Various Dashas in Astrology & Their Impacts : Read More to Know!

Planetary Dashas, as we know, have been given an important place in Vedic astrology and it is believed that whatever happens in our life is possible only because of the Dasha of a particular planet manifesting its effect.

Whether an event will take place or not, the confirmation of the occurrence or not of that event in the horoscope depends the most on the dominant Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha at that particular time. While the placement and positioning of good planets opens the doors of happiness, prosperity and progress in life, the condition of inauspicious planets creates a lot of problems in life. These auspicious and inauspicious planets can take various positions on each horoscope.

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In the realm of astrology, any prediction is made on the basis of the Dashas because the transit of the planets and the occurrence or non-occurrence of any event in the horoscope is tested on the basis of the conditions coming into being at that time and in the future. Hence, the planetary Dasha is quite important and has a huge impact on our lives. In what kind of direction will we move in our life, will we go on the right path or can we follow the wrong path, will we be healthy or diseases will surround us or will we progress in our career or will we have to face failure? All this comes to us as a result of the influence of some planetary conditions.

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Significance of Dashas in Astrology 

Dashas are very important under Vedic astrology and they are able to show the complete sequence of all kinds of situations, good and bad, that take place in the life span of a person. When good times will come in a person’s life and when bad times will come, when he will progress in life and when he will have to suffer, all this is possible only due to the effect of the conditions.

Vedic astrology believes in the principle of karma and reincarnation, that is, according to the Karma/actions we have attributed in our previous lives, according to the same actions, in the present time, we get pain and happiness in life and in providing those pains and pleasures. Hence, Dashas play an important role. If we get good results in the Dasha of a particular planet, then we also get bad results in the Dasha of any particular planet. All this is the result of the deeds done in our previous births, which the planets bestow upon us in their special conditions. This is the reason that planetary Dasha is most important and effective in the life of any person.

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Types of Dashas in Astrology

Various types of Dashas have found a mention in Vedic astrology, of which the most important and popular one is Vimshottari Dasha. Apart from this, there are many other Dashas like Ashtotri dasha, Yogini dasha, Jaimini dasha, Kalachakra dasha, etc. 

Whenever the Dashas are calculated in the present time, more and more importance is given to the Dasha systems based on the Nakshatras and this is the reason that they are gaining more popularity in the present time. Ashtotri dasha is of 108 years while Vimshottari dasha is of 120 years. Apart from this, Yogini Dasha is 36 years old. In all these Dashas, ​​the Vimshottari dasha is considered to be the most effective and acceptable at the present time.

Vimshottari Dasha

The Vimshottari Dasha, as we have spoken about before is considered to be the first and most accurate in Vedic astrology, is considered to be of 120 years, in which all the nine planets have a special Dasha period. This is a Nakshatra based dasha i.e. the Nakshatra in which the Moon is situated at the time of birth, the birth Mahadasha of the lord planet of that Nakshatra is received by the person at the time of birth and in the same way the Dasha sequence proceeds. If a person is born in Kritika, Poorvashadha or Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra, then the Sun/Surya Dev is the lord of all these three Nakshatras, then that person will go through the Mahadasha of the Sun at the time of birth. Given below is the list of the asha period of all the planets, then it is as follows:

Mahadasha of Sun – 6 years

Mahadasha of Moon – 10 years

Mahadasha of Mars – 7 years

Mahadasha of Rahu – 18 years

Mahadasha of Jupiter – 16 years

Mahadasha of Saturn – 19 years

Mahadasha of Mercury – 17 years

Mahadasha of Ketu – 7 years

Mahadasha of Venus – 20 years

The order of Mahadashas is as per above Dasha description i.e. if a person is born in Punarvasu Nakshatra which is the Nakshatra of Jupiter, then that person will get Mahadasha of Jupiter at the time of birth and post that Mahadasha of Saturn will start. 

The Mahadasha of Rahu will be the final dasha according to the Mahadasha and it’s period increases by 120 years in this sequence.

When we move forward in the Vimshottari Mahadasha system, then after the Mahadasha, the next Dasha which comes forth is Antardasha, then Pratyantar Dasha, then Suksham Dasha and then Prana Dasha. In the Mahadasha of any planet, the first Antardasha belongs to that planet and the first Pratyantar Dasha in the Antardasha of any planet is also similar. Similarly, in the Mahadasha of one planet, the Antar dashas of all the other planets also manifest their effects. 

As mentioned above, the Nakshatra in which the Moon is posited, the lord of that Nakshatra gets the mahadasha but like if the Mahadasha of the sun is of 6 years, then every person will go through the Mahadasha of the Sun not only for 6 years but also for the Moon. The Dasha period is determined according to the Bhogansh(time period) in that Nakshatra.

