Vastu Tips: Avoid Sharing These 5 Things To Retain Harmony In Life!

This is a special blog by AstroSage where we are making our readers aware of those 5 things that must never be shared with anyone. Why? Read to find out!

We share so many things with our loved ones, family, and friends. This is because since childhood, we are taught the importance of sharing, and we have often heard phrases like “Sharing is Caring” while growing up. However, there are certain things that when shared, can disrupt your life. These are no extraordinary things, but items that we use on a daily basis. If you are curious to know what these things are, read further.

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Vastu Shastra Recommends To Never Share These 5 Things With Anyone

Sharing Clothes

There are an uncountable number of times when we have shared or exchanged clothes with our friends and family members. This could either be to avoid repetition of outfits, and sometimes to make the most use of clothes that are in good condition. However, as per Vastu Shastra, exchange or sharing of clothes must be avoided as it is believed that by doing so, a person’s bad luck or misfortune is also transferred with the piece of clothing. Also, it may lead to transfer of infection.

Sharing Shoes, Slippers, & Other Footwear

Sharing footwear is not as common as sharing clothes, as finding the same shoe size as someone else close to you is a difficult task. But even if you do, you must avoid wearing shoes of other people as it is regarded as inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. According to the scriptures, Shani (Saturn) resides in a person’s feet, so wearing someone else’s footwear will transfer the wrath of Saturn on to the wearer. It also leads to lack of harmony and peace in the house.

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Keeping Borrowed Pen

We buy so many pens but when we are in need, we never find one! And this is why we often borrow pens from other people in banks, colleges, etc. when we are in urgent need. But it is considered wrong in Vastu Shastra. Actually, it is believed that a person’s fate is associated with his/her pen. So, if the lender is going through a period of bad luck and you borrow his/her pen, you are taking his/her misfortune on to you. Therefore, we advise you to return any borrowed pen you ever take.

Borrowing A Watch

There are so many fascinating watches in the market and we often feel tempted to wear as many as we can, even if it means to borrow from your friends or siblings. But let us tell you that a watch not only tells you the time, but also the upcoming good and bad times of your life are associated with it. Therefore, if the owner of the watch you have borrowed is going through a difficult time, it will be transferred on to you and affect your life negatively. So beware!

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Sharing Friends’ Rings

AstroSage has advised you from time to time, to avoid wearing any ring or gemstone without the consultation of a learned astrologer. This is because each ring or gemstone is associated with a planet and before wearing it, you need to check if that gemstone is suitable for you or not. Even if it is for a few hours or days, wearing rings or gemstones unsuitable for you can lead to life threatening damages! 

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