Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Forms 2 Rajyogas, Blessing 5 Zodiacs!

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: In Vedic astrology, planetary transits, or “Gochara,” are significant events that influence an individual’s life. These transits refer to the movement of planets through the zodiac signs and their impact on natal charts. Understanding these transits can provide insight into upcoming opportunities, challenges, and shifts in various aspects of life.

Today, June 7th, marks a significant astrological event with the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction forming the auspicious Gajalakshmi Rajayoga. The Moon transitions from Taurus to Gemini, enhancing the day’s importance. Along with this, today is the Pratipada Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of the Jyestha month, creating two extremely lucky Rajyogas. These rajyogas will further bless five lucky zodiac signs which we will discuss in detail in this special blog by AstroSage. So let us start with our blog without any more delay!

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Transits of Jupiter & Venus In Vedic Astrology

The transits of Jupiter and Venus hold significant importance due to their influential roles in shaping an individual’s life events and personality traits. Jupiter, known as “Guru” or the teacher, symbolizes wisdom, spirituality, and expansion. Venus, or “Shukra,” represents love, beauty, and material pleasures. Their movements through the zodiac, particularly their conjunctions, are considered potent and auspicious, impacting various aspects of life.

Jupiter’s transit, lasting about a year in each sign, is associated with growth, prosperity, and opportunities. When Jupiter transits a favorable house in an individual’s chart, it can bring about positive changes such as career advancements, educational success, and overall well-being. On the other hand, Venus transits, lasting approximately a month per sign, influence personal relationships, financial status, and artistic inclinations. A favorable Venus transit can enhance love life, bring financial gains, and boost creativity.

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The 2 Rajyogas With Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Today’s two auspicious rajyogas forming today with the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction are Gajalakshmi Yoga, Shukraditya Yoga, and Mrigashira Nakshatra. Let us learn about these four rajyogas:

Gajalakshmi Yoga

Gajalakshmi Yoga is an auspicious and powerful yoga formed when Jupiter and Venus are positioned in their own signs or exalted and simultaneously in quadrants (Kendra) or the Trikona houses from the ascendant or Moon. This yoga bestows immense wealth, prosperity, and overall success in life. Individuals with Gajalakshmi Yoga in their natal charts often lead luxurious lives, enjoy financial stability, and are blessed with wisdom and creativity. The influence of this yoga also extends to one’s reputation, ensuring respect and recognition in society.

Shukraditya Yoga

Shukraditya Yoga is formed when Venus (Shukra) and the Sun (Aditya) are in conjunction in a natal chart. This combination enhances artistic talents, creativity, and a refined sense of aesthetics. Individuals with Shukraditya Yoga are often drawn to the arts, fashion, and beauty industries. They possess a natural charm and magnetism, making them popular and socially adept. Additionally, this yoga can lead to success in endeavors that require a blend of creativity and leadership.

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These Zodiacs Will Flourish With Venus-Jupiter Conjunction


Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is highly beneficial for Taurus individuals. They will be physically and mentally healthy, experiencing a surge of positive energy that enables important decision-making. Businesspeople will try new strategies to achieve high profits. In love life, they will enjoy joyful moments with their partners, strengthening mutual understanding. Job seekers might receive lucrative offers from other companies, leading to career satisfaction. Any ongoing family disputes will resolve, and relationships with in-laws will improve.

Remedy: Offer kheer to Goddess Lakshmi and recite the Sri Lakshmi Narayan path to resolve financial issues.


For Leo natives, Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is significant. With Goddess Lakshmi’s grace, income sources will increase, and the focus will shift towards securing the future. Their sense of harmony will grow, and they will be ready to help others. Any long-pending tasks may be completed, bringing good benefits. They will gain in all aspects of life, and social prestige will increase. Businesspeople will emerge as strong contenders and establish their identity as successful entrepreneurs. Family peace will prevail, and efforts to improve the living standards of family members will succeed.

Remedy: Offer five red flowers and five turmeric-covered cowries to Goddess Lakshmi, perform a proper puja, and keep them in a safe or cupboard.

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Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is auspicious and fruitful for Libra natives. There will be enthusiasm and success in maintaining happiness. With Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings, they will have ample wealth, and their desire to achieve goals will motivate them to reach new heights. If they wish to buy a new vehicle or property, this desire may be fulfilled. Relationships with in-laws will be good, and they will provide support and guidance. Both employed and businesspeople will succeed in their endeavors, and respect and honor will increase. In marital life, their partner will support them, with indications of a trip together.

Remedy: Offer sweets, conch shells, cowries, lotus flowers, and fox nuts to Goddess Lakshmi in her temple and recite the Lakshmi Chalisa.


For Capricorn natives, today is a good day. They will develop an interest in spirituality and meet influential people, which will be beneficial. It is possible to join an important event, expand their social circle and make new friends. Employed individuals may discuss salary hikes with their superiors and look for new job opportunities with the help of friends. Businesspeople will achieve many accomplishments through their plans, and their business reputation will grow. In marital life, they will handle relationships with honesty and maintain good coordination with their spouse. Health will be good, and there will be an opportunity for a trip with friends.

Remedy: Pour water mixed with sugar, milk, and ghee at the root of a Peepal tree in an iron vessel. Continue this for 21 Fridays.

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Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is fantastic for Pisces natives. There will be significant improvements in lifestyle, and they will be physically and mentally strong. They may buy luxury items, making family members happy. Employed individuals may receive job offers along with their current job. They are likely to win in matters related to ancestral property. They will fulfill responsibilities well and participate in religious activities. Their reputation will spread, allowing them to meet new people. Students wishing to study abroad might see their wish fulfilled. Guests visiting their homes will create a pleasant atmosphere, and mutual love among family members will prevail.

Remedy: Hold 1.25 kg of whole rice in a red cloth, chant the “Om Shring Shriyaye Namah” mantra five times, and place it in your money storage area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Which planets are transiting today?

Ans. Moon will move from Taurus to Gemini today.

Ques2. What does Jupiter signify in Vedic astrology?

Ans. Jupiter, or “Guru” in Vedic astrology, symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, expansion, and abundance. 

Ques3. What are the characteristics of Mrigashira Nakshatra in Vedic astrology?

Ans. Mrigashira Nakshatra is associated with curiosity, exploration, and artistic talents. Ruled by Mars, it fosters a sense of adventure and creativity in individuals born under its influence.

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