Make Your Valentine’s Day Special With Numerology Horoscope!

This Valentine’s Day, read the Numerology horoscope and find out what numbers have in store for your love life!! 

Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February every year is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated days for millenials. The perfect combination of Spring and February has amazing climate conditions to offer. The spine chilling winters and the dreadful summer days, all of them are not a part of February. What comes forward is a pleasant weather where love and affection is all over the air. Not only for us humans, but the Spring season is also quite dear to Kamdev, the Lord of love and sensuality. No wonder, love rules the month of February, the month dedicated to romance and passion.

As it has been mentioned, Valentine’s Day happens to be one of the most important days for the youth. Most of the millenials are seen expressing their love and emotions to their loved ones. Some also find it a favourable day to offer loe proposals to their prospective lovers. Meanwhile, those who are already in a relationship exchange gifts, feelings and take their bond to a whole new level on this day. 

Love and Romance Report


On this note, let us now talk about a special horoscope for Valentine’s Day 2020, which is exclusively designed on the basis of Numerology. With this Numerology Horoscope, you can calculate how the day of love will turn out for you. Along with this, you will also get notified about the things to be taken care of and some special tips to make you Valentine’s Day a grand event. Keeping all these things in mind, you can make your special day even better and increase the amount of love in your life. However, it is always said that it is necessary to behave decently, because it defines the characteristic development of a person.

Moving on further, let us now take a look at the specialized love predictions which are based on numerology, for Valentine’s Day 2020. 

                  Make your Love Life Better with Love and Romance Report!! 

Root Number 1 

Valentine’s Day will be somewhat extraordinary for those natives, who are born under root number 1. Your love will be granted the necessary respect and recognition on this day. That being said, you will be successful in introducing your love and your lover to your near and dear ones. You may also take part in a religious activity and also get involved in charity which will be much appreciated by your partner. Apart from this, you can also present a special gift to your beloved, which reflects your love and affection for him/her. Specifically speaking, you can gift a red coloured item which will further strengthen your relationship.Adding to this, you should also try to leave behind the egoistic traits present in your character and try to initiate conversations with your partner in a normal and ordinary manner. If you move ahead with mutual understanding and affection, both of you will remain happy in the relationship.

Root Number 2 

For the ones who are born under the radical number 2, this day will remain quite balanced. On one hand you will try your level best to conceal your emotions, while on the other, some attempts will be seen on your part to express them at the same time. Overall speaking, it can be said that you will try to move forward in a very cautious manner and it only will bring positive changes to your relationship. However, you should not forget to be open about everything to your partner. Share the deepest emotions of your heart with your partner as it is the need of the hour. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, your love will set new boundaries if you gift any Silver jewellery items to your beloved. This will also increase your value in the eyes of your partner. White coloured clothes should be worn, but keep in mind the clothes should be ordinarily white and not extra glittery. You will talk to your partner in a very calm and composed manner, which will create guaranteed prospects for you to impress your partner in a substantial manner. 

Root Number 3 

For the ones born under the radical number 3, Valentine’s Day can bring certain tests for your love life. You should convey this message to your partner that your love for him/ her is true and also that your relationship is not just another passing affair. If there are any doubts prevailing in your beloved’s mind with regards to your relationship, then you should be the one taking initiatives to eliminate them. Try to solve the problems before time runs out of your hands. If you have been in a long term relationship, then this day is also quite favourable to offer a marriage proposal to your partner. Chances are that you will be reciprocated positively. Do not forget to wear a yellow thread or yellow coloured clothes on this day. You can also gift yellow coloured flowers and items to your partner, as it will strengthen your relationship and also increase the intimacy between the two of you.

Root Number 4 

Love and Romance Report


Those natives who are born under the root number 4 always thrive to stand out in the crowd and do something better than the rest. Hence, you will also be seen celebrating your Valentine’s day in a peculiar way. If you express your love on an open platform on this day, then success will definitely be yours. But keep in mind to check if there are any current romantic affiliations of your would be partner, otherwise situations can worsen to a great extent. You will break all the necessary boundaries in love and purchase an expensive gift for your beloved. You should give a blue colored item or apparel to him/her. Peacock feathers would be an extraordinary and auspicious gift. Apart from this, you can also purchase a gadget for your soulmate. 

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Root Number 5 

Folks who are born under the radical number 5 will come across a fabulous time this Valentine’s Day. The day, which means the 14th of February establishes great sync with your root number because of which you will be granted success in your love endeavours. You can either propose to your intended or express your deepest emotions in front of him/her. You will also remain quite expressive and anticipate “yes” for an answer very eagerly. Keep in mind that your silence will not do any wonders, which is why you will be left behind with the ultimatum of being expressive. If you are already in a relationship, it is still the need of the hour to be vocal about your emotions. You can pen down a special message for him/her and send it across various social media platforms, because of which your beloved’s happiness will know no bounds. You can also gift a special card as it is the perfect way to express your emotions and thoughts. 

Root Number 6 

Natives who are born under root number 6 will come across an exceptional time on Valentine’s Day. Your day will be filled with romance and affection. You will also be seen penning down some love poems for your beloved and your partner will definitely remain impressed with your little tactics. You will be successful in love and beloved will be entitled to remain entirely happy with you. You can visit a good restaurant and enjoy some scrumptious delicacies with your partner. A special movie date and some quality time with your partner will do wonders for your relationship and bring improvements to it consequently. You should wear a glittery or pink coloured attire on this day. If you wish to, you can gift a good dress or an expensive gadget to your partner.

Root Number 7  

For the ones born under the radical number 7, Valentine’s Day will remain somewhat confusing and indecisive. Some family emergencies may stop you from meeting your beloved, which is why you should hatch your plans in a calculative manner. It is quite possible that you may have to visit a temple on this day. If that is the case, then do not forget to collect an oblation from the temple for your beloved. This will not only ensure his or her peace of mind, but also happiness. It’s better if you wear saffron coloured clothes on Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship with someone, then this is the best day to introduce your lover to your family members. Also keep in mind not to make any comments about your beloved’s family on this day, as a trivial thing can infuriate him/her. Your simplicity will be much appreciated by your partner, which is why you should stick to your values if you intend to impress your partner. 

Root Number 8

Folks who are born under the Root Number 8 will do things the retro way this Valentine’s Day. But, it will guarantee success and prosperity for your love life. You will definitely get positive reciprocation, if you propose to your partner on this day. This will be specifically beneficial for those people who wish to express their romantic feelings to a dear friend. With great patience and calmness, you will thrive to make this day a successful one. It would be better for you if you plan a surprise for your beloved. An addition to the list of surprises will also be much appreciated by your partner. You can wear a black dress on this day. Gift a beautiful collage which is a clear reflection of your memories. This will keep your beloved elated. Consequently, he or she will be able to understand you in a better manner.

Root Number 9

If we talk about the folks who are born under the last root number i.e. 9, then you will remain excited and patient at the same time on this day. But, this balance will from the very base of your character on this day. You will not make many attempts to impress your partner on this day as he/she will be the one trying to charm you this Valentine’s Day. You can also gift a religious symbol to him/her and it will be a much appreciated move. If you are an avid lover of spicy food, then you can go out on a dinner date. You should wear red and yellow coloured clothes on this day and gifting them a special book or travel coupon will make them happy.


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