Friday Special : These 5 Wrong Steps on Friday Can Anger the Planet Venus!

Morning Star”, ”Shukra”, “Feminine Planet” are the names attributed to the planet Venus. Venus is considered to be a very auspicious planet in the world of astrology. According to Vedic astrology, the person whose horoscope beholds the planet Venus is in an auspicious position, becomes eligible to remain at the receiving end of material happiness, physical happiness and all kinds of happiness in married life. Apart from this, the planet Venus is also considered to be the benefactor of luxuries, fame, beauty, romance, designing etc.

This planet Venus with all its characteristics is going to transit soon. This transit of Venus will take place on Monday, 6th September. In such a situation, in this special blog today, we will know some special and new things related to the planet Venus. Here we will talk about the auspicious and inauspicious signs of Venus in the horoscope, measures to strengthen the planet Venus, as well as the astrological effects of the upcoming Venus transit and which zodiac signs will benefit and suffer losses from it. 

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Significance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

As we have already mentioned, in the realm of Vedic astrology, Venus is considered to be an auspicious planet, due to which a person gets financial, physical and marital happiness. Apart from this, in astrology, the planet Venus is also considered to be a benefactor of marital happiness, fame, talent etc. The planet Venus stays in one zodiac for about 23 days and after that, it transits through the zodiac.

Venus Transit Taking Place Shortly

At the beginning of the month of September i.e. 6-September 2021-Monday, the planet Venus is going to transit in Libra. Here in this article, we are providing you with the timings of this transit below. Venus will transit in Libra at 12:39 minutes. Click here to read in detail about this transit

Venus transit in its own sign Libra is a favourable one, this generally brings happiness in the life of the natives. It will bring sweetness to the lives of most of the natives. The feelings and emotions of love will pour out of their heart. Natives will have an attraction towards the opposite sex and the probabilities of falling in love will increase. The empathetic side of the natives will grow. This will increase the humanity services and charity in the society.

The media industry will get more power and their influence on commoners will increase. The entertainment industry will see some positive sights and growth during this transit. There will be some special things done for the rights and empowerment of women. Some of the women will be seen rising in the authoritative position. There will be an advancement in the manufacturing sector as the demand for the products will increase. There will be an upgrade in the medical sector as well, new drugs will enter the market which will be more effective. There will also be an increase in the demand for automobiles and luxury vehicles.

Favourable for Below Zodiacs





Unfavourable for Below Zodiacs




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Effect of Venus on our Lives

According to astrology, the person in whose horoscope Venus is placed in the Ascendant house, such people have a very beautiful and attractive personality. At the same time, such people are also very soft-spoken. People whose planet Venus is in a strong position in their horoscope, such people lead a wonderful love and married life with all the comforts. Apart from this, the love life of such people is also quite spectacular.

On the other hand, people who have a weak Venus in their horoscope, have to face all kinds of troubles in family and love life. Apart from this, the love life of such persons is always full of ups and downs and such a person is not able to attain material pleasures.

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Signs of a Positive and Negative Venus in Kundli

Planets that adorn a positive and negative impact in Kundlis can be estimated very easily through some signs. The same applies for the planet, Venus. 

Signs of a Weak Venus in Kundli 

  • If you have recurrent financial problems and always lack material things in life, then it can be a sign of weak Venus.
  • Apart from this, if there is poverty in your life, even then it can be considered a symptom of the weak planet Venus.
  • If the planet Venus is weak, then the attraction of the person starts ending gradually.
  • Decreased female happiness/satisfaction is also considered a symptom of weak Venus.
  • Apart from this, if your married life is not blissful and there are disputes without any reason, then it can also be due to the negative effect of the planet Venus.

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Signs of a Positive Venus in Kundli

  • People whose planet Venus is in a beneficial position in their horoscope, they get material pleasures.
  • Apart from this, happiness comes easily to such people in life.
  • Such people have great attraction power and can attract people of opposite sex towards themselves.
  • Due to the auspicious effect of the planet Venus, a person earns name and fame along with happiness and convenience in his/her life.
  • If the planet Venus is strong, then such people are successful in earning a good name in the field of media, art, and entertainment.

Things to Avoid on Fridays 

  • Fridays, as we all know, are ruled by the planet Venus. In such a situation, it is natural that the planet Venus can be strengthened by performing some special remedies on this day and on the other hand some wrong actions done on this day can also result in negative consequences for the person. So let us know the special measures of Friday to strengthen the planet Venus in the horoscope and which work should not be carried out even by any mistake on this day.
  • Friday is related to Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, it is advised not to transact money on this day.
  • Do not insult any girl, woman or eunuch on Friday. Do not abuse them. Try and take their blessings by giving them a gift on this day.
  • Apart from this, avoid giving sugar to anyone on Friday. It is said that by doing this, the planet Venus becomes weak and there is a decrease in happiness, prosperity and economic prosperity in the life of the person.
  • Avoid consuming any sour item on Friday. Mother Santoshi gets annoyed due to this.
  • Apart from this, it is always advised to keep your house clean and tidy, especially on Fridays. Clean the temple of the house. By doing this, the grace of Maa Lakshmi remains in your life. Due to the filth in the house, poverty creeps in and the person also starts from suffering financial loss.

Remedies to Strengthen Venus & Financial Prosperity

  • Respect women. By doing this, Venus gives beneficial results in the horoscope and the honor and respect of the person increases.
  • Venus is also believed to be related to the white color. In such a situation, if you include more and more white color in your life, then it also helps you to get the auspicious results of Venus.
  • Chant Shukra Mantra on Fridays and full moon days. Doing this also strengthens the planet Venus.
  • By eating white things like kheer, milk, rice and curd and also donating them, the planet Venus is strengthened and the person gets auspicious results.
  • Men are advised to wear Opal to strengthen the planet Venus. However, always wear any gemstone only after seeking astrological consultation with a learned astrologer on call. You can click here to get any consultation related to gems.
  • To strengthen the planet Venus, women are advised to wear diamond or Zircon.
  • Apart from this, wearing a garland of crystals also gives auspicious results from the planet Venus.
  • Offering white flowers to Lord Shiva on Friday can also strengthen the planet Venus.
  • Shukra Yantra should be installed at home. 

Other Things Related to Venus

  • Jadi or Herbs related to Venus – Arand Mool
  • Gemstone related to Venus – Diamond
  • Venus related color – Pink

Venus related mantras

Shukra Vedic Mantra

oṃ annātparistruto rasaṃ brahmaṇā vyapibat kṣatraṃ paya: somaṃ prajāpati:।

ṛtena satyamindriyaṃ vipānaṃ śukramandhasa indrasyendriyamidaṃ payo’mṛtaṃ madhu।।

ॐ अन्नात्परिस्त्रुतो रसं ब्रह्मणा व्यपिबत् क्षत्रं पय: सोमं प्रजापति:।

ऋतेन सत्यमिन्द्रियं विपानं शुक्रमन्धस इन्द्रस्येन्द्रियमिदं पयोऽमृतं मधु।।

Tantric Mantra of Venus

Aum Shum Shukraya Namah!/ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः

Beej Mantra of venus

 “ऊँ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः।। ūm̐ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ।।”

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