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Yogini Dasha

After Vimshottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha is also given a significant amount of importance. This is also a Nakshatra based Dasha which lasts for 36 years and after 36 years the same Dasha Karma gets repeated again. Some people also call it Ashta Yogini Dasha. In this Dasha also, their planetary Dasha has been named according to the influence of different planets. This Dasha is calculated on the basis of all the 27 constellations/Nakshtras and a particular planet in its time gives auspicious or inauspicious results to the person.

The names of Yogini Dasha are considered to be Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata respectively and their Dasha sequences are also in increasing order from each other. The effect period of these Dashas are given below:

Mangala – 1 year

Pingla – 2 years

Dhanya – 3 years

Bhramari – 4 years

Bhadrika – 5 years

Ulka – 6 years

Siddha – 7 years

Sankata – 8 years

Any Bhogya period of the above dashas occurs for 36 years and after the end of 36 years, this sequence is repeated again i.e. after 8 years of crisis, then Mangala Dasha starts again and then the same sequence continues. The different directions of Ashta-Yogini Dasha can be understood as follows:

Mangala Yogini Dasha

First of all, Yogini Dasha is known as Mangala. Its total duration is 1 year and the ruling planet of this dasha is the Moon. This Dasha is considered to give auspicious results and mainly the person gets blessed with happiness, wealth, good fortune and prosperity in this Dasha.

Pingala Yogini Dasha

After Mangala Yogini Dasha, the next dasha is named Pingala. The ruling planet of this Dasha is Surya Dev and it lasts for 2 years. This dasha is also considered favorable and during this Dasha, a person gets freedom from troubles and gets progress in life along with getting happiness and wealth.

Dhanya Yogini Dasha

This is the third Yogini Dasha, also known as Dhanya and has a duration of 3 years. The ruling lord of this Dasha is Dev Guru Brihaspati. This is considered to be a very auspicious Dasha and during this Dasha period, the person gets all kinds of wealth and grains and the person grows progressively in life.

Bhramari Yogini Dasha

Bhramari Yogini Dasha is the fourth Dasha in the order of Ashta Yogini Dasha. The duration of this Dasha is of total 4 years and its ruling lord is Mangal Dev or Mars. Due to the influence of Mars in this Dasha, a native tends to remain irritated. During this Dasha, there is an excess of anger inside the person and he/she has to face many kinds of troubles. There are chances of loss financially and the person may get confused in this duration.

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Bhadrika Yogini Dasha

Bhadrika is said to be the fifth Yogini dasha. Its duration is 5 years and the lord of this Dasha planet Mercury. In this dasha, a person gets good results from his/her good deeds. The enemies of such a person tend to disappear and the troubles in life begin to end. If there are any problems and obstacles in the life of a person for a long time, then in this condition they get removed.

Ulka yogini dasha

Ulka Yogini Dasha comes sixth in the list of Yogini Dashas. Its total duration is 6 years and the lord of this direction is Shani Dev. This Dasha makes a person work very hard and his/her work also gets delayed very often. Success comes only after hard work and diligence. For this reason, there is more rush and busyness in life and delays in work start and some kind of troubles also have to be faced.

Siddha Yogini Dasha

The seventh dasha in the order of Ashta Yogini Dasha is Siddha Yogini Dasha. Its total duration is 7 years and its ruling lord is Venus. This is considered to be a very auspicious Dasha. In this dasha, the person gets all kinds of material comforts. He gets the benefit of clothes, jewellery, money and food grains. Love and attraction increase in the life of the native. The wealth of a person increases and there are no shortages in life. Overall, the person makes good progress.

Sankata Yogini dasha

The last and eighth dasha in the Ashta Yogini Dasha Chakra is the Sankata Yogini Dasha. Its total duration is 8 years and its owner is Rahu Maharaj or the shadow planet Rahu. This Dasha induces sufferings and is not considered auspicious. In this Dasha, a person has to face difficulties and some problems arrive in his life.

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Some General Rules Related to Vimshottari Dasha

These Dashas provide results according to their nature and position, provide good and bad effects and on the basis of the deeds done in the previous birth of the person, they get auspicious and inauspicious results.

  • The planets show their effects in their Dasha on the basis of their natural and immediate effects, their position in the horoscope, etc.
  • Planets placed in exalted zodiac, planets in self-sign and planets in Mool Trikona zodiac usually give auspicious results.
  • In the horoscope, the position of the planets in the debilitated zodiac, the planets in the enemy zodiac and the planets located in inauspicious houses are considered to provide inauspicious results.
  • The Dasha of planets located in the center of the horoscope and in the triangle house i.e. 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house usually gives auspicious results.
  • The ruling lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth house of the horoscope or the planets forming their relation or the Mahadasha of the planets located in these places usually do not give inauspicious results.
  • If the Mahadasha of an auspicious planet is going on, then the Antardasha of a malefic planet moving in it gives inauspicious results.
  • If the Mahadasha of an inauspicious planet is going on and there is an antardasha of an auspicious planet in it, then its results are mixed.
  • Antardasha of a benefic planet in the Mahadasha of a benefic planet gives very auspicious results whereas in the Mahadasha of an inauspicious planet, Antardasha of an inauspicious planet generally gives results.
  • If an inauspicious planet is a yoga factor for that horoscope, then its Dasha gives auspicious results.

