Venus-Ketu Conjunction After 10 Years: Favorable For Three Zodiacs

Venus-Ketu Conjunction: According to Vedic astrology, the conjunction of planets has a profound impact on human existence and causes numerous transformations. Venus enters Virgo on November 3, 2023, while Ketu is already there. As a result, the Venus-Ketu conjunction is taking place in Virgo, affecting numerous zodiac signs. Three of the 12 zodiac signs are predicted to benefit greatly from this combination in terms of financial gain, success, and advancement.

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Before knowing about the zodiac signs that will profit from this Venus and Ketu conjunction, you need to understand the significance and effects of Venus and Ketu in astrology.

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Significance Of Venus In Astrology 

Venus is the planet of the feminine element, according to astrology. These are the elements of material happiness. The location of Venus in a person’s horoscope determines whether or not he will experience material happiness. It is the closest planet to the Sun and is named Venus after Shukracharya. Venus is also a symbol of love, beauty, and comfort. Venus is the feminine element’s planet, according to astrology. These are considered material happiness considerations. The location of Venus in a person’s horoscope determines whether or not he will have material happiness in his life. Venus, after Shukracharya, is the closest planet to the Sun. Venus is also associated with love, beauty, and comfort.

Significance Of Ketu Planet In Astrology 

In astrology, Ketu is considered a shadow planet that isolates a person from the material world and guides him down the road of spirituality. A person under Ketu’s influence has a longing or aspiration for salvation. Ketu moves from one zodiac sign to the next in 18 months. Ketu’s Mahadasha, on the other hand, lasts 18 years.

Venus-Ketu Conjunction 2024 Beneficial For These Zodiacs 


In your life, you will have access to a wide range of material comforts and amenities. If you have a financial problem, you will now be able to solve it. There is also the possibility of financial gain for businessmen. At this moment, you will have numerous options to profit. This will help your financial situation. Investors in the stock market or speculative market might now anticipate to fourfold their money. You can now profit handsomely from previous investments as well. Overall, this combination will benefit your financial status.

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The conjunction of Ketu and Venus in Virgo will be quite advantageous to you. This combination is occurring in your sixth house. This combination is being formed in your zodiac sign in place of money and speech, as a result of which you can suddenly get unlimited wealth at this moment. Your financial condition stays stable. Apart from that, businessmen will have the opportunity to make a lot of money at this time, which can help you improve your financial situation. In society, you will gain more respect and esteem. This combination will also be beneficial to your health. There will be no major or significant disease, and all of your wishes will be granted. With your speech, you would be able to easily impress others.

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There are signs that the pairing of Ketu and Venus will benefit persons born under the sign of Virgo. This conjunction is occurring in your ascendant house, which will considerably boost your self-esteem. At this time, you will have complete support from your luck in all of your endeavors. At the same time, employed individuals are more likely to advance in their careers. You could be able to attend a religious or auspicious event. This will make you very delighted. Your income will rise, and you will make money from a variety of sources rather than just one. It is also a favorable time for health.

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