Venus Rising in Sagittarius On 14 January 2022: Impact On Zodiac Signs

When it comes to the rise of Venus, the planet Venus, the source of all happiness, will rise on January 14, 2022, signalling the beginning of all fortunate and auspicious endeavors. In this article, Acharya Mragaank, the senior-most astrologer of AstroSage, explains what changes may occur as a result of Venus’ rising and how it may affect your life. You can read this article at length and know everything related to the impact of Venus Rising in Sagittarius on different zodiac signs.

Do you know what the rising position of the planets in Vedic astrology means? Also, how will the entrance of Venus in the ascendant state affect your life, and what are some practical steps you can take to strengthen Venus in your horoscope and reap maximum benefits?

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Meaning of Astha in Vedic Astrology

When a planet combusts, it loses its capacity to produce events and may also relinquish its original factors. Because the Sun is such a large planet, anytime a planet approaches it, it is entirely or partially affected by its influence. This is why, under some conditions, when the planet Venus, also known as the morning star, approaches the Sun, its radiance dims in front of the Sun and it is no longer visible in the sky. In Astrology, this is referred to as a planet’s setting, and when it departs from this position, it is referred to as a planet’s rise.

In the year 2022, Shukra Maharaj came close to the Sun in the beginning of the year i.e. on 4 January 2022. On 14th January 2022, this Venus star will rise and will come out of the state. This position will be produced in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius.

When the planet Venus is in its rising state, its power to give results, which was reduced in its setting state, will begin to increase again, and they will begin to give auspicious results according to their Karakatvas (factors).

The planet Venus, for example, is a symbol of material pleasures and love. When Venus passes in front of the Sun, its influence diminishes which can lead to a lack of variety and monotony in marital life or love relationships, or even the breakup of those partnerships; but as Venus progresses through the rising condition, those relationships will progressively improve. The relationship can be saved and troubles mitigated if there is a resurgence of love and interest in the relationship.

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Venus in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is regarded as a naturally auspicious planet with favourable vision. Aside from being a source of pleasure and luxury, Venus is considered to be the benefactor of all material pleasures, and the planet Venus’s influence can be seen in various forms throughout the Kaliyuga. Venus is also responsible for the origin of love, as well as providing gametes for childbirth.

In this case, the person whose planet Venus is in a prominent position in their horoscope has a very dazzling brightness to their body and enjoys a variety of pleasures in life. They may also enjoy nature and live a happy life, but if Venus is afflicted, they may be plagued by sexual disorders and/or financial restraints, causing their happiness to be masked.

The Rise of Venus in Sagittarius on January 14, 2022

If we talk about Venus’ ascension, it entered a set state in Sagittarius on January 4, 2022 at 7:44 a.m., and will remain in the same state in Sagittarius till January 14, 2022, at 5:29 a.m. After this, it will emerge in the rising condition, which is known as Shukra Udaya or Shukra Tara Udaya.

In this case, when Venus rises, it will be in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. The fire element is represented by Sagittarius, which is ruled by the god Guru Brihaspati. In this case, the ascent of Venus in this zodiac would promote worldly pleasures and may signal the start of marriage plans for this sign.

Venus star rise is given equal priority to Jupiter star rise since auspicious ceremonies such as marriage take place during the setting stage of both Jupiter and Venus planets. With the ascent of Venus in this situation, marriage celebration will begin and the sound of the bandwagon will be heard all over.

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Aries is the sign of fire element and it is ruled by Mars. Venus, on the other hand, is the lord of Aries’ second and seventh house and Venus is rising in your ninth house during this time. As a result, you will begin to see positive effects in your married life. Through a life partner, your luck will improve. Your journey will suffice. There will also be opportunities to go for a walk in some gorgeous locations. You can also go for a picnic or a walk with your family or life partner.

In monetary terms, this is a good time. As a result of your efforts, you will have ample money, which you might use for a good cause. You can do anything for improving the lives of people, which will not only boost your popularity but also your social standing. You’ll be an extremely social person. There is a possibility of a job transfer as well.

Remedy: You will benefit by seeking blessings of little girls on Friday.