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Dasha Phal According to Different Houses of Horoscope

  • The position of a particular planet for a particular ascendant may be different in every horoscope, so the condition of any planet is assessed on the basis of country, time period, circumstance, planetary position and planetary position. Nevertheless, the general results of the planetary positions according to the house are as follows:
  • The Mahadasha of Lagna means the lord of the Ascendant, provides health benefits. Along with this, the wealth and prestige of the person also increase.
  • In the Mahadasha of the second house, the lord of the second house, the person gains money but has to face physical problems. The person’s spouse also suffers.
  • The Mahadasha of the third house, the lord of the third house, usually denotes events related to siblings and indicates trouble for them. In this Dasha there is a possibility of fighting and quarrel and one has to struggle to get success in life.
  • The Dasha of the fourth house i.e. in the lord of the fourth house increases the wealth and happiness at the same time. A person gets the happiness of property, house, vehicle, house, etc. Aslo, love and affection also increases in his life and family support is also received.
  • In the Dasha of the fifth house, the lord of the fifth house, the person gets respect. Education offers benefits. Child birth remains on the cards. Along with this, there is money gain, but the mother of the person may have physical problems.
  • In the Dasha of the sixth house, the lord of the sixth house, more diseases can take place in a person. The person may have to suffer from enemies and opponents. Unknown fear haunts. There is a possibility of his humiliation and mental stress.
  • There is a possibility of getting married in the Dasha of the seventh house i.e. the lord of the seventh house. Apart from this, there are incidents related to the spouse or troubles to the spouse, business relations, physical problems and contracts.
  • The Dasha of the lord of the eighth house i.e. the eighth house is not very favorable. During this time, there is an increase in suffering in life. There is a possibility of financial loss. The person also gets to know pain. An unknown fear haunts but spiritually this time is very good.
  • The Dasha of the ninth lord, the lord of the ninth house, is the Dasha of fortune. In this, a person gets blessed with incomparable wealth. Honor and respect increases along with fame. The person undertakes pilgrimage. The person gets a chance to travel far and there are chances of getting transferred in job.
  • In the Mahadasha of the tenth house, that is, the lord of the tenth house, there is an increase in the position and prestige of a person. There is great success in the workplace. There are chances of getting abundant money. Its influence increases. His father gets the benefit and the person gets the sum of government benefits.
  • In the Mahadasha of the eleventh house, the lord of the eleventh house, the father is likely to suffer, but the native gets money. He has good relations with many people. The social circle also increases. The person’s fame increases and he/she gains many things in life.
  • In the Dasha of Vyesh i.e. the lord of the twelfth house, one gets to see losses. His/her expenses increase tremendously. If the condition is critical, then she/he also has to face defamation. Opponents may remain active on the frot to hurt you. There are physical pains. A person can travel abroad.

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Planets have great importance in our life and their effect is visible to us in the form of their Dashas. Surya Dev or the Sun is considered to be the factor of soul and the Moon is considered to be the factor of mind. If Mars is the planet that provides strength in life, then Mercury provides intelligence. Gurudev or Jupiter is the factor of life, Shukra Dev is the factor of passion, intimacy and Shani Dev is the factor of age. This is the reason that when it comes to the results of the Mahadashas of the planets, the factors of these planets should also be taken into account and the results should be stated keeping in mind the time and situation of the country.

If any planet is a Yogakaraka in a horoscope, then any planet forms Raj Yoga.If you also want to know that according to the position of the planets in your horoscope, if there is any Raj Yoga in your horoscope, then you can get its success in the condition of the planet that creates that Raj Yoga. You can also easily know from AstroSage’s Raj Yoga report tha Raj Yoga is being formed in your Kundli and what will be its effect.

Because of the influence of this Dasha, the position of the planet itself is the most important. If the planet is exalted, it gives respect to the person. On the other hand, being in an inauspicious position leads to physical problems, mental stress, financial loss and many types of problems. It is necessary to see in which Nakshatra this person was born, in which position the lord of that Nakshatra is from the Dasha lord planet constellation. If he is a close friend or an acquaintance, he gives very good results, but if he is an extreme enemy, he does not shy away from giving bad results.

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