Vastu Tips To Keep Mental Stress At Bay

According to Vastu Shatra, every direction is administered by a certain God. In this context, anything placed in any direction of the house has a negative or positive impact on our lives. When a wrong item is kept in the wrong direction in the house, it is known as Vastu Dosh.

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If your house, office, or any other place where you spend most of your time has Vastu Dosh, it will not only add to your difficulties but also negatively affect your mood. Due to this, you will feel agitated, irritated, and stressed all the time, and you will fail to focus on important tasks of your day. It also has adverse effects on your mental health.

In such a condition, we need to keep all the items of our house at the right place and direction. So, we will give you some Vastu tips that can help you to be tension free.

Vastu Tips to Reduce Mental Stress

  • The head of the family must always sleep in a bedroom in the southwest direction, or else it increases their mental stress. Sleeping with your head in the southwest direction will prove to be favourable for you.
  • If any dispute among the family members has disrupted the peace in the family, you must dispose off all the broken items of the house as soon as possible. Also, throw away all the broken utensils from the kitchen. 

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  • There must be a prime mirror in the house, but it should never be in the South or West direction. It increases mental stress. Apart from this, no two mirrors in the house should ever face each other as it gives rise to negative energy. Looking at yourself in a broken mirror also causes mental stress.
  • The unmarried members of the house should never have a bedroom in the southwest direction. This can make them short-tempered.
  • Paint the walls of the house with light colours to avoid any negativity.
  • Never keep such idols or pictures of gods in which they are destroying someone or are in a state of war. Apart from this, never keep pictures portraying violence in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, putting up pictures of vicious animals is also considered wrong. All these things add to mental stress.
  • The west direction is dedicated to Lord Saturn whereas, the north direction is governed by the Lord of death, Yamraj. So, to avoid mental stress, one must never sleep with their legs in the west direction and head in the north direction.  

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