Valentine’s Day 2024: Note Significance & Gift Ideas As Per Zodiac Signs!

Valentine’s Day 2024: Valentine’s Day is considered a special day dedicated to love where the love partners use different opportunities to express their feelings. Other than that, it is believed that this is the best day for someone to express love to their partner. 

This special AstroSage blog describes the details related to the importance of Valentine’s Day in Vedic astrology, the history related to this day, and how the astrology strings are related to love. Here you will know about the specific gifts to be given to your partner on Valentine’s Day 2024 and make this event memorable for both. 


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The Start Of Valentine’s Day 

As mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to lovers, and the entire environment is filled with the feeling of love. Discussing the start of this day, Valentine’s Day marks the start of the Roman festival. By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius named 14 February as Valentine’s Day, and since that time, the celebrations are done on the samilar date. For people residing in Rome, a festival known as Lupercalia is celebrated in the period of mid-February, and it is believed that mass weddings are taking place on this day. 

Talking about astrology and Valentine, the vital factors in love and romance are beauty and attractiveness. In Vedic astrology, in the birth chart, Lagna is given great importance. In the horoscope of a person, the seventh house represents the life partner and is also considered the factor of material outcomes of love and romance. As per astrology, the Moon, Venus, and Mars play a critical role in love and romance. 

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While the Moon is considered the factor of mind, and also is the factor of fickleness of mind. Other than that, the planet Mars is a factor of courage, bravery, and energy. In women’s lives, both the planets Moon and Mars play a critical role. Whereas, Venus is considered the factor of beauty and attraction. The conjunction of Mars and Venus creates romance in your lives. The influence of the Moon makes the person romantic in nature. 

The occasion of Valentine’s is not only limited to the lovers. It can be linked to any person whom you love very much. In such a condition, the lord of Lagna and the fifth house are related to the fourth house, then the person’s valentine is their mother. The eleventh house is the house of friendship. The valentine can be a friend if there is a connection between the Lagna house, the fifth house, and the eleventh house. 

In simple words, as per astrology, Valentine’s Day is related to the three planets Mars, Venus, and Moon. As mentioned earlier, Valentine can be any beloved person, not just a lover. In such a situation, individuals can make the day special with special gifts for their partner as per their zodiac sign. Read this blog till the end if you desire to give a gift to your valentine according to the zodiac sign. We are going to provide you with detailed information about it. 

History Of Valentine’s Day 

The history of Valentine’s Day or the origin of the day is linked to Saint Valentine of Rome. It is believed that Roman King Claudius was strictly against love. He believed that if the soldiers fell in love and their minds wandered, then it would weaken the army. To tackle this, he banned the marriage of soldiers. 

On the other end, Saint Valentine was a great preacher of love. In such a situation, he went against the king of the time and helped the marriage of many people. With the arrangement of the marriages of many people, he proved wrong the assertion of King Claudius’s belief, and due to it the King of Rome sentenced Saint Valentine to death. On 14th February, Saint Valentine was hanged and that marked the start of Valentine’s Day. 

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14 February came to be referred to as the day of love in Rome and also throughout the world. If we talk about the creation of Valentine’s Day, then it started from the Roman festival. Valentine’s Day was first started in 946 AD and after that, in the fifth century, Rome’s Pope Gelasius recognized 14 February as Valentine’s Day in Rome and all around the world. 

The readers might be surprised to know that in many cities across Rome, mass marriages are organized on 14 February till date. 

Vedic Astrology And Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is considered a symbol of the giver of love, Kamadeva. As per Roman mythology, Kamadeva is considered the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. It is represented by the Kamadeva’s bow that pierces the heart and casts the love spells. This is the right reason for celebrating the festival of love with full joy and enthusiasm. 

Gift Ideas As Per Zodiac Signs For The Valentine’s Day 

Let us move forward and know about the gifts to be presented to your partner on Valentine’s Day to make the occasion special for both. Here we are providing relevant information related to gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day:

Aries: The Aries natives love sky-diving and long road trips. Such type gifts for the lover will make Valentine’s Day special and memorable. 

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Taurus: Gifts like spa vouchers will be immensely liked by Taurus natives. Thus the partners can enjoy it in private, or exchange an old item or material with a new one. Your partner prefers newness and thus they will definitely like such types of gifts. 

Gemini: The Gemini natives like interesting and fun things. On this Valentine’s Day 2024, gift items like a puzzle that will exercise their brain or a travel journal will also interest them. 

Cancer: The Cancer zodiacs like lovely things and in such a situation, the love partners can gift a cushion or cute soft toy or something similar to it. Such kind of gifts on this Valentine’s Day will make the day special for both. 

Leo: The Leo natives have amazing energy to take part in desired activities. In such conditions, you can choose a festival ticket or a good music concert ticket as a gift for Valentine’s Day. 

