Venus Rise In Cancer Within 10 Days: Time For Love For These Zodiacs

Venus Rise In Cancer: The 18th of August is going to be auspicious because of Mars transit in Virgo, but the planet Venus, which is considered an auspicious planet, is also going to rise in Cancer. In such a condition, read this special blog to know about the zodiac signs with auspicious times for zodiac signs with the rise of Venus in Cancer. Also, know about the zodiacs that need to be careful in the period. 

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The blog contains information about the effects on the life of 12 zodiac signs and also details about the measures to avoid the negative effects. Before moving ahead, let us know first-hand about the rise of Venus in Cancer. 

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Venus Rise In Cancer: Date And Time 

In astrology, Venus has the status of being a very auspicious, gentle, and profitable planet and is going to rise in Cancer on 18 August 2023, at 07:17 pm. The Venus combust is considered one of the vital events in astrology as the auspicious tasks are not performed in the period. In this situation, as Venus is about to rise from the combust state, it is taken as one of the important and auspicious times. 

For your information, we would like to tell you that whenever a planet reaches a certain distance from the Sun and starts losing its powers, it is referred to as the Combust state of the planet. On the contrary, when the planet starts moving away from the Sun & regains power, then it is referred to as the rise of the planet. 

There is a decrease in auspicious results of planets in the combust state, the chances of auspiciousness increase with the results obtained from the rise of Venus or any other planet. 

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As we speak about the planet Venus, it has the name & status of ‘Morning Star’, ‘Venus’, and the ‘Guru of Demons’. According to Vedic astrology, Venus is referred to as the factor of a person’s love and married life, love, luxury, and others. When it combusts, there is delay, obstruction, and deficiency in all different areas. However, on 18 August as Venus will rise from the back, then the chances of auspicious results increase in different areas of individuals. 

Venus Planet In Vedic Astrology 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Venus planet is referred to as the factor of happiness, love, prosperity, and beauty. In such conditions, it is vital to have a strong position in the horoscope and the people having Venus in an auspicious position in the horoscope. It will result in full of happiness in family life and an increase in happiness & luxuries in life. On the other hand, due to the effects of weak or inauspicious Venus, the person bears all kinds of troubles, diseases, and losses in the monetary condition. 

Other than that, Venus also provides different types of signs from which it can be known whether the position of Venus in the horoscope is inauspicious or not. Read this blog till the end to know about the specific signs and the measures to be taken to strengthen the Venus planet. 

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Signs And Remedies Of Weak Venus Planet 

If there is a lack of happiness in married life, or happiness is not coming your way despite all the efforts, then these are signs of a weak Venus. Also, the weak position of Venus planet will result in lower happiness of children in the person’s life. People with weak Venus do not feel like eating, drinking, singing, or doing any other kind of tasks. In such a situation, the astrologer’s advice is to take the right measures related to the Venus planet and through the adoption of the right steps, it becomes easy to strengthen the position of Venus in the horoscope. It also delivers different types of auspicious results in life. 

Specific Measures To Strengthen The Venus Planet 

  • On Friday, offer prayers to Mother Lakshmi.
  • Wear white-colored clothes on this day and chant the Mantra clearly – “Om Dran Drin Draun Sa: Shukraya Namah” and “Om Shun Shukraya Namah”.
  • Other than that, install the Shukra Yantra at your home or workplace to get auspicious. It helps to get rid of financial troubles. 
  • If possible, keep the fast on Friday. 
  • Apart from it, if you desire, then donate things like milk, curd, flour, sugar, Ghee, and other items from time to time. 

By carrying the correct measures, the natives will start getting auspicious results in their life. Now let’s go ahead and know the effects of rising Venus on the lives of all the 12 zodiacs and the measures to be taken to avoid negative effects. 

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Venus Rise In Cancer: Zodiac Wise Prediction And Remedies  


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