A Retrograde Venus Combust Brings Troubles In Finances And Love

In August, Venus is going to retrograde and also combust in Cancer. The two changes of one planet in one zodiac are considered very important. Venus is given the status of a vital planet in Vedic Astrology. 

The special AstroSage blog will talk about the effects of retrograde and combust of Venus in Cancer. Other than that, we’ll know what are the effects of Venus in Cancer. Also, we’ll provide information related to changes, and zodiac-wise remedies related to the changes in this blog. So, let us move ahead and know about the retrograde time and the Combust of Venus in Cancer. 

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Venus Retrograde And Combust Time In Cancer 

If we talk about the Venus transit, the duration is a total of 23 days. It means that the planet Venus enters from one zodiac sign to another within 23 days. Now, Venus will be present in a transit position in the Cancer zodiac from 7th August 2023 to 2nd October 2023 (i.e. a total of 57 days) and in the meantime, Venus will Combust in the Cancer zodiac on 8th August. 

What is the Combust Planet? Combust means that a planet comes very close to the Sun, then it gives it power and this is referred to as Combusting. Venus is considered combust when it comes 10 degrees or closer to the Sun on both sides. Other than that, as the planet Venus moves at the retrograde speed, it combusts when it comes to 8 degrees from the Sun. 

What is the Retrograde Planet? If we talk about the retrograde motion of the planets, then the retrograde motion of the planets means consideration of the reverse motion. Whenever, planets start to move in reverse motion instead of moving straight, then it is called the retrograde motion of the planet. 

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Venus Planet In Astrology 

The planet Venus is considered the factor of attraction, love, good luck, happiness, luxury, convenience, and splendor. In such a situation, the natives in whose horoscope Venus will be present in the exalted position or present in the strong position, get benefits in all the areas. 

On the contrary, if the planet Venus is present in a debilitated position in the horoscope, then such natives experience loss or damage in areas related to Venus in their lives. It means, there is a lack of happiness, love, convenience, luxury, other things, and more in their lives. 

Effects Of Venus On Cancer 

The presence of Venus in the fourth sign of zodiac cancer makes the person attractive. The decency of such persons is visible in nature. Such persons live with other persons with love and respect. These people have softness and generosity inside them. 

When the chance arrives, they also become ready to help others in every possible way. Other than that, they have the ability to charm any other person. Although they also remain shy and feel troubled to express their feelings in front of others. These people remain clean in their hearts. 

The positioning or presence of Venus in the Cancer sign will make the individuals positive. It also makes the natives optimistic about different things. Such people remain loyal and also carry out work with full integrity. 

After knowing the importance of Venus, let’s go ahead and know if the Venus planet is in a weak state or afflicted position in the horoscope, then what signals does it provide to the natives, and which are the measures to be taken to solve the problem. 

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Symptoms And Remedies Of The Weak Venus Planet 

Whenever any type of planet is in a weak or afflicted position in the horoscope, it becomes the reason for different kinds of problems, obstacles, or troubles in the life of the person. Along with this, it provides different signals to the person, like:

  • If there is no happiness in married life or if you keep having relations with people outside the marriage, then it is the top sign of weak Venus. 
  • A person will never get the happiness of the child due to the weak position of Venus planet. 
  • The weak position of Venus in the horoscope can love life of such people is not successful. 
  • If a person has troubles related to skin and also remains constant in life, then the possibility of weak Venus is high. 
  • Other than that, if Venus is located in a weak position, then the chances of diseases related to eyes, hands, intestines, feet, and kidneys are prominent. 
  • If Venus is in a weak position, then people will fail to earn or accumulate money even after all the desires in life. 
  • Also at the same time, the self-confidence and bravery of the person will remain weak and will not be able to achieve the desired fame in their lives. 

In such conditions, it is advised for the different remedies related to planet Venus, that will strengthen the presence of the planet in the horoscope and also get the auspicious results from it. 

However, we advise the individuals to show their horoscope to the learned astrologers coming to any type of conclusion and only then take a suitable decision. 

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Perfect Remedy Related To Venus 

  • Observe Fast on Friday. 
  • Chant the Mantra ‘Om Dran Drin Draun S:’ Shukray Namah: clearly. 
  • In your food, use more milk, rice, curd, sugar, and other items. 
  • Worship on Friday and donate the right kind of items like white clothes, beauty items, scented items, and more as per your capacity. 
  • Other than that, if you want, you can also wear Opal or Diamond gemstones. It will provide auspicious effects for Venus. But, only wear the gemstones after consulting the right type of astrologer. 

Now let us move ahead and know about the retrograde effects and Combust of Venus in Cancer as per the zodiac sign and which are the measures to be taken for avoiding the negative effects. 

Venus Retrograde And Combust In Cancer Sign 


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