Vastu Tips : These Items in Your Wallet Can Create Debts!

Vastu Shastra suggests many measures and remedies which you can adopt in your lifestyle and they can make your life positive by helping get rid of many types of Doshas. Today in this article, we will talk about some Vastu Tips which can bring financial prosperity in your life.

In today’s time, everyone carries a purse or wallet. In this way, we use purses to keep our money but many times we inadvertently make some rookie mistakes, due to which we may face a financial crisis. 

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  • Photo of God: Many of us walk with a picture of a God in our purse or wallet. However according to Vastu (Vastu Shastra) it is a big mistake and according to the conventions, we should not keep any picture of God in our wallet or purse. If you want to keep something related to Goddesses, Gods and Religion in your wallet, then you are advised to keep a Yantra of any God but avoid keeping a picture.

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  • Old torn papers: It has often been seen that we do not clean our purse or wallet for many days and in such a situation, the old papers torn in our wallet make home. Because the purse is the place of Maa Lakshmi and she loves cleanliness, according to Vastu Shastra, we should not keep any such item in our wallet or purse. So you too should immediately scrub your purse and if any old paper is lying in it, then take it out and keep it aside.
  • Do not keep old torn notes in your purse: There is no work of torn old notes anyway. Because money is considered to be another manifestation of Mother Lakshmi, we should not keep old notes torn in our purse. If you have such a note, change it and take a new note and if you cannot change it, then at least take it out of the purse and keep it somewhere else.

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  • Old bills and Receipts: This is something that is usually seen in everyone’s purse and wallet. We go shopping and keep the bill we get at the time of transaction of money in our purse or wallet. However, Vastu Shastra says that we should not keep any old bills or receipts etc. in our purse. By doing this, one’s debt increases. So check immediately now and if you have any such paper or receipt or bill in your purse or wallet, then remove it and keep it somewhere or remove it from your life.
  • Any picture of a dead person: Attachment is a very big thing. In such a situation many times people want to keep a picture of someone who is no longer in our life or this world for some reason. But since the purse or wallet is believed to be the place of Maa Lakshmi, it would be considered inauspicious to place a picture of a dead person here. If you have kept a picture of such a person in your purse, then we appreciate your feelings but according to Vastu Shastra it is advised to remove it.

Also, never keep any sharp things like blades, knives etc. in your purse. By doing this money problems increase and one has to face financial crisis in life.

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