Strong Impact of Venus Retrograde in Cancer on 3 Lucky Zodiacs!

Venus has a crucial role in Vedic astrology and is referred to as the planet of love 7 beauty. People look into the planet to spark excitement and inspiration in the lives of zodiacs. The planet Venus is moving in the opposite direction in the moon’s zodiac sign. The Venus retrograde in Cancer has some kind of effect on all zodiacs, but 3 zodiacs are especially lucky in this period. There will be monetary gains for the natives and good progression in their careers. 

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Venus Retrograde Timeline 

Venus Retrograde in Cancer is taking place on 23 July 2023. 

The Venus retrograde is the type of situation taking place every 18 months and is considered the time to recover from the weak emotional scene in life and enjoy the best time in your life. It also depicts luxury, prosperity, sexual pleasures, and respect in society. The current retrograde of Venus planet in Cancer also shines the luck of a few zodiacs. This special AstroSage blog contains accurate details of benefits due to the retrograde. 

List of 3 Zodiacs Benefiting in the Venus Retrograde in Cancer 


The retrograde of the Venus planet will prove auspicious for the Capricorn natives. It retrogrades in the 7th house from the zodiac sign and in the transit chart, it is the lord of the fifth & tenth house. Your partnership will succeed in the period and spend quality time with your partner. There will be progression in your business or work career. Make an investment in your business and get suitable outcomes from it. The chances of promotions & increments are also high in the period. All your planning will be successful in the timeline and spend quality time with your family. 

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The Venus transit in Cancer will change the luck of Taurus people in the completion of different activities. The planet travels to the third house of the zodiac and it will fill the natives with confidence in life. It will lead to participation in challenging activities and the chances of success will be high. The personality of individuals will improve and it will be time to build on the current relationships. People will also experience monetary gains from deals and also secure investments. The planning related to your career will also be successful in the period and get the best results from the movement. 


The Venus retrograde motion will change the fortune of Cancer zodiacs and the married life will also be successful. Spend quality time with your family and come out of troubled times easily. It will be time for positive changes in life and there will be total support of the family. The business strategies will work during the period and the partnerships will also enhance. It will be time to gain profits from your investment and take your business forward. Implement the new strategies in the auspicious period so that the chances of success are high. It will result in a rise in salary or rise your career ladder faster. 

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How does Venus retrograde affect the zodiac in Cancer?

Ans. It will help the natives tackle the tough times in their careers and personal life. 

Is Venus in Cancer in a stronger or weak position?

Ans. It makes the person stronger, powerful and learned with Venus retrograde in Cancer. 

Which are the things to avoid in the Venus retrograde?

Ans. It will lead to the best outcomes from investments in the auspicious period.

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