Taurus is the earth element’s sign and Venus is its ruling planet. Apart from this, Venus is the ruler of your sixth house and is rising in your eighth house. As a result, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your finances. You will spend something privately that will most likely not be on excellent work, so you need to be cautious of your social image, which might be ruined by engaging in wrongdoing. Take care with this. This is not a good time for your health, so discipline your eating habits and avoid activities that involve excessive indulgence.

It is not a good idea to sit around and do nothing because it can make you sick. If you are married, you may get financial benefits from your in-laws and you may attend a wedding function at your in-laws’ home. You will feel better if you eat well. During this time, your close relationships will increase.

Remedy: You should feed gram dal to a white horse on Friday.


Mercury is the lord of the Gemini sign, which is ruled by the air element. Besides this, Venus is Mercury’s companion planet and rules Gemini’s fifth and twelfth house. Venus is rising in Gemini’s seventh house. This effect of this planet may affect your married life. Your relationship with your life partner will improve. 

If you do business, this is a good moment to sign a contract. Despite the fact that Venus is retrograde, you will get success only after putting in more work; nonetheless, thanks to Venus rising, you will be in a very excellent position. If you are currently unmarried and in love with someone, you can tie the knot with them. It is possible to accomplish one’s desire of travelling abroad or finding a foreign lifemate. There may also be opportunities to go overseas.

Remedy: You should consume curd on Friday and before any auspicious work. You should leave the house after eating curd and sugar.


Cancer is governed by the Moon and is a water element. Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house for persons born under the sign of Cancer and currently, it is rising in your sixth house, which represents debt, sicknesses, and rivalry. By the grace of Venus, part of your blocked work will be completed. Pending works will come into action and this may make you heave a sigh of relief.

If you work, you will reap full benefits of your endeavours during this time but there are chances of bickering in the family. Apart from that, your expenditure will increase and this may put a strain on your budget. It will be vital to manage your money carefully during this time.

Remedy: You should offer Kheer on Shivlinga on Friday.

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The Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign Leo, which is associated with the element of fire. Venus rules the third house of siblings and the tenth house of career for persons born under the sign of Leo, and it is currently rising in the fifth house of your zodiac. As a result, you should expect positive results in love relationships in such a situation. If you’re already in a relationship and there’s tension in it, that tension will vanish and love and attraction between both of you will grow.

If you’ve been single for a while, there’s a chance that someone wonderful will come into your life and make your love blossom. If you’re a student, this time will help you with your studies but your attention may be diverted, so you’ll need to focus on improving your concentration while studying. Your thoughts will be drawn to forms of entertainment and you will feel compelled to purchase something new and convenient. Financially, this is a good time. You will acquire strength in your work on the basis of your effort. Also, there may be opportunities to change occupation during this time.

Remedy: You should chant any Mantra of Maa Durga 108 times daily.


The earth element is represented by the zodiac sign Virgo, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Venus, on the other hand, is the lord of the second and ninth house for the natives with the Virgo zodiac sign and will rise in the fourth house for their domestic happiness and fortune. As a result, you will be happier and experience a feeling of satisfaction. In the family, there will be interesting programs. There may be some discussion of worship or good news, resulting in a joyous feeling among the family. The level of mutual coordination will rise. You will also spend some money for the benefit of your family.

It’s also possible that you’ll be able to buy a home during this time which will strengthen your financial situation. Someone in the family may bring new appliances. You can also use the money to renovate your home. You will achieve success in your field of work and be able to purchase a new vehicle with the help of luck. This period will bring mental gratification as well as an improvement in your financial situation, and you will feel content.

Remedy: You should present some green coloured clothes or bangles to your aunt or sister.


Libra is the air element’s sign, and Venus is its lord. Besides this, Venus rules your ninth house and is currently rising in your third house. As a result, your boldness and power will grow. You’ll be speaking to others in a more efficient manner. Your friendship will be strengthened and there will be more opportunities to have fun with them. You’ll meet a lot of new people including neighbours and family and you might even become someone exceptional.

