Venus & Mercury Transit On 7th March: Lucky Time For 3 Zodiac Signs!

Venus And Mercury Transit: As per astrology, the transit of planets results in both favorable and adverse effects in the country & world, along with all the 12 zodiac signs. In some cases, two or more planets are transiting on the same date. A similar incident is going to happen at the beginning of March month where two planets will change their positions across zodiacs. The Venus And Mercury transit on 07th May 2024 will bring fortune to the lives of some zodiac signs. 

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This AstroSage blog contains details related to Mercury and Venus transit in March 2024 and the list of zodiac signs benefiting in this period. 

Venus And Mercury Transit: Date And Time 

On 07 March 2024, Mercury, the planet responsible for money, intelligence, business, communication, speech, and career will transit or shift its position to the water element Pisces, at 09:21 am. On the same day, Venus, the planet known for love and material pleasures, will enter the Aquarius zodiac sign at 10:33 am. The auspicious combination of the transits of these two planets is happening after 100 years and its effects can be viewed across different zodiac signs. Among them, 3 zodiac signs will get all the right benefits due to the planetary transits. Let us now check the zodiac signs that will have a favorable time due to such transits.

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Venus And Mercury Transit: List Of 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Due To It 


The Venus and Mercury transit will prove beneficial for the Taurus natives. They will make a lot of progress in their careers and there are strong chances of profits for the business people. Venus enters the Karma house during this period and Mercury will enter the twelfth house from the zodiac sign. Due to this, the business persons can expect the right kind of profits. There are also chances for business expansion and can participate in projects & works that can make them richer quickly. If the native is unemployed and looking for a job, then the period is very fruitful for the natives. Their wish of getting a suitable job role can be fulfilled in this period. The financial condition can strengthen due to business profit or job promotion. There are also chances of travel in connection to your work and the journey will prove successful for them. 

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The planetary transits will provide very favorable results to the Aquarius natives. Both Venus and Mercury have friendly relationships with Saturn, the ruling planet of Aquarius. The Venus and Mercury transit will result in great results in the lives of natives. Venus is going to transit in the Lagna house of the natives. It will increase the income of people to a higher level and there are great chances of a new source of income. If the money is stuck somewhere, then they get it back in this period. 

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There are chances of great profits for the business persons. You can get new projects in this period and they will possess an upper hand over the competitors. The personality of natives will improve in this period and all the wishes will be fulfilled successfully. There will be happiness in married life and love & affection will increase among both partners. Also, both will understand each other for a good time. The natives will feel happy and satisfied due to the planetary transits. 

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The Venus And Mercury transit will prove very auspicious for the Capricorn natives. Venus will transit in the money house and Mercury in the third house. The auspicious influence of these two planets will result in huge financial gains for the natives. It strengthens the financial condition and will be able to meet the requirements of the Capricorn natives and the family. In this period, they will be courageous and can take some of the vital decisions in their lives. There will be a rise in the salary of natives and the reputation at the workplace also increases. The persons associated with foreign organizations can get some of the top benefits in such a timeline. 

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