Venus Has Risen After 50 Days: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit Greatly!

Welcome to this blog by AstroSage! Today we will discuss the significant phenomenon that occurred on 20th November, 2022 i.e Venus has risen after 50 days and it is going to prosper various zodiac signs and bring happiness in their lives. Do you want to know who these zodiac signs are? Will your zodiac sign be included in the list? Then, let’s go ahead and take a look at the list of those lucky zodiac signs and how they will benefit from this rise of Venus after 50 days. Before heading towards, let’s take a look at the Venus planet and what role it plays in Astrology.

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Planet Venus In Astrology

Venus is regarded as the planet with the significant benefits for modern life. It bestows on the native all the worldly pleasures and luxurious things. Hindus believe that this planet is the most luminous in the universe. Rather than Earth, it is the planet that is closest to the sun. As a result, it sometimes appears between Venus and Earth while other times it appears between Earth and the Sun. It is known as “Shukra” after the name of Shukracharya in Hindi. Similar to Jupiter, it is a benevolent planet. It is the planet of beauty, warmth, and love.

Venus is a planetary symbol of femininity. It is the ruler of Libra and Taurus. In the Kaal Purush Kundali, it governs the second and seventh houses. Unlike Libra, which is an airy, moveable sign, Taurus is an earthy, fixed sign.  People whose ruling planet is Venus are generous and sociable. At 28 degrees, Venus becomes exalted in Pisces, whilst at the same degree, Venus becomes afflicted in Virgo. 

Venus bestows an attractive personality to the natives if it is positioned favorably in their birth chart. In terms of wealth and prosperity, it will be quite advantageous for them. They may be a genius and have a happy marriage.

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November 2022: Impact Of Venus Rise After 50 Days

Venus has finally risen on November 20, 2022, which is wonderful news for anyone waiting to get married. On October 2nd, Venus had set. After being set for around 50 days, Venus has risen now. And after this event, the wedding season has begun. The Venus planet has put an impact on all 12 signs of the zodiac after rising. Let’s know about those fortunate zodiac signs:


Married couples will become closer and more in love with one another. Additionally, you and your partner might go out to a special dinner date. This will be a wonderful chance to improve your relationship. When it comes to your romantic life, now is the moment to act. If you’re already dating someone, get ready to advance your relationship.


You’ll have a great sense of satisfaction and joy. Your romantic life will flourish, and you’ll discover that you have strong affections for your partner. You can realize that you want to get married. There is still hope for true love for those who are not in a relationship.

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The difficulties of marriage might increase at this point, and you and your partner can move forward in your relationship. You might have the chance to travel. You might meet the prince or princess of your dreams if you haven’t tied the knot yet. Working on developing your personality and sense of style will help you gain more admirers.


Your hidden and deepest desires are likely to come true. Your status in the community will rise. Your romantic relationship will blossom, and your love interest will also make you happy. It’s very likely that you will meet the one you love if you go to social events.


In every aspect of life, you will experience luck. You’ll be able to communicate your needs and desires to the people you care about in a very clear manner. This is the ideal time to take your partner on a journey and ask them questions about the future of your relationship.

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