Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: This Union In Pisces Could Put These Zodiacs In Trouble!

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: According to Vedic astrology, each planet’s zodiac sign and position vary from time to time. Apart from changing the planetary zodiac, they also get direct, unite, rise, and combust and form an alliance with each other. A planetary conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same zodiac sign. Both auspicious and inauspicious Yogas are formed as a result of astrological alignments, the effects of which can be seen in human life, the country, and the world. From February 15 to March 12, Venus will be in Jupiter’s Pisces sign. As a result, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction is forming in Pisces. Although Jupiter and Venus are both auspicious planets, they are hostile to one another.

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Jupiter  planet is the planet of married life, success, spirituality, glory, money, child and marriage, prosperity and good luck. Venus, on the other hand, signifies marital happiness, beauty, romance, and creativity. In such a case, when these two planets meet, the lives of all 12 zodiac signs will be affected. These effects can be both favorable and unfavorable, but four zodiac signs might encounter significant difficulties as a result of this union. Let’s know in this special AstroSage blog which of these four zodiac signs are and how you may prevent the negative repercussions of these alliances.

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Venus-Jupiter Conjunction In Pisces Warns These Four Signs!


Venus, the lord of the second and seventh houses for Aries, has entered your twelfth house. In such a case, you might notice an increase in your expenses, therefore you should avoid spending money excessively, or you could encounter troubles in the future. During this time, your bad health could have an adverse effect on your work. You should exercise caution when it comes to your health. Workout on a regular basis. Aside from that, eat a well-balanced diet and do meditation. This will provide you with relief.


When it comes to Geminis, Venus is the lord of your twelfth house as well as the lord of your fifth house, and Venus has transited in Pisces in your tenth house. Geminis might face some workplace issues till March 12, 2023. At the same time, you might be bothered by the habit of boasting, and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter might make you arrogant, leading you to believe that you are the best and disappoint others around you. In such a moment, assess your attitude and resist the urge to be arrogant. Avoid any form of gossip during this time because it can cause problems at work. 

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Your spending could skyrocket over this particular period. You might be observed squandering money on your frivolous things. The job situation will be favourable. You will seem a little concerned about business. There could be more pressure at work. Speaking of health, great attention must be given during this time because certain severe health issues could arise. If you already have a serious condition, sickness could take hold during this time, so stay alert and get regular checkups.


During this period, your speech will be harsh, and if you do not pay attention to it and talk without thinking, many of your completed tasks might be ruined, as well as the family and workplace. When it comes to health, over-eating or relishing in delicious cuisine might harm your health. You could be bothered by toothache or mouth ulcers. In terms of career, this time will yield very favorable results for you; nevertheless, before making any decisions, consider carefully and get advice from your mentor and seniors in the family.

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Venus-Jupiter Union For Almost A Month; Follow These Remedies For Benefits

You can reap the benefits of Jupiter and Venus by taking some precautions. Their flaw also vanishes in the horoscope. Let’s know about the following measures:

  • To escape the unfavorable effects of Jupiter, install Guru Yantra on Thursday and worship it and repeat the Beej Mantra of Jupiter “Om Gran Grin Gran Sa: Guruve Namah”. Remember to wear only yellow-colored clothing while worshiping.
  • Donate Jupiter-related items to the needy, such as turmeric, yellow sweets, rock salt, pure Desi Ghee, yellow flowers and garlands, gramme pulse, and so on. Respect and reverence should also be shown to parents, teachers, and other respected individuals.
  • Light a Ghee lamp under the banana tree on Thursday and feed gramme pulses, jaggery and turmeric to the cow by putting them in a dough ball. 
  • Wear 6 or 13 faced Rudraksha to enhance the planet Venus and eradicate the flaw in your horoscope. Additionally, on Friday, install a Shukra Yantra.
  • Wear Arand Mool and Sharpunkha Mool to counteract the negative effects of Venus. In addition, starting on Friday, feed the cow green fodder for seven days.
  • Every Friday, dress in light yellow and plant a basil plant in your house. On Friday, you can also worship 5 girls.
  • Offer milk, white cloth, Barfi (a type of white sweet), Mishri (Crystal Rock Sugar), and rice to the temple till the fifth Friday of the month. Respect the women in the family as well.

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We hope that with the help of the following remedies all your distress vanishes and prosperity fills all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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