You may experience health issues during this period, so be mindful of them and avoid doing any work that could make you unwell. If you come across an opportunity to assist your siblings, take advantage of it. If you are working, it is beneficial for you to respect your coworkers. You will be rewarded and achieve progress in life.

Remedy: You should chant any Mantra of planet Venus and do it 108 times daily starting from Friday.

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Scorpio is the water element’s sign. It is ruled by the planet Mars. Aside from that, Venus rules your twelfth and seventh house, and it is rising in the second house. As a result, you will be able to enjoy delicious cuisine. There will be home-cooked food that you will like. There could be a large gathering in the house and someone’s wedding or a birthday celebration is likely to be held. 

Your speech will win over the hearts of many people. This will endear you to the public. Although your life partner’s health may deteriorate, there is a potential that you may be able to obtain funds from them. If you run a business, your company will be in good shape and you will be able to save an ample amount. However, your business partner’s connection with you may continue to deteriorate, so strive to treat them with respect. Those who work in a foreign medium or for a multinational corporation might expect a decent salary.

Remedy: On Friday, feed white coloured sweets to your spouse or any close friend.


Sagittarius is the sign of the fire element, which is represented by Jupiter, and the rising of Venus will be particularly significant for you because Venus rules your sixth and eleventh house, and it is currently in your own zodiac, i.e. your first. As a result, you will have a better chance of succeeding in your chosen area. You are likely to be promoted and you will find yourself in a balanced position at the workplace.

However, some problems may or may not be in the context of health. But be cautious of your eating habits. Your thoughts will be preoccupied with spending money. You can purchase gadgets or other convenient items that will provide you with pleasure. In relationships, love will grow. In married life, there will be an increase in love and attraction as well. Your personality will improve slightly and others will be attracted to you.

Remedy: You should offer makeup items to the female priest in the temple on Friday.


Capricorn is the earth element’s sign and Shani Dev is its king. Venus is the lord of Capricorn’s fifth and tenth house and thus, it leads to the formation of Yoga Karak. The planet Venus is currently rising in your twelfth house. Because Venus is in your twelfth house, you should be cautious with your money and health, as you may have difficulties in both areas. 

Your expenses may skyrocket, potentially putting your financial condition in jeopardy. To avoid a situation like this, you must create a sound budget and spend your money wisely. Investing money during this time period may yield profits, but only do so after contacting a market professional. This period will focus on both your financial and physical well-being. This will be a fantastic moment for students to pursue education and they will have a decent chance of getting into an international institution or university. If you are employed, you may have the opportunity to travel overseas during this period.

Remedy: You should chant the Mata Mahalakshmi Mantra 108 times on Friday.


Aquarius is the air element’s sign and Shani Dev is its lord. Venus rules the 4th and 9th house for Aquarians, making Venus a yogic planet for you. The planet Venus is currently rising in your eleventh house. The presence of Venus in the eleventh house would be beneficial to you in many ways in this situation. First and foremost, your financial situation will improve. Your earnings will rise. If you work in a job, you may be promoted and if you work in a business, you may experience economic growth.

Any old desire of yours can be fulfilled, resulting in a sensation of happiness in your thoughts. There is a chance that the value of your family’s property may increase and you will gain profits from the acquisition and sale of property. You will be able to move on with the help of a lady in your family or at work. You will be highly busy in the social sphere during this transit and you may appear to be very active on social media as well. This is a moment for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Remedy: You should seek the blessings of little girls.


Pisces is the water element’s sign and Jupiter is its ruler. Venus rules the third and eighth house of Pisces and it is rising in your tenth house. The presence of Venus in your tenth house can show you ups and downs in your line of employment. So far your work is concerned, you’ll have to be exceedingly cautious and prevent arbitrariness. Work with complete concentration and avoid misbehaving with any female coworker; otherwise, she may report you to the authorities.

Your colleagues will give you full assistance at your workplace. If you run a business, you will be able to scale higher benefits with the help of siblings. Your efforts will pay you off handsomely. One advantage of this period is that if you are still unemployed and looking for any work, you may be able to find it during this time.

Remedy: You should feed green fodder and spinach to the cow mother on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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