10 Vastu Tips to Boost Your Love Life

Love, care, trust, and mutual bond are the key elements for any relationship to work perfectly. Vastu Shatra’s contribution is just to boost the energies around you and enhance the romance of your affectionate relationship. Vastu Shastra can help build a harmonious and stress-free environment so that the partners can focus on each other and get rid of the worries around them. In this blog, we will shed light on Vastu tips and, if implemented correctly, they can bring great benefits to the love and married life of the natives.

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Bedroom Vastu Tips to Enhance Love Life

  1. One must make sure that the bed in the master bedroom is either positioned in the South-West or South region, but never in-between the two directions. If so, it will lead to negative experiences in the relationship.
  1. The master bedroom should be present in the South-West direction of the house and this brings positive energy. It also enhances the chemistry between the partners and brings stability to their relationship. In addition to this, this arrangement also improves the desired male characteristics, i.e., leadership qualities, decision-making abilities, etc. 
  1. The bedroom should not have sharp corners or abrupt cuts. It should always be in regular shape.

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  1. The walls of the bedroom must be painted with light and soothing colours. In the South-West bedrooms, peach colours or hues of pink are most suited.
  2. Refrain from using metal beds as they disrupt sleep and create a tense atmosphere. Be sure to use one queen size bed or single bed with one mattress. When you join two mattresses or two beds together, it creates a rift between the two. Never place the bed in front of the door or in between two doors.
  1. For a smooth and affectionate relationship, the wife must sleep on the left side of her husband.

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  1. According to Vastu, the position of mirrors in the bedroom plays a vital role in the relationship. Avoid placing the mirror facing the bed, as it leads to conflicts. The larger the mirror, the more the chances of tension in the relationship. Therefore, it is better to keep mirrors covered or avoid using them in the bedroom.
  1. Always keep the bedroom tidy and clutter-free. This will make bring positivity and tenderness in the relationship.
  1. Never place photos of departed souls or idols of deities in the bedroom.
  1. The couple photo should be placed in the West direction, while a family photo should be in the South-West direction in the bedroom.

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