Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Gifting this on Valentine Day will strengthen your love!

Valentine’s Day is a popular celebration in the western countries and observed on 14 February every year. On this day, lovers express their love to their loved ones by surprising them with gifts and presents. Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, flowers, etc. are favourite gifts on this day. The day is also celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day in various nations. It was on this day that St. Valentine was executed. To honour his martyrdom, 14th February is celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day.

Importance of Valentine’s Day in India

Valentine’s Day holds immense significance in India as well. It is by this time that spring arrives, and the crops are ready to be harvested. It is a time when buzzing of bees, chirping of birds and the smell of flowers lingering in the soothing breeze makes everyone feel the emotions surfacing up. With a happy heart doused in the mesmerising beauty of nature, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. The cliche that love is in the air holds true in case of Valentine’s Day. Love is a precious feeling. It is an emotion that words cannot describe. Love cannot be defined as it varies from individual to individual. It has many facets like the love of a mother for a child, the love of a sibling, the love of a friend, romantic love between a couple, etc. Whatever the case may be, love is one of the strongest feelings one can ever experience.

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Valentine Week

The Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a 7-day long festivity, also known as Valentine’s week. It begins on 7 February and concludes with Valentine’s Day on 14 February. Given below is the list of the days that constitute Valentine’s week.

  • February 7: Rose Day
  • February 8: Propose Day
  • February 9: Chocolate Day
  • February 10: Teddy Day
  • February 11: Promise Day
  • February 12: Hug Day
  • February 13: Kiss Day
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s week is a time when the feelings of love are predominant. With the celebration of the days mentioned above, different gifts are exchanged between the love couples, which add the spark of love in their life. It is a time when people fall in love or start new relationships while others who are already in love rekindle the spark in their relationship. Valentine’s Day is a time when we can make the required corrections in our love life and enjoy the ecstasy of love.

Best Gift Ideas as per Vastu

It has been observed that the passion found in new love relationships often gets lost in the journey of love. As time passes, people gradually start having differences with their partner. With arguments, different perceptions, etc., people perceive the feeling of love fading away in their lives. Fret not if your relationship is one of them. We present you the Vastu tips which are a sure shot way to fix your relationship.

The high expectations of love partners have been deemed to be one of the most popular reasons which rust the bond with time. Under such circumstances, lovers start getting angry with their partners for no good reason, leading to problems in a relationship. If your partner is one of them, we have the perfect solution. You should gift your partner the Emoji Pillows that are available in the market. The laughing face portrayed in the emoji will help to calm down the anger of your partner. It will help you to bring happiness in your love life. The water element will lead to mutual respect and flexibility in your relationship.

“Time flies” is a saying that stands true for us all. With our busy lives, we often fail to value the love the way it deserves. This leads to depletion of love from the relationships. People often find that they are no longer emotionally invested in the relationship. What used to be love someday becomes a formality to be done. This makes the relationship crumble and should be fixed at once. Gifting your partner a heart-shaped pillow or a photo frame will help you to sail through difficulties. The fire element will help you to rekindle the passion of love and let it flow through your bloodstream.

In many relationships, one partner is dominating to the level the other cannot put up with. It often makes the suppressed partner feel suffocated in the relationship.  Also, this leads to a lack of attraction and passion in the relationship. If you are the one who is facing such a problem, you should gift a wind chime to your partner. It will help you to bring a new start to your relationship, owing to the wind element associated with it.

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All relationships are different. As surprising it may sound, there are some love-hate relationships as well. They lack stability and thus, are composed of alternate phases of extreme love and passion followed by hate and detachment. To strengthen such relationships and bring stability in them, you should gift your partner a square photo frame. The Earth element associated with it will provide a stable foundation to your relationship.

To repair broken relationships, you can gift the 3D crystal Yantra to your partner. This 3D crystal Yantra is one remarkable invention of Vastu Shastra, which helps to repair and mend broken relationships.

You should learn to value what you have in your love relationship. Running away from your problems and chasing new people will do no good to you but focussing on your relationship will. Let the Cupid’s arrow strike you this Valentine’s Day!

AstroSage wishes you a very Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day!

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