Venus-Mars Transit in January 2024: Fabulous Time For 5 Lucky Zodiacs!

Venus And Mars Transits: In the first month of 2024, i.e. in January there will be the transit of many planets that will impact all the zodiac signs; mainly the Venus and Mars transits. On 02 January 2024, Mercury turned direct in the Scorpio zodiac and in this month Jupiter will also remain direct in the Aries zodiac. On 15 March 2024, Sun will enter the Capricorn sign. Along with it, on 18 January, Venus will transit in Sagittarius, and Mars will rise in Sagittarius too. Due to the position of these planets in the January month, the natives of some zodiac signs will have luck by their side to achieve success across different sectors. Thus, the month of January is going to be special for some zodiacs. 

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Check more details of five zodiac signs whose natives will get all the happiness in the first month of the year due to Venus and Mars transits in 2024. 

Venus And Mars Transits: These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Get Top Benefits 


For the stability in financial conditions of the Taurus natives, the month will prove very auspicious. Due to Venus and Mars transits, your source of income will increase and you will get the best opportunity to earn a lot of money. There will be hardship in saving money. There are more chances of travel during this period. In your married life, there will be peace and happiness. Get support from your spouse across different activities. It is the best time for your love relationship. Don’t interfere too much with the personal things of your partner, or else things can get worse. 

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Because of Venus and Mars transits, the month of January will be very special for the Cancer natives. At the same time, try to avoid being too emotional across different things. You will get the opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse. The working professionals will get a lot of support from their colleagues and will progress in their field of work. Don’t hurry in your love affair and move slowly in the relationship. 


The Leo natives will be really committed to completing the tasks or projects taken into their hands. With the help of wisdom and patience, you will be able to overcome different obstacles in life. If the traders have been facing any problems till now, then this is the best time to get rid of the troubles. The Leo natives will be successful in achieving different goals due to Venus and Mars transits. If your money is stuck somewhere, then you might get it back this month. Your health will remain good in January 2024. 

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The respect of Virgo natives will rise during the month of January 2024. Among the family members, love will increase and the relationship will also get stronger. If there are disputes in the family, then there are more chances of getting it resolved this month. There are chances of getting your ancestral property in January 2024. As per Venus and Mars transits, new sources of income will rise for the Virgo natives. If you have been trying to achieve some goal for a long time, then it will be successful this month. For the employed people, there are chances of promotion. There will be happiness and sweetness in married life. 

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With the help of some big or influential person, the Aquarius natives will get a suitable job opportunity. You will work hard to achieve the goals and all the efforts in this direction will be successful due to Venus and Mars transits. In your career, you will get all the desired levels of progress, and the plans will be successful. There will be happiness in the love relationship. Don’t avoid the feelings of your partner, or else the distance between the two may rise. 

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