Venus Transit 2023: If This Is Your Zodiac, You Might Become As Rich As Tata-Birla In 2023!

As 2022 comes to an end, we are curious about the upcoming year while simultaneously bidding goodbye to this year. As soon as 2023 begins, it will bring many transits along with it. We are all aware of the fact that every transit of a planet, no matter how small or big, has an impact on our lives. In the second month of the New Year, a special transit is occurring that will have a huge impact on three specific zodiac signs and make them rich! 

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We are talking about Venus Transit in Pisces. In Vedic astrology, Venus is said to be the ruling planet of the zodiacs Taurus and Libra. It is said to represent love, pleasure, harmony, femininity, unity, fame, affection, and wealth. Hence, when the planet transits into a zodiac, it takes all these qualities and can bring or take them away from the lives of natives of the said zodiac signs. Something similar will happen to three zodiac signs when Venus will transit into Pisces in 2023. 

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Don’t worry, with this article by AstroSage, you will learn everything about the transit, some remedies to strengthen Venus, along with the three lucky zodiac signs that are bound to get rich during the transit! So without wasting time, let us start with the blog!

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When Will Venus Transit Into Pisces?

Venus will be transiting into Pisces on Wednesday, February 15th, 2023. While Pisces is a water sign which is ruled by Jupiter, Venus transit will have a great and favorable impact on every zodiac’s relationships, careers, and financial profits. Let us learn which three lucky zodiac signs will get rich like Tata-Birla in 2023 due to the transit of Venus into Pisces. 

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These Three Signs Are On Their Way To Get Lucky!


The Venus Transit in Pisces will prove to be very favorable for the natives of Gemini. The planet will be entering the tenth house of your zodiac sign, which is considered as the house of professional workplace and job. Hence, with Venus arriving in this house, the unemployed natives might get new job opportunities during this period. Those who are already employed will get promoted to a better position in their offices. Along with this, people who own a business of their own will get a chance to expand it further and make great profits along with it!


Times are going to be very favorable for the Virgo folks this Venus transit as the planet will be transiting in the seventh house of your horoscope! This house represents the relationships and marital lives of the people. This period will increase harmony and love in your relationship or marriage. Unmarried couples will get a chance to propose to their partners and single natives might meet their soulmates. Along with this, there will be improvement in your health and wealth where your partnerships will prove to be profitable in business!

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Benefits will be raining on the natives of Libra during the transit of Venus in Pisces. The planet will be transiting into the sixth house of your horoscope which is considered to be the house of diseases and enemies. With Venus’ position in this house, you are bound to get victory over your enemies and those hiding behind fake faces will be destroyed as well. You will also win any court cases against you. Along with this, you will get a sudden profit in your business or get promoted in your career. Additionally, there will be a new source of income which you will be able to grasp immediately! 

Remedies Strengthen Venus In Your Horoscope

  • Visit a temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi every Friday and recite Lakshmi Chalisa.
  • On Friday, donate white food items like Ghee, camphor, curd, and sugar to the needy.
  • You may wear a 6-faced Rudraksha or wear a Diamond ring on the ring finger in such a way that the diamond touches your finger. Consult an astrologer before wearing it.
  • Wear pink and white colored clothes on Fridays.
  • Listening to classical Ragas, specifically Vrindavani Saranga, can improve the position of Venus.

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