‘Yuti Yoga’ Formation In September: Who Will Win A Lottery, Who Will Suffer?

There will be big turbulence in Virgo in the upcoming month of September. Actually, during this time, Mercury will be present in the retrograde position in Virgo, on the other side there will be Sun-Venus conjunction in this zodiac sign. So, it would be interesting to know what will be the impact of this conjunction, which yoga will be formed by the Sun-Venus Conjunction and more.

Also, let’s understand the conjunction of Sun, Venus, and retrograde Mercury will be auspicious for the natives of which zodiac sign and who need to be cautious during this time. First of all, let us learn the timing of this conjunction to happen in September.

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Retro Mercury, Sun & Venus In Virgo

First of all, if we talk about the Retrograde Mercury in Virgo then it will take place on 10 September, 2022. During this, the benefactor planet of intelligence, and speech, Mercury will retrograde in Virgo at 8:42 am. Usually, it is seen that, due to retrograding Mercury, there is a huge impact on the intelligence and speech of the natives. To know more about the impacts of retrograding Mercury in your zodiac sign read this.

After this, the Sun will transit in Virgo on 17 September. In astrology, Sun is considered to be the benefactor of the Soul, Father, Government job, and more. If we talk about the timings of this transit then the Sun will transit in Virgo at 7:11 am on 17 September 2022 Saturday. To know the impact of Sun transit in Virgo in your zodiac sign, read this.

After this, in the end, on 24 September, Venus will transit in Virgo. In astrology, Venus is considered to be the benefactor of happiness, luxury, beauty, and more.

So, if we talk about the duration of this very important Venus transit then it will happen on 24 September 2022 on Saturday at 8:51 pm. To read more about the impacts of Venus transit in Virgo in your zodiac sign, read this.  

Sun-Venus Conjunction In Virgo

This conjunction in Virgo is also very important because in astrology this is one special conjunction where both the planets in conjunction are auspicious but the effects are inauspicious. This is because when any planet comes near to the Sun due to its combustion it loses its ability to give auspicious results. Similarly, it will happen to Venus when it will conjunct with the Sun then its results will be emaciated. The Sun-Venus Conjunction is also not considered favorable for married couples.

The formation of the yoga from the Sun-Venus conjunction is known as “Yuti Yoga”. As we have explained to you earlier also that this conjunction is not considered suitable for married couples. In such conditions, those natives who have Sun-Venus conjunction in their horoscopes will have to face many challenges and difficulties in their married life. If they are not married then there are delays in their marriage, and sometimes they have to deal with diseases or health issues related to Venus.

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Sun-Venus Conjunction: Meaning & Remedies

Where on one hand, Venus is considered to be the benefactor of love, beauty, and artistry, on the other hand, the Sun is considered to be the benefactor of soul, father, and more. So, when both the planets come in conjunction then there are different impacts on the different phases of life of the natives.

However, this conjunction can be a proven idol for those natives who want to improve their personalities. On the other hand, due to this conjunction, the natives have to struggle to maintain peace and harmony in their relationships.

  • Due to the Sun-Venus conjunction, there can be a lack of mutual understanding between the natives.
  • Apart from this, there is a possibility of ups and downs in different areas of life.
  • Sun is more effective in this conjunction than Venus, so there is a strong possibility of ego or other problems in the relationship.
  • Along with this, the Sun-Venus conjunction will teach you how to win over challenges in life. On the other hand, during this time you will also understand how important it is to keep your ego away to strengthen your relations with friends and family.

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Quick Remedies For Sun-Venus Conjunction

  • Respect your father.
  • Offer freshly made chapatis to cows.
  • Do Surya Namaskar and offer water to the Sun.
  • Worship Maa Durga with all the rituals.
  • Wear any gold ornament.
  • Apart from this, if you wish, you can also wear a pure silver ring.
  • Donate milk and coconut.

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Impact Of Sun-Venus Conjunction

If we talk about the impact of the Sun-Venus Conjunction on all the zodiac signs then,

Aries: During this time, all your stalled work will be completed.

Taurus: Stay Cautious! As any big news of sadness can come in your life.

Gemini: You can get benefits from the government and this benefit will be a surprise for you.

Cancer: You will see an increase in your authority during this period.

Leo: Time will be favorable in terms of the job. During this, there are chances of transfer to your desired place.

Virgo: There may be a big and sudden change in your life.

Libra: Time will be excellent for business people. You will see growth in your business.

Scorpio: This time will prove to be very auspicious for conquering the enemy.

Sagittarius: During this period, there will be the formation of strong yogas for your fame, growth, and happiness from your children’s side.

Capricorn: This time will be favorable for your daily lifestyle, however, some problems and disputes may be seen in family life.

Aquarius: All your stalled work will be completed successfully.

Pisces: You can spend money on some auspicious work.

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