Virgo: The Virgo natives are perfectionist in nature. For Valentine’s Day 2024, you can select a hand journal or a cute Disney calendar. 

Libra: The Libra natives like classy things and for Valentine’s Day 2024, one can gift them classy statement jewelry or a nice dress. These gifts will be very much preferred by the Libra people. 

Scorpio: The Scorpio natives have unique and special tastes or interests. In such conditions, the lovers can gift their partner handmade soaps, essential oils, and more. 

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius native likes to travel a lot and thus one can make them happy by taking them to a museum or planning a small trip for them. 

Capricorn: The Cancer natives like to live and eat in a quiet place as they have a similar nature. In such conditions, you can plan for dinner at a nice location with your close friends and lover on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2024. 

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Aquarius: The Aquarius natives have a practical nature and handle different situations in life with a practical approach. You can give them gadgets as a Valentine’s Day 2024 gift. This will keep them entertained and ease out different tasks. If you desire, then gifting an iPad will make Valentine’s Day 2024 very special. 

Pisces: The Pisces natives have an emotional nature and they find good moments in different things. In such a situation, the love partner can give them a picture of a beautiful memory or a trip to create new & beautiful memories. 

Valentine’s Day Special Horoscope

Finally, let us discuss Valentine’s Day special horoscopes. We will get to know the horoscope predictions on this day for all the 12 zodiac signs. 


On this Valentine’s Day 2024, the Aries natives may appear emotional as the Moon, the factor of mind, will be situated in the first i.e. the Lagna house. On the emotional level, the natives will feel connected with their partner at an emotional level. In the relationship, romance is going to be a priority for the natives. They can be witnessed spending sentimental and emotional moments with their partners. 

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On This Valentine’s Day 2024, Moon, the lord of the third house, will be placed in the twelfth house for the Taurus natives. The positioning of the Moon looks very favorable for the natives and in such a situation, they can travel for long-distance journeys and visit a distant country for holiday in this period. This holiday will provide the opportunity for natives to spend quality time with their partners in the form of a romantic getaway. 

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On this Valentine’s Day 2024, Moon is the lord of the second house and will be placed in the eleventh house of the Gemini natives. This positioning creates very beautiful financial conditions for the natives. In such a situation, you will have a strong financial condition in this period and will feel very generous. Thus, you won’t hesitate to spend freely on your partner. There are chances of Gemini people taking their partner on a romantic date or grand event. 

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On this Valentine’s Day 2024, Moon the lord of the first house, will be placed in the tenth house of the Cancer natives. The presence of Moon in the tenth house will introduce the natives to a special person at the workplace and there are real chances of starting a relationship with that person. There is the possibility of liking someone at the workplace and they can talk with you on Valentine’s Day. 

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On this Valentine’s Day 2024, Moon is the lord of the twelfth house and will be placed in the ninth house of Leo natives. There are strong chances of traveling abroad in this period. If you have plans to travel on international trips with your partner for a long time, then it can be fulfilled this Valentine’s Day 2024. The Leo natives can take full advantage of this day. 

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The Virgo natives have a perfectionist nature and they will be in the mood to have some fun time this Valentine’s Day 2024. You won’t be seriously committed to someone in the relationship, but will be surrounded by friends and will like to spend quality time with them. The Virgo natives will enjoy a memorable evening and there are chances to go to a concert. Overall, this Valentine’s Day 2024 will prove special for the Virgo people. 

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, the Moon will be present in the seventh house of the Libra natives. From the Moon’s point of view, this is considered a good place because it will ensure the affection of Libra people towards their partners. If you haven’t tried this yet, then contact your favorite person because it will be a favorable period for such actions. There are chances of getting the answer yes from the partner. 

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, Moon is the lord of the destiny of the Scorpio natives. Luck will favor the Scorpio people and they will consider taking the love partner for a luxurious dinner date. You will be filled with love and warm feelings in this period. 

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, the Moon will be located in the fifth house of love of the Sagittarius natives. For the budding love partners, it will be an ideal period and they will have the support of luck in the love relationships. The natives will be enjoying some special moments in this period with their love partners. 

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, the Moon will be located in the fourth house of Capricorn natives. It indicates that the natives get quality time with their families and will buy luxury items with them. Some of your loved ones or family members might come to visit you. 

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The Moon won’t be a beneficial planet for the Aquarius natives and thus there are chances of flights with your love partner in this period. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, the natives are advised to stay patient and choose the correct words in a thorough way. 

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On Valentine’s Day 2024, the Pisces natives will be filled with love. They will be able to express their feelings to their partner and will make the day memorable for both. On this day, there are chances of getting married. The Pisces natives will have luck on their side and will be able to spend quality time with their partners. 

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