Venus Rise in Cancer on 18 August Will Shine Luck Of These Zodiacs

Venus Rise in Cancer: Vedic astrology is not about the magic world, but focuses on the logic of planetary movements and positioning. The planet coming out of the combust position is referred to as rising and Venus rises in Cancer on 18 August at 19:17 hours IST. The rise is also known as ‘Shukra Udaya or Shukra Tara Udaya’. It will result in some kind of impact on all the zodiacs and the special AstroSage blog highlights the positive impact on lucky zodiacs in the period.

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The planet Venus relates to love, emotions, happiness, profits, desires, and more. The presence of Venus in the Cancer sign will make the natives creative & attractive by nature. The placement of the planet in the relevant zodiac will ensure the right blessing on specific zodiacs and it will be the time to come out of trouble. There are also some negative impacts of the planet movement, but the blog focuses only on the right benefits availed by lucky zodiacs.

Venus Rise in Cancer – The Lucky Zodiacs in the Period


For Aries, it will be the time to come out of long-time troubles and also start your new project. It is also the right time to enhance your wealth and gain profits from your business. People involved in government & private jobs will also get promotions in their office and also enhance their overall repute at the workplace. There will be peace in the family and your love for the partner will rise. It is also the best time to enjoy a romantic time with your love and also get fast solutions for health troubles. The time is also perfect for buying a new vehicle and also investing in property appropriately.

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For Gemini natives, it will be the best opportunity to move ahead in their careers and make a positive mark. There will be affection and pleasantness in the attitude of individuals. There will be chances to travel abroad for study purposes and avail the opportunities in the foreign land successfully. All your struggles will come to an end in the period and will also ensure the rise of assets with the partner. The natives will be able to keep their health issues under control and travel with their life partners to attractive destinations.


The Venus Rise in Cancer will be the best time to make the most of your luck in your personal & professional life. It will be a very good time for Virgo people in terms of monetary benefits and also suits the time to earn profits from the business. Your career will see the growth you expected all these years and also there will be chances of promotions. It is the best time to fix the health concerns and also protect the love relationship. For students, the chances of getting top results from competitive exams will be high.


For Capricorns, it is the opportunity to move ahead in their career and plan the shift to a new place. Venus’s rise in Cancer is also a favorable time to convert relationships into successful marriages. For married people, it will be a comforting time to explore their love relationship and travel across locations for a good time. For businessmen, it is a suitable timeline to make the right investments and also solve matters with your partner.

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The Venus rise in Cancer will be the best opportunity to handle the ego troubles easily for Pisces people. Find quick solutions for the clashes and also decide on tying the knot with your love. The siblings will support you in life and also expect good news from them. It results in the rise of creativity and thus contributes to promotions in job life. The health of natives will remain intact and it is the best time to fix multiple troubles.


Q1. Does Venus in Cancer provide auspicious results?

Ans. The rise of Venus in Cancer will prove to be a powerful time for the lucky zodiacs and fixes multiple life troubles.

Q2. What is the attraction of Venus in the Cancer sign?

Ans. It results in attraction to emotional aspects and the natives will be able to exert their creativity efficiently.

Q3. What is the negative impact of Venus in Cancer?

Ans. The behavior of certain zodiacs will be negatively impacted due to Venus’s rise in Cancer sign.

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