Vastu Remedies: Students Will Ace Their Exams With These Remedies!

Vastu Remedies: As the tenth and twelfth board exams approach, the pressure on students and parents intensifies, leading to increased stress and anxiety. The relentless pursuit of academic excellence and the desire to achieve high scores often overshadow other aspects of life, causing many students to experience despair and mental distress. Beyond the academic realm, students face societal expectations, peer pressure, and the uncertainty of their future, further exacerbating their stress levels. 


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The fear of failure and the pressure to perform well can be overwhelming, affecting not only their academic performance but also their mental well-being and overall quality of life. It’s crucial to recognize the multifaceted nature of exam pressure and its impact on students’ holistic development. By addressing the underlying astrological factors contributing to this pressure and implementing effective Vastu remedies, we can create a supportive environment that nurtures students’ mental resilience and promotes their overall success and well-being.

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Understanding the Astrological Aspect & Vastu Remedies

Astrology plays a significant role in understanding the underlying causes of stress and anxiety during exam periods. Several astrological combinations and placements in a child’s birth chart can indicate susceptibility to mental pressure and challenges in academic performance. Here are some key astrological factors to consider:

Weak Planetary Placements: 

The placement of the ascendant, Sun, and Moon in the birth chart, along with the influence of malefic planets, particularly in the eighth and twelfth houses of the Navamsa chart, can indicate physical weakness and susceptibility to stress.

Debilitated Moon and Mercury: 

The association of a debilitated Moon with retrograde and combust Mercury suggests mental weakness in the birth chart. When combined with challenging placements in the fifth house involving Saturn, Mars, and Rahu, it can lead to mental entanglement and indecision.

Mars Afflictions: 

Afflictions involving debilitated Mars in the fifth house, along with the presence of Rahu or Ketu, can result in mental aggression and difficulty understanding academic subjects.

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Influence of Death Aspect: 

The death aspect of the fifth lord can impact the child’s ability to grasp subjects effectively, affecting academic performance.

Instability Indicators: 

The association of the Moon of Chaturdashi with the Sun indicates an unstable mind, further exacerbating exam-related stress.

Disturbed House and Lord Placements: 

Afflicted fifth and second houses, along with disturbances in the respective lords, can lead to a lack of clarity regarding academic situations.

Exam Period Transits: 

Unfavorable transits during the exam period, particularly if not aligned with the fifth, tenth, or eleventh houses, may indicate challenges and adverse performance.

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Effective Vastu Remedies to Alleviate Exam Stress

Addressing exam-related stress and promoting success requires a holistic approach that combines astrological insights with practical remedies. Here are some effective Vastu remedies to alleviate exam pressure:

Optimal Room Placement: 

Ensure that the child’s study room is located in the north, northeast, or east direction of the house to facilitate the flow of positive energy conducive to studying.

Natural Lighting: 

Avoid the use of artificial lighting during the day in the child’s room. It can increase negative thinking and hinder decision-making abilities.

Sunlight and Air Circulation: 

Ensure proper sunlight and air circulation in the study room to create a conducive environment for concentration and learning.

Bed Placement and Color Therapy: 

Place the child’s bed slightly away from the wall. Use bedsheets in mixed colors like yellow, green, white, or blue to strengthen beneficial planetary influences. Orient the bed with the head towards the east for enhanced energy flow.

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Mantra and Symbolic Representation: 

Place a picture of the rising sun on the eastern wall of the study room along with the recitation of the Saraswati mantra to promote mental clarity and unity between mind and intellect.

Sattvic Diet and Discipline: 

Provide children with a sattvic diet to purify their thoughts and promote mental clarity. Establishing discipline in their daily routine can also contribute to a balanced mindset.

Astrological Analysis: 

Conduct a detailed analysis of the child’s birth chart, focusing on the subtleties of the Moon and Mercury placements to address imbalances in the mental and intellectual spheres.

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Nurturing Positivity and Success

Each child has unique strengths and challenges, seen in their birth chart. Understanding astrological factors causing exam pressure and using specific Vastu remedies can help parents support children in achieving academic success. By blending astrological insights with practical interventions, we can create a balance that fosters positivity for students to excel academically.

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