Venus Enters Aries To Bring Prosperity In Love Life!

Venus is the natural significator of love, romance and beauty and Aries is the first sign in the natural zodiac belt which represents initiation. Venus transits in this sign on 29th February at 01:31 AM morning and will continue to remain here till 28th March 2020.

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These 28 days will be very auspicious for a few signs as Venus will help them take their relationship forward. Natives of the other zodiac signs will have an ample amount of time to see what exact improvements are necessary.


Venus is the lord of your 7th house of relationships and 12th house of pleasures. The transit of Venus in your first house will bring a breath of fresh air into the relationships as it will be directly aspecting its own seventh house. You will be creative, romantic and sensual in this phase, which will make your partner happy and joyous. For single natives, your attraction and persuasion power will increase, that will assist you in getting a new relationship. Overall, a very positive transit for love and romance.


The position of Venus in your twelfth house can make you libidinous and over-desirous in relationships. With this transit, your expectations in relationships will increase, which may create problems further down the road with your partner. So, it is advised to keep your expectations in check, which will bring better results in relationships.


Venus is directly aspecting its own fifth house of love and romance, which is likely to make you charming, attractive and filled with youthful energy. If you are single, then it is the best time to propose to the person whom you have feelings for. This is because this transit will help you in expressing your emotions in a much better manner. It will also bring in harmony in existing relationships.


Venus will have a direct impact on your fourth house, which in natural zodiac represents the heart. It is where feelings and emotions reside, so in this transit, you will be more caring and active in relationships. You will believe in building strong bonds and having transparent communication with your partner that may help in giving the relationship a new dimension.


Venus transiting in your ninth house of fortune is having a direct aspect on your third house of desires, ambitions and travels. This indicates that you will be more fond of adventure, travel and recreational activities during this transition with your partner. It will be a source of joy and happiness for your partner.

However, on the negative side, there are possibilities of you getting attracted to someone else. But, you should remember that this is just a fleeting desire, and your bond with your partner is eternal, so do not make any hasty decisions.

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The position of Venus in your eighth house of uncertainty and transition is not auspicious in matters of love and relationships. You may not be able to express your true feelings and emotions to your loved one. This transit can also make you nervous and anxious at times, which can act as a deterrent in your relationship.


The transit of Venus is in the seventh house of love and relationships for Libra natives. You will be creative, romantic and gracious in love and able to strengthen the bond with your partner. However, as Venus is positioned in the house of desires, it indicates that you may also be inclined towards having extra-marital affairs which may create unnecessary stress in relationships. So, have control over your desires and be loyal to your partner as it is just a passing phase.


The planet Venus will be in its weakest position in the sixth house for Scorpio natives. This position of Venus indicates that you may feel isolated and there may be signs of escapism in your nature. It may make you reluctant to commit to relationships, which is against your innate nature of easily falling in love. So, try and express your emotions to the partner, so that they may know what you are going through rather than taking it otherwise.


You will be romantic, bold and adventurous in love matters as Venus is residing in its domain of the fifth house that represents love and romance. Your enthusiasm and passion will remain all-time high during this transit. Sagittarius natives will do anything and everything in their measure to please their partner. However, do not overindulge in these matters and avoid being too dependent on your spouse or beloved.


The position of Venus will be very auspicious for Capricorn natives as they will be loyal and committed in relationships. You will not shy away from expressing your true feelings and intentions to your beloved. This is because your main motto during this transition is to achieve and give contentment in relationships. However, you can become a little obsessed trying to achieve it, which can have some adverse effects on relationships.

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You will be at your charming best in terms of flattering your partner by your choice of words, be it verbal or written. This position of Venus in this house can make you unconventional in approach to please your partner which will be a source of joy and happiness for them. However, as it is the house of desires and ambitions, your expectations can be very high, which can sometimes shun the partner from relationships.


Venus positioned in your second house is a very positive movement for Pisces zodiac sign. You will be unconditional in your love and shower away gifts and presents in order to please your partner. If you are looking to take the relationship to the next level, then it is a very right time to express your feelings and emotions to your beloved. But sometimes you can be a little flashy, which can offer you the exact opposite result than what was expected.

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