in a Horoscope to get the marriage and children-related information.

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Time Duration Of Venus Transit

Planet Venus takes 23 days to complete its one transit, which means Venus takes 23 days to move from one sign to another. The benefactor of fashion, love, beauty, material and universal happiness, Venus once again transiting on 07 August 2022, Sunday at 05:12 am from Gemini, which is the sign of its friend planet Mercury, to the enemy planet Moon’s sign, Cancer, and it will remain there till the end of the month. Then on 31 August, Venus will again transit and enter the Sun’s sign Leo.

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So, let’s understand with the help of this blog what will be the impact of Venus transit on its enemy sign globally and for which sign this transit will be good and vice-versa.

Impact Of Venus Transit On Cancer

  • This Transit Will Be Special For Married Couples. 
Because Venus transit in Cancer is taking place on 7 August, where it will meet the Sun, which is already present there; as we have told earlier, there is an enemy relationship between the Sun and Venus, and Moon is also the enemy of Venus. So, Venus’s transit in Cancer, which is the sign of the enemy planet and the conjunction of Venus with the enemy planet Sun, will create trouble in the married life of the couples.
  • Somewhere It’s A Rainfall & Somewhere, There Is Drought
As Venus transit in the Cancer sign, where there will be Venus-Sun conjunction and Venus in conjunction with retrograde Saturn in Capricorn will lead to the formation of Samsaptak Yoga. Due to this, during this complete transit phase, there are chances of some natural calamities that can cause the loss of life- property. Moreover, Venus Saturn’s Samsaptak Yoga causes excessive rainfall in the country’s northeastern provinces, leading to problems. At the same time, due to the lack of rain in the country’s other states, the agricultural sector may also have to face many problems.
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  •  Impact Of this Transit On The Nation
The nation’s government will benefit financially from taxes and other sources due to Venus’ transit in Cancer. However, internal conflicts can occasionally have a severe negative impact on the nation’s citizens. The central government will face numerous complex issues as a result of this.
  • Inclination Toward Religious Beliefs Will Increase
The nation’s population will become more inclined to religion and spirituality due to Venus’ conjunction with the Sun, the enemy planet, during this transit.
  • Impact Of This Transit On The Retail Market
The position of Venus and the effect of other planets on Venus with this transit will likely create chaos in the stock market, especially in the retail market. Software stocks will see a boom. The price of oil, ghee, jaggery, and sugar will increase significantly. 

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Positive & Negative Impacts Of Venus Transits On Signs

  • These Natives Will Get Happiness In Their Married Life
  1. Aries:  This Venus transit will bring pride to you. If you are married, then the natives of Aries will get all the happiness of married life with the blessings of Venus. Moreover, you can spend quality time with your partner and get help to fix any disputes in between. Apart from this, you will be successfully leading a healthy life.
  1. Gemini:  This transit of Venus will bring harmony between the family members of the natives of Gemini. During this duration, you might plan for an auspicious event with your family members. Those married natives who are planning to expand their family, will get the news of pregnancy. From a health point of view also, this time duration is perfect. 
  1. Virgo:  In the married life of Virgo natives, the lord of Venus will bring good news. With this, married couples will get a chance to spend quality time together and bring back love to their relationship. Along with this, there will be a mutual understanding between the partners. For those who are into love affairs, Lord Venus will bring sweetness and positivity to their relationship. Apart from this, from the health point of view, you will get rid of some prolonged illness. 
  1. Capricorn: With the impact of Venus transit, you will get many chances to make your married life happier. The effects of Venus will increase the love and romance between you, which will bring back memories of when you were pleased with your partner, and then you will enjoy these times too. Your health will remain stable with no major illness.

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These Zodiac Signs Needs To Be Careful!

  1. Cancer:  Due to the Venus transit in your zodiac sign, you will face many problems in your married life. There is a chance that you might have a conflict of ego with your partner, which can lead to a big fight. In such a circumstance, you should promptly try the solutions to resolve all disagreements through effective conversation with your partner. At the same time, your health will be a bit unstable; you might suffer from mental stress.
  2. Libra:  The natives of Libra will be more likely to get negative results from this Venus transit. Especially if you are married, you will face specific issues in your relationship with your partner. As a result, you might have a dispute with your life partner. Also, the Libra natives need to be more careful about their health due to the Venus transit in Cancer.
  3. Sagittarius: This Venus transit is going to give you health-related problems. Your spouse’s health is likely to deteriorate during this period. Therefore, you are recommended to take proper care of yourself and your spouse and take them to a good doctor.  
  4. Aquarius: This Venus transit is bringing worse challenges in the married life of Aquarius natives. Because during this time you will continue to have disputes with your partner over useless things.  That’s why you should talk to your spouse, which will remove all kinds of conflicts between you. From the health point of view, you need to be careful during this period, As the yoga formed during this will make you a mere victim of injury for some reason.

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Problems Due To The Inauspicious Position Of Venus

If there is a weak position of Venus or an inauspicious position of Venus in a horoscope, then the person is prone to many types of physical problems in his life, like: 

  • Due to Venus, a person is prone to have disorders related to cheeks, chin and nerves.
  • Due to the extreme inauspicious position of Venus in the horoscope, there is a risk of secret disease related to semen and many other similar types of sexual disorders.
  • Due to the inauspicious results of Venus, there are chances of premature loss of libido in a person.
  • Continuous pain in hand or finger or any other problem related to the finger indicates the weak position of Venus.
  • Skin diseases in any person also indicate the weak position of Venus.
  • Apart from this, diseases related to the intestines and problems in the foot or leg are all about Venus’s inauspicious position.

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Easy-To-Follow Remedies To Calm Venus

  • To make Venus stronger in your horoscope, you have to observe 21 or 31 fasts on Fridays.
  • Wear white clothes on Fridays as much as possible.
  • Chant Shukra Beej Mantras “Om Dram Dreem Draun Saha Shukray Namah” on Fridays for 5,11, or 21 times.
  • Donate things related to Venus like sugar, rice, milk, curd and ghee-made food items to the poor and needy.
  • You can also donate makeup, camphor, sugar candy, curd etc., too little girls.
  • Wear a diamond to remove the adverse effects of Venus in your horoscope. For this, you can also consult our expert astrologer via chat or call.
  • Respect all women and maintain cleanliness in your surroundings.
  • Using an attar or scents can also help amplify Venus’s effects.
  • You should avoid eating sour things on Friday.
  • With the help of Shukra Graha Shanti Puja Online, remove all the inauspiciousness of Venus and bring happiness and prosperity to your married life.

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