Venus Forms Malavya Yoga After 1 Year – Fortunate For 3 Lucky Zodiacs!

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is considered the cause behind wealth, splendor, and happiness in the lives of people. The Venus transit results in the formation of some kind of Rajyoga from time to time. Now, on 19 May, Venus entered Taurus at 08:29 pm. The transit results in the formation of Malavya Yoga which is considered to provide auspicious results in people’s lives. 

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This yoga impacts all the 12 zodiac signs, but out of them, natives of 3 signs are going to benefit from it. As per Vedic astrology, Venus enters the Taurus sign on 19th May and this results in the wealth increase of natives. Let us first understand Malavya Yoga, before checking the list of lucky zodiac signs. 

What Is The Time Of Malavya Yoga?

When Venus Lagna is in a strong position in the fourth, seventh, or tenth house, it results in the formation of Malavya Yoga. The auspicious effects of Malavya yoga enhance the beauty and prosperity of individuals. They also get different kinds of material happiness. The persons have an attractive nature and enjoy popularity in their lives. The period will result in a higher level of intelligence and creativity. 

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The auspicious effects of Malavya yoga results in the success of professionals and they also acquire higher knowledge. They also get an attractive partner in their lives. 

So, let us move ahead and check the list of lucky zodiac signs due to Malavya yoga. 

List Of Zodiac Signs That Benefits From Malavya Yoga 


The Malavya yoga provides favorable results to the Gemini natives. This yoga will be formed in the Lagna house and it indicates the rise of fortune & prosperity in the lives of people. They will make contact with popular personalities in the world. The Gemini people will get all kinds of material pleasures. For the employed people, there are great chances of promotions. It will be a great time for married life and love will increase between husband & wife. 

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The Malavya yoga will prove very fruitful for the Capricorn natives. This yoga will be formed in the fifth house of the Capricorn zodiac and it will prove favorable for the natives. They can expect good news from their children. Their relationship with their father will get stronger. It is the best time for a love life. If you are thinking about converting your love into a marriage relationship, then your dream can be fulfilled in this period. It is the right time to invest in a vehicle or property. 

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This yoga will be formed in the income and profit house of the Cancer zodiac. It will result in a rise in income levels. Their overall financial condition will improve and can fulfill the requirements of the family. It is also the best time for investment. The money invested in this period will just get doubled. 

They can expect some good news from their child. It is also the best time for investments across the share market, lottery, etc. 

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Malavya Yoga Is Formed In The Horoscope Of These Celebrities 

Let us check some personalities who have Malavya yoga in their horoscope. This yoga has resulted in money, name, and fame for the natives. Such celebrities are Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Albert Einstein, Raj Kapoor, David Beckham, Sania Mirza, and Sonia Gandhi. 

Malavya Yoga In Sania Mirza’s Horoscope 

In the horoscope of Sania Mirza, Venus will be positioned in the Lagna house, and this results in the formation of Malavya yoga. Sania Mirza has been a popular tennis player. She is also one of the highly paid and influential personalities. 

Malavya Yoga In Sonia Gandhi’s Horoscope 

If we talk about the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi, then Venus is forming Malavya yoga in the fourth house & in her own sign Libra. Sonia Gandhi is one of the most popular Indian politicians and has been the longest-serving President of the Congress Party. She took over the party after 1988 after the assassination of Late PM Rajiv Gandhi and remained in the post till 2019. She stayed in the top post for 22 years. 

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Q1. What is Malavya yoga?

Ans. Malavya yoga is considered one of the Panch Mahapurusha Yogas.

Q2. How to check Malavya yoga?

Ans. The yoga will be formed when Venus is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces zodiac. It will be formed in the first, fourth, or tenth house. 

Q3. Is Malavya yoga considered a Rajyoga?

Ans. Yes, it is considered one of the Panch Mahapurusha Yogas or Rajyogas. 

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