VENUS IN CANCER: 3 Movements In August; Fortunate For These Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Cancer: In astrology, the planetary movements across different zodiac signs and houses play a vital role in affecting the lives of natives. Venus is one of the important planets and it transits & moves across different signs from time to time. It is the factor of love, pleasure, and beauty. So, if Venus is the ruling planet in someone’s horoscope, then the person is blessed with solid connections to love & romance. 

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Venus transits to the Cancer sign in August and then makes 3 big movements namely retrograde, combust, & then rise. The planet retrogrades and combusts at similar timelines. It follows with the rise of the planet in the Cancer sign. It negatively impacts the zodiacs and results in conflicts in married & love life. But, the movement also has a positive impact on a few zodiacs and the blog describes it in detail. 

3 Big Movements of Venus in Cancer: Date & Time 

Venus makes transit to the Cancer sign on 07 August 2023. It then retrogrades, combusts, and rises again on 18 August 2023 at 19:17 hours. 

Lucky Zodiacs in Big Movements of Venus in Cancer 


The time will be fitting for Aries natives to enjoy all the luxuries in life and it will be the idle time for vacations. The rise of Venus in the Cancer sign will bring an end to troubles in the lives of natives. Life will be stable for the Aries people in their married life. Marriage life will be comfortable and full of romantic moments. You’ll earn the right kind of desired money from your business and business deals will be successful. Mother’s health can be a point of concern and thus get the check-ups done timely. 

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The time will be favorable for the married people and there will be recovery from the bad times. Venus’s rise will result in good savings and also will bring control to the expenses. Gemini natives will be able to make the most of the opportunity to find new job opportunities and also get promotions at work. Get the troubles fixed in the correct way and get your marriage on track again. The time is also suitable for students and they will be able to concentrate on their studies. There will also be mixed results in the retrograde period and with the rise the troubles ease out. 


It will be the chance for Libra natives to get control of their lives and fix the uncertainties. Get quick solutions for the troubles occurring in your life. Try staying calm at work and you’ll be able to achieve the set goals efficiently. Venus’s rise will be a suitable time for natives to improve their life circumstances and attract happiness in life. It will also be idle time to buy a new vehicle for personal and professional needs. Get your home in order and enjoy a good time with your wife in marriage. It will also be time to improve the overall business performance. 


For Scorpio natives, it will be idle time for married people to enjoy a romantic life with their partner. Go out to travel with your partner and acquire some peace in life. The Venus rise in Cancer will resolve financial troubles and plan the right deals with partners. Also, provide the right support to your family and there will be good times within the family. It will be idle time to move abroad for higher studies and also get the right job in life. 

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The Capricorn natives will be able to face the challenges better and enjoy stability in their life. Enjoy success in work-life appropriate promotions and also get out of emotional troubles slowly. The Venus rise in Cancer, will be an efficient time to manage the relationship and also enjoy a comfortable time with each other. There will also be a rise of society in the environment or the work culture. There can be disputes in the expenses and keeping the check & balances in the financial transactions. 


Q1. How long will Venus transit in Cancer?

Ans. Venus transits in Cancer on 07 August 2023 and then moves out on 02 October 2023.

Q2. How lucky will be Cancer sign in 2023?

Ans. The year will be better than average for the Cancer sign and there will be specific changes throughout the year.

Q3. What is the influence of Venus in a love relationship?

Ans. The Venus in Cancer will result in affection and love in the relationship.

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