Venus Turns Retrograde On December 19, 2021

As per Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of adornment. This planet of beauty brings love, sophistication, and admiration to the life of natives. The delicate planet rules the second immediate family and the seventh house of marriage, association as per the Kaal Purush Kundli. 

Venus takes approximately 23 to 25 days to transit from one house to another when it is in direct motion. It doesn’t get retrograde as frequently as Mercury and generally turns retrograde once in 1.5 years. Venus gains strength in its retrograde motion, therefore, its results are more powerful and intense during its retrograde movement.

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This motion of Venus generally encourages the natives to live life fully. It also brings some re-evaluation in your relationships and work aspect if you are into the creative industry. 

Venus signifies the entertainment industry as per the Mundane Astrology. It also represents the glamor, women’s power, and finances of the economy. Its retrograde motion can bring some consensus on the people’s opinion. Also, it can bring some considerations of old policies.

Venus Retrograde: Dates & Timings

Venus doesn’t stay in retrograde motion for a long duration, however, it brings a strong influence on individuals and society during this motion. Venus is turning retrograde on 19th December 2021 at 16.32 hours and will stay in this motion in Capricorn till December 30 2021, when it will come back to Sagittarius in the same motion. It will turn direct on January 29, 2022, in Sagittarius. Thus, the retrograde period will be for 41 days.

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Impact Of Venus Retrograde On India and the World Over.

  • Increase in production of luxury goods can be witnessed.
  • The automobile industry will consider adopting some policies of the past.
  • The sales of luxury cars are likely to increase.
  • The consumer and their demands will be relooked and may get some partial considerations.
  • There will be some strong discussions on women’s rights around the globe.
  • The glamour industry of the world stands a chance to get back its recognition.
  • There are bright chances of improvement in the import and export policies of the countries.

Impact of Venus Retrograde on Individuals

  • The singles have a chance to reunite with the love of their life.
  • The creative bent in you will take a practical turn and you will think of creating something productive.
  • The fashionistas can expect some trends of the past to be returning, thus your old wardrobe may observe some changes.

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What to Expect with the Venus Turning Retrograde in Capricorn?

Aries- You can face some taxing situations at work.

Taurus- You may get to make your most-awaited and planned trip to a religious place.

Gemini- You will experience some upgradation in your psychic abilities.

Cancer- There are possibilities of singles getting committed with someone from the past recommendations.

Leo- Your discomfort and discontentment at services will compel you to look into some bygone opportunities.

Virgo- Take heart, since your broken love relationship has a chance to get united back.

Libra- You may invest in your old car to make it appear new.

Scorpio- The creative bent of your mind will rise during this time.

Sagittarius- Be careful with your finances as some of your past investments may bring a shocking loss. 

Capricorn- You will be hyper-sensitive and self-centered for a while.

Aquarius- You can expect some expenditures on enhancing your house with decors and designer things.

Pisces- Your earnings will not be too stable, therefore avoid any kind of short-term investment especially into the speculative market.

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Quick Remedies to Empower the Impact of Venus during this Period

  • Donate cream or pink coloured clothes to needy girls on Friday.
  • Please your spouse and make them happy with exclusive gifts, especially fragrances.
  • Generously, feed the blinds especially on Fridays.
  • Respect all the women surrounding you.
  • Observe fast on Friday.

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