Varah Jayanti Special: Know How to Worship Lord Varah, The Third Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu!

The festival of Varah Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Varah, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as a boar to save the world from evil, and that incarnation is known as ‘Varah Avatar’. The only motive behind the incarnation is to reestablish Dharma and to protect innocent people from the fury of demons. In case you have any specific questions about this day, then ask our astrologers and get answers to your queries. 

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According to the beliefs of the Hindu religion, many events and rituals are performed on the occasion of Varah Jayanti. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu on the second day of Shukla Paksha during the month of Magh. It is believed that those who observe fast and worship whole-heartedly on this day are blessed with good fortunes. This day, worship of all incarnations of Lord Vishnu is performed in some parts of the country. 

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When is Varah Jayanti?

According to Hindu Calendar, Varah Jayanti is celebrated on the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha during the Bhadrapada month. This year, it is going to be celebrated on August 21, Friday.     

Significance of Varah Jayanti

There is a belief among people regarding this day that worshipping Lord Vishnu and his incarnation, Varah, brings money, happiness, good health in their lives. Besides this, Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Varah to remove evil from the world. Therefore, one who worships him on this day is set to be free from all sins and hindrances in life.   

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Rituals for Varah Jayanti

For those who do not know, the festival of Varah Jayanti is widely celebrated in parts of South India. Let us know some rituals followed on this day. 

  • There is a ritual of waking up in the morning.
  • People take a bath after waking up.
  • Clean the temple or place of worship and start observing the rituals. 
  • After this, place the idol of Lord Vishnu or Lord Varah in a sacred utensil.
  • Fill water in the sacred utensil and put coconut and mango leaves.
  • After that, donate all these things to a Brahmin.
  • You can recite mantras while worshipping on this day. The mantras are 
  • oṃ varāhāya namaḥ / ॐ वराहाय नमः”, 
  • oṃ sūkarāya namaḥ / ॐ सूकराय नमः”, 
  • oṃ  dhṛtasūkararūpakeśavāya namaḥ / ॐ  धृतसूकररूपकेशवाय नमः”.
  • Besides this, people also recite the Bhagavad Geeta. 

Besides this, those who worship on Varah Jayanti also help the needy with money and clothes. There is a belief that blessings are offered by Lord Vishnu if the needy are helped. 

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Ancient Katha/Legend Behind Varah Jayanti 

According to the ancient legend associated with Varah Jayanti, it is said that Diti gave birth to two fierce demons named Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksh. Then, the demons started worshipping Lord Brahma to win his favours. Lord Brahma got pleased with their worship and told them that whatever they wished, would be fulfilled.

Lord Brahma fulfilled the wishes of both and walked away. After having been bestowed with wishes, Hiranyaksh became more furious and treacherous. Then, he posed himself as all-powerful and above all while spreading fear among people. He did not stop here only and dashed towards Inderlok and captured it powerfully.

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After this, Hiranyaksha rushed to Vibhavari city, the capital of Varun and started challenging Varun Dev for a battle. Varun Dev got angry upon hearing him but said that he (Hiranyaksha) might be strong and powerful but could not match Lord Vishnu. 

After this, Varun told the monster that if he had to fight, then face Lord Vishnu as Vishnu would defeat him. Hearing this, the monster got furious and left in search of Lord Vishnu. Devarshi Narada told the monster that Lord Vishnu had taken the form of Varaha to remove evil from the world. Then, Hiranyaksha also landed on earth and used filthy words to address Lord Vishnu and tried to put obstacles in his work.

When the words of Hiranyaksha did not affect Lord Vishnu for a long time then he attacked Lord Vishnu with a Mace or Gada and in turn Lord Vishnu snatched the Gadha from his hand and threw it away. Then, there was a fight between the two for a long time and in the end, Hiranyaksh was killed.

It is believed that the day Lord Vishnu appeared to kill Hiranyaksh, was Tritya Thithi of Shukla Paksha during Bhadrapada month. Therefore, this day also began to be celebrated as Varaha Jayanti.

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Famous Indian Temples where Varah Jayanti is Celebrated

The festival of Varah Jayanti is celebrated in several parts of India with great pomp and show. But, there are certain temples where this day is celebrated in a different form and has its own glory. Let us know where they are situated.

  • The oldest and famous Lord Varah’s temple is in Mathura where this festival is celebrated on a grand scale.
  • Besides this, a beautiful view of this day is seen in Bhu Varaha Swamy temple situated in Tirumala. On the day of Varaha Jayanti, the idol of Lord Varah is bathed with coconut water, milk, honey, butter and ghee and worshipped.

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The next festival of the month is Ganesha Chaturthi which is falling on August 22, 2020 i.e. Saturday. Stay associated with AstroSage to know about this day. 


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