Vastu Rules For Kitchens: Harmonize The Place To Avoid Big Losses!

In the Sanatan Dharma, Vastu Shastra has a special place and importance. Thus, people need to keep note of Vastu rules for the construction of homes and offices. Other than that, the Vastu Shastra contains rules for keeping every small to big material in your home. If the tips & rules are followed carefully then happiness and prosperity will remain in the lives of people. The incorporation of the right Vastu Shastra rules can improve different aspects of natives’ lives. The adoption of the right Vastu Shastra principles will result in the spread of positive energy. Also, it assists in the elimination of negative energy in the lives of people. 

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Vastu Shastra is considered the type of knowledge which has been prevalent since ancient times. Also, Vastu is very crucial to attain prosperity and happiness in the lives of people. We get different rules here from building a house to living life efficiently. This AstroSage blog discusses rules related to kitchens to keep the place clean and productive. So, let us move ahead and check the details of Vastu rules for kitchens. 

Importance Of Vastu Shastra 

Vastu Shastra contains accurate information related to rules & directions of building construction and items to be kept in place. Also, Vastu contains details related to every item to be kept in the building meant for daily use. It includes five elements and Vastu Shastra operates on the principle of five elements. The five elements on which Vastu operates are – Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air. We can witness the impact of Vastu Shastra on all of our lives. It is possible to get rid of different troubles or problems in our lives with relevant Vastu tips & rules. Also, get details of auspicious and inauspicious things related to different aspects of life through Vastu Shastra. 

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With the adoption of accurate Vastu Shastra rules & tips, people can make their relationships sweet and also strengthen their financial conditions. Other than that, people can also get rid of different troubles in their lives with accurate tips. Here the readers will get the right information related to the special importance of Vastu Shastra. With this, people can establish a pleasant atmosphere in their homes and ensure positive energy throughout the area. This will also help you get rid of negative energy from the homes. 

The impact of Vastu falls on every area of our lives. If the Vastu Shastra of your home is accurate then there will be blessings in your lives. Thus, all the members at your home will remain disease-free. As per the scriptures, the Hindu and Buddhist followers used to follow the Vastu rules earlier. But, in the modern world today, everyone is adopting Vastu Shastra to incorporate happiness, peace, prosperity, and happiness in their lives. 

Vastu Rules & Tips To Keep In Mind For Kitchens 

The Direction To Cook Food 

In the kitchen, special attention needs to be paid to Vastu as the food prepared here provides positive energy to the body. It also keeps the individuals healthy. As per the Vastu Shastra, it is advised to build the kitchen in the southeast direction of our home, i.e. the Agni Kon direction. This is considered an auspicious direction to cook food at home. It is also believed in Vastu that the kitchen area should be such a place where the kitchen stove isn’t visible from outside the main door. At the time of cooking, the face of individuals should be towards the east direction as it is considered to be the Sun’s direction. This is the auspicious direction of the king of planets. 

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Direction Of Kitchen Cupboard 

As per Vastu Shastra, the position of slabs or cupboards in the kitchen should be in the south or west direction. The spices and food items used in the kitchens should be positioned in the north-west direction. It should be kept in mind that the windows or the space of sunlight entry should be bigger in size. This will ensure that the kitchen fumes are going out through the window and no one is facing any kind of trouble. 

Pay Attention To The Direction Of Electricity Cess

You need to take special care of the electric appliances like the microwave, mixer, etc. in the kitchen as per the Vastu tips. As per Vastu Shastra, the wrong direction of electronic appliances in the kitchens can affect the health of individuals. According to Vastu Shastra, natives can keep their electric appliances in the south-east corner. Also, they can keep a utensil stand or any other heavy kind of object in the west or south direction. Any kind of small item should be kept or placed in the east or north direction of the kitchen. 

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Things To Keep In Mind As Per Vastu Shastra 

Let us look at some of the special rules at the time of preparing or developing the home kitchen. These are things to keep in mind, otherwise can harm the health of individuals and the entire family.

  • Do not construct a toilet right in front of the kitchen space. 
  • It is also considered inauspicious to build a kitchen above or below the toilet area. It can result in a negative impact on the health and financial condition of individuals & family members. 
  • Avoid cooking food facing the south, north, and west directions. This can result in financial losses in the lives of natives and thus should be careful about it. The kitchen area and gas should be kept clean thoroughly. 
  • As per Vastu Shastra, there is special importance given to the proper balance of different elements like earth, sky, air, fire, and water in the home. 
  • As per Vastu Shastra, for grains like wheat, pulses, rice, etc. then the best direction for its storage is west or south. 

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