Keeping These Things In Puja Ghar Brings Problems In Life!

According to many scriptures in Vastu, the place of worship (Puja Ghar) is considered to be the most essential part of the house. It is the place where we get all the positive energy and vibes. So, it is important to understand the things to keep and not to keep in Puja Ghar and what will be the impacts of keeping them. 

Usually, there is a puja Ghar in every house, according to Vastu scriptures, the place of puja ghar is considered to be pious because it spreads positive vibes in the house. So, one should not keep certain things in puja ghar which spread negative energy. It is believed that, if we keep such things then it is difficult for us to concentrate or meditate. Moreover, there will be a negative impact on your financial status. Let’s understand more about the topic and the remedies for the same.

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Things To Remove From Puja Ghar

  • Damaged Idols: As per the Vastu, it is advised not to keep any damaged idol in the temple or the place of worship in the house. It is believed that by keeping such idols, one will not get the auspicious results of puja and there is negative energy in the house. 

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  • Fierce Idol of the god or Goddess: Vastu scriptures say that the idols of the gods and goddesses in fierce form should not be kept in the house of worship. It is believed that keeping such a picture stops the auspicious vibes coming from the puja ghar.

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  • Damaged or torn-out religious books: According to Vastu, do not keep the books in the withered or torn-out condition in a puja ghar. If in case its torn-out then flow it in a holy river.
  • Damaged Akshat: Never offer broken rice or akshat to the deities. If there is broken rice in the puja ghar to offer the gods then it’s better to replace them with new, fresh rice.

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  • Photo of your ancestors: Never place or keep the photo of your ancestors in the puja ghar, this will lead to inauspicious results or outcomes. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Puja Ghar 

Make sure you do not construct puja ghar house, in these areas: 

  • Under a staircase
  • Sharing a wall with a toilet or bathing room. 
  • Right in front of the main door
  • Next to the toilet

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Things One Must Keep In Puja Ghar

  • Gangajal
  • Peacock Feather
  • Conch  

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