3 Major Planets Will Transit In May; 6 Zodiacs Will Prosper!

As per Astrology, May will be an important month as three significant planets are expected to shift in their respective zodiac signs. The Sun, Venus, and Mars are set to transit this month, and their zodiac shifts are known to have a direct impact on our lives. As we are aware, the position of the planets determines the outcomes we receive.

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With this special blog by AstroSage, we will talk about each of the transits taking place, including its date and time. Apart from this, we will also find out the lucky zodiac signs during these planetary transits who will get the benefits from them. So without any further ado, let us start with the blog!

Date & Time Of The Major Planetary Transits In May 2023

Venus Transit In Gemini

On May 2nd, 2023, at 1:46 PM, Venus will transit into Gemini. In the month of May, Venus will change signs twice.

Mars Transit In Cancer

On May 10, 2023, at 1:44 PM, Mars will transit into Cancer.

Sun Transit In Taurus

On May 15, 2023, at 11:32 AM, the Sun will transit into Taurus.

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Which Zodiac Signs Will Flourish During These Transits?

The planetary movements in May will be particularly advantageous for individuals born under the signs of Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. The movement of Venus twice, as well as the transits of the Sun and Mars, will have a positive impact on family matters for these signs. The home environment during this time will be pleasant and harmonious. Additionally, those under these signs are likely to experience various benefits in their careers. Their hard work and efforts will be continuously appreciated, and their seniors may even consider them for promotion.

Further, this period will also prove to be fruitful for business people. They can expect financial gains, and those planning to invest may see excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. How many days does Sun stay in a house?

Ans. The Sun stays for almost 30 days in a house.

Ques2. What aspects does Venus transit affect?

Ans. Venus affects love relationships, finances, and wealth in a person’s horoscope.

Ques3. Which gemstone is said to be beneficial for Mars?

Ans. Moonga or the Red Coral is said to be beneficial for Mars.

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