Vastu Tips To Get Rid Of Debts

The utilities are becoming more costly with the growing population. Everyone needs money to fulfil their basic needs as the daily expenditure is also on a hike these days. Many people believe that a person with more wealth and a lavish lifestyle is more respectable in society, which is not entirely true. Many people try to earn this respect by borrowing money from other people or institutions to build a façade around their lives, which they cannot repay later on. There are other situations too that demand borrowing money. For instance, many middle-class fathers borrow money for their daughter’s wedding or child’s education in India. Others might borrow it for starting up a business. No matter what the reason is, many a time, people are unable to repay the money and become debtors. Many factors contribute to this downfall, one of them being Vastu Shastra. In this blog, we will enlighten you with six steps that will help you get rid of this debt.

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Vastu Steps To Get Rid Of Unwanted Loans And Debts

1. A debtor must always sleep in a room that is in the South-West direction.

2. All the expensive items like money and jewellery must be kept in the South West area of the bedroom in a money cabinet facing north or northeast direction. This will make the life of a debtor less difficult by helping in increasing income.

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3. Avoid building doors or windows in the South West or North-West direction of the bedroom. If you have windows and doors in these two directions, make sure to keep them closed.

4. North West direction in the house is dedicated to the inflow of money. So, to get rid of debts, you can build an underground water tank in this direction.

5. To refrain from entering a situation where you are forced to sell your house for paying debts, build the southwest zone of the house higher. This will protect your house from debt.

6. Avoid placing bulky and heavy items in the North or East direction of the house as it leads to debts or losses. 

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