Manage Your Business & Finances Well With These Miraculous Vastu Tips!

Vastu has been in practice in the Indian sub-continent for thousands of years. It forms an inherent part of the basis of Indian Architecture. The sages of India were able to observe the movement of the Sun, Earth (and its inherent gravitational and magnetic forces). They could comprehend that their combined force which we say as solar-magnetic force and its effect on the human body and mind. 

They observed that different directions developed different subtle energies due to this combined energy of Sun and Earth. More so, they also observed that these energies have different effects on the human body and mind governing different aspects of their life including prosperity, health, and relationships.

Any three dimensional structure with walls and roof has these subtle energies present in the eight directions. Therefore, not only our homes but also our factories and offices have these energies present. We have two choices, either we harness these energies to enhance our life by organizing the home or workplace as per the tenets of Vastu  or to suffer from their negative effects due to inadvertent imbalance caused by not following the tenets of Vastu.

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In this article, we will talk about the 7 fascinating Vastu tips to improve your business finances. These can be implemented both in your home and office.

Declutter your home/office

When we surround ourselves with clutter, we program our subconscious with three negative messages; first we are not willing to move on in life, second we are too lazy to take up opportunities and three we lack discipline to pursue our dreams. The first and foremost tip is to clean and organize your office table, cabin and whole office in that order.

Activate the main door

The main door of your home or office denotes the personality of your space. It is what your customers or visitors see first when they come to meet you. The main entrance should be regularly deep cleansed. Pay attention to the dust below the door mat, dirt in the services of the door and behind the name plate. You can decorate your main door according to your taste.

Activate the kitchen stove

The kitchen symbolizes cash flow. The stove denotes your resources and wealth. Ensure that your kitchen stove is spic and clean and that all the burners are functional.

Incorporate flowing water in the North East

In Vastu, flowing water is connected to your flow of finances and abundance. Pay attention to the plumbing in your home and make sure there are no leaks or water damage. If there are plumbing issues, fix them.

Placement of moving water, like a fountain, can bring this flowing water element into your home. Be sure to keep the fountain clean, in good repair, and direct the water toward the center of your home. If you want to work with an exterior fountain, it is the best to place it in the front area of your property with the water directed toward the front door.

Activate the cash flow direction

Southeast is the direction of cash flow as per Vastu and Vastu suggests the fire colors; red, purple and violet for this area in your house or office. When you introduce one or more of these colours in this direction, you activate the cash-flow area. It can be introduced as a wall colour, wall paper or just a painting with the above colours.

Activate Opportunities

The North is the direction of new opportunities in life. In order that you keep getting new opportunities in terms of new orders and new customers, you need to activate this area.

Place a painting depicting greenery on the North wall of the office or home. This can be a painting showing a group of green trees. With this painting we are communicating with the Universe that we are ready to take up more customers and more orders in our business.

Activate Wisdom

With opportunities coming in, we all need wisdom to pursue the right orders and customers and do not lose focus on the business goals. Citrine as a crystal not only signifies abundance and prosperity, it also signifies Jupiter the planet for wisdom and big thinking. Place citrine stones in a crystal bowl in the NorthEast of your office.

This article has been written by Acharya Manoj Shrivastava, who is a very well known Vastu Expert.

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