Have Paying EMIs Become Difficult? These Vastu Dosha Can Be The Reason!

This is a special blog by AstroSage that will highlight some Vastu mistakes that you are making that could be the reason for your bad financial situation. In today’s world, earning money has become easy but with more money, our needs increase as well. We are moving towards a better lifestyle, which includes buying a new house, car, furniture, etc. and going to expensive places. There is nothing wrong with upgrading your lifestyle, but to maintain it, you need to spend a lot of money. Now, with an easy option of EMIs, people are purchasing things, thinking they will pay for it later. However, for many people, paying these EMIs later becomes difficult.

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While some people curse their bad luck for their deteriorating financial situation, there can be something else responsible for it. Vastu mistakes can be a serious problem resulting in your bad financial condition. AstroSage has specially curated this blog for you where we will tell you about Vastu Doshas that can lead to poor financial life. We will also mention some remedies to correct it. So, let’s get started by understanding these Vastu Doshas first. 

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These Vastu Doshas Increase Your Debts

  • If there is a Vastu Dosha in the Northeast corner of your house, then your debt is more likely to increase. This Dosha traps the head of the family in the web of share market, batting, lottery, illegal activities, etc. and these habits lead to money loss. 
  • The Vastu Dosha in the North West direction makes a person suffer from high debts without any specific reason. Such a person might make a mistake which may result in financial loss in the future. Also, if the master bedroom is in this direction, then the head of the family suffers loss in business.
  • Likewise, if there is a Vastu defect in the South-East direction, the expenses of a person increases. And to meet with these expenses, the person starts taking debts. Such natives may also suffer from defamation and loss of honor due to high debts.
  • If the bedroom of the head of the family is in the West direction, then according to Vastu, such native fails to gain profits in business and start taking out loans or debts.
  • If your bathroom is constructed in the south-west part of the house, then it also leads to debts. In case your bathroom is in this direction, you must fill a glass bowl with sea salt and keep replacing the salt frequently. 
  • Also, if you leave your kitchen dirty at night or leave used utensils in the sink, it increases debts and brings poverty in life.

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Now that we know the Vastu Doshas that increase debts, let’s check out some remedies to correct it.

Vastu Remedies To Get Rid Of Debts

  • Construct North and South walls of the house totally straight.
  • The wall in the North of the house should be slightly lower. No corner should be less or chopped from any side.
  • Avoid loitering or cluttering the north-east direction of your house as it leads to poor decision making and financial planning, which may pull you in the debt trap. You can also construct a peaceful meditation room or Puja room in this direction for positive results.
  • You must avoid putting your work table or having your Puja Ghar in the East of South East Direction.
  • Avoid sleeping in the South of South West direction or building the main entrance of your house or office here. or it will trap you in the vicious cycle of taking out debts to meet with your expenses. 

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