Follow These Vastu Measures While Constructing A New House

Do you want to know the key to happiness while constructing a new house? It is the Vastu Shastra. Everyone wants to build their dream house, with a big lawn, beautiful terrace, spacious bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and what not! And when it’s time to turn your dreams into reality, a little faulty Vastu can prove troublesome for you. Bad Vastu Shastra results in a negative atmosphere of the house, bad health, grievances, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to follow Vastu steps thoroughly before laying the foundation of your new house.

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Following Vastu is not a challenging task. All you have to do is to keep a sense of direction along with the plot area. If you follow Vastu tips with open mind and heart, it will help you open new doors of happiness, opportunity, and prosperity. 

Mentioned below are Vastu tips to follow before laying the foundation of your new sweet home.

Vastu Steps While Constructing a New House

  • Choose a regular shaped plot and avoid the one with an irregular shape, as it can create unnecessary pressure and stress in the mind of the owner.
  • To avoid problems in life, one must de-clutter the plot and get rid of any thorns and bushes before starting the construction.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the Sun is a positive element. Therefore, the construction work should commence in the daytime under the Sun, and not in the dark at night.

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  • Building the compound wall before other parts of the house brings a sense of security.
  • Always use new material for carrying out the construction work as any old material may be infused with bad Vastu which may negatively affect the family members.
  • All the construction material should be stored in a room in the southwest direction and is should never be left open.
  • The direction of positivity flow is from northwest to southwest and then in the northeast. So, the best place to begin the construction work is the southwest corner of the plot and then to proceed in the above-mentioned directions.
  • North and East directions are full of positive energies therefore, these zones of the house must be more spacious.

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  • If your plot is North or East facing, the main entrance should be constructed in the North, East, or North-east, as these are considered positive directions. If the plot is West or South facing, the entrance should be built in the South-east or South direction. And if the plot is West facing, one must have the entrance in the West or North-West direction.
  • For a blissful marital life, the master bedroom of the house must be constructed in the South-West direction of the plot.
  • South-east direction is best suited for the construction of a kitchen.
  • The most auspicious direction is the northeast. Therefore, the Puja room should be built in this zone.
  • The toilets must be constructed in the West or North-West direction of the house.

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