Venus Direct in Sagittarius Soon, Major Transformations On Cards

This article sheds light on the upcoming event when Venus turns direct in Sagittarius on 29 January 2022. Read how it impacts various fields all around the world and what remedies can be performed to enhance the benefic influence of Venus in this duration.

Venus is a planet for beauty and passion. Without Venus, one cannot enjoy life to the fullest and the blessings of Venus is essential for one to see utmost pleasure. Venus represents the marital life for a person and creates the possibilities for true love if it is placed well in a horoscope. On the other hand, if it is not placed well in a horoscope, then it is bound to create problems in one’s life. 

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Venus Direct in Sagittarius Soon: What To Expect?

Venus to about to soon becomes direct in Sagittarius on January 29, 2022, Saturday at 14.55. Sagittarius is a sign owned by Jupiter and denotes that such placement may induce a person inclined to spiritual pursuits rather than materialistic tendencies. This movement may shower a person with money and profits, but there may be a lack of happiness that one may derive from earning money. Venus’ direct movement in Sagittarius may induce a person to seek better satisfaction and will make the person understand the good and bad things of life.

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Impact Of Venus Direct On India and the World 

  • There will be an increase in the production as well as sales of the spiritual notebooks.
  • The entertainment industry will be able to see a good comeback and develop further.
  • Women’s development will be high all over. 
  • More chances for enhancing trade and import/exports all over the globe may occur.
  • There will be a rapid pick up in sales of sports goods all over the world. 
  • An increase in the manufacture of cars on a large scale may be possible around the world.
  • The transport sector may witness a boom all over.

Impact of Venus Direct on Individuals

  • Auspicious occasions in the form of marriage may be possible for those who are waiting to enter into wedlock.
  • Love will materialize for those who are waiting for so long and seeking a partner.
  • Spiritual tendencies and an increase in interest towards the same may be possible.

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Venus Direct in Sagittarius: Favourable-Unfavourable for Which Signs?


Virgo– During this time, you may expect a good level of comfort. There may be chances for buying a new car or investing in property. Financially, you will be comfortable. There will be high scope for savings. This time may be favorable for investing in property as doing so may derive you satisfaction. You may also witness chances to gain property via your father’s ancestral property. You may be keener on creative pursuits. There will be a good increase in material comforts for you. You are expected to get good support from relatives during this time and have a get together with them.

Scorpio- You will be able to earn a lot of money during this time and scope for such chances may be possible. There may be more keenness on your part during this time to get into business and investing. You can do so by involving in business overseas and securing contacts. You will be more interested in making money during this time. There are chances for you to gain new friends. This seems to be the time for you to develop your business or enter into a new venture. 

Aquarius- You will be able to earn more profits and be satisfied. Major good events may happen with you with respect to your profession, family and finance. There will be scope for a high level of luck during this time. Getting a promotion, incentives etc may be possible. Good bonding in relationships may be possible.

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AriesYou may find this time to be a bit complex when it comes to relationships as there may be chances for arguments. Financial problems may arise as expenses may exceed monetary gains. Career-wise, there may be some setbacks in the form of a change in job. If you are in business, then this time may not be favorable to enter into new investments in business and gain more profits. It will be better for you to curb your expectations and stick to better planning. Involving in spiritual matters may give you relief.

Taurus- On the positive side, you may get good chances of gaining benefits via inheritance. You may be able to possess intuitive traits and this may guide you to develop and ascertain which is good and which is bad. On the career front, there may be a lack of enthusiasm and determination on your part at the workplace. The normal flow of money may not be upto the mark and there will be limitations. The health area remains to be a matter of concern for you as you need to get your eyes checked. 

Libra- A change or transfer in job may be possible and you may not find such a change to be encouraging. Obstacles may seem to be present for you during the process of self-development. On the positive side, you may gain knowledge with respect to spiritual matters. During this time, you may not be able to pick up the unique skills present in you and deliver. Further on the personal front, you may face communication problems with your siblings and life partner. Certain adjustments are essential for you with respect to your personal life and on the career front to make situations favourable. 

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Venus During this Period

  • Light oil lamp for Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays.
  • Chant “Om Bhargavaya Namah” daily 24 times.
  • Observe fast on Friday.
  • Offer food to blind women on Fridays.
  • Chant the Sanskrit text of Lalitha Sahasranamam on Fridays.
  • Make your spouse happy by buying new clothes and jewellery for her.

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