14 February Special : These Zodiac Signs Can Find Their True Love on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, which arrives on 14 February is celebrated differently and with an iota of sparkles and emotions in different countries. The day holds special significance not only in the Western countries but the eastern countries have their own distinct style of celebrating V- Day.

Traditionally, to celebrate this festival, love letters are exchanged in the name of ‘Valentine’s Day’, along with lovers expressing their feelings by giving gifts symbolising their love like hearts, flowers etc. On this occasion, Acharya Dr. Sunil Barmola reveals which signs can get lucky this Valentine’s Day.

An Astrological Take on Your Love Life

The United States had officially declared a holiday on this day in the 19th century. According to the Indian astrology, the fifth house in one’s birth chart is considered to be the house of love. If the ruling lord of this house is an auspicious planet, then the person will get to meet the love of his/her life. If the lord of the fifth and seventh house is in conjunction, then this situation also creates a positive aura for one’s love life and the person attains his/her love.

Apart from this, if the aspection of Venus is covering the fifth or Venus is aspecting the Moon, then love secretly rises to its destination and manifests itself in the society as a life partner.

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The Crucial Significators of Love 

According to astrology, Venus and Mercury are considered to be the benefactors of love. At the same time, Guru or Jupiter works to convert love into marriage in a horoscope. If the position of these planets is not very favorable, then success can be found in love life after taking some measures. 

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Mercury : The Significator of Love

In the realm of astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be the benefactor of love. When Mercury is related to the lagna or the ascendant, fifth, seventh and eleventh house in the horoscope, the person is of a loving nature. According to astrology, the fifth house is the house of love and the seventh house is the house of marriage. When the fifth house is related to the seventh house, then two lovers can take their relationship to a new level and tie the knot. Even if the fifth house’s relationship with the ninth house is auspicious, two lovers can become partners and come into contact with conjugal bliss.

So let us now take a look at the horoscope for Valentine’s Day and find out how various zodiac signs’ love life will turn out to be! 

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This Valentine’s Day, the Following Zodiac’s Will Find Their True Love! 

  • Aries – This Valentine’s Day will bring mixed results for natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aries. Some people of this zodiac can propose to someone in their workplace or can even get a love proposal. At the same time, people who are already in a love relationship can plan to hang out with their lovemate.
  • Taurus – Folks of this zodiac are likely to get the love they want, but they may try to know the intent of the person by proposing. Hasty decisions should not be taken in matters of love.
  • Gemini – For those belonging to this zodiac sign, February 14 means that Valentine’s Day is going to be very special. People of this zodiac, who have been doing everything possible to get their love for the past several months, can get the biggest and precious surprise on this Valentine’s Day. People of this zodiac sign are very likely to receive their true love.
  • Cancer – This Valentine’s Day can be good for people of this sign. If you love someone, then this Valentine’s day can also offer them the gift of marriage. It can strengthen the bond between lovers by erasing the misunderstandings.
  • Leo – Leo natives need to be careful about matters related to love. Express your feelings wisely and give time to your loved ones on this day. If you haven’t met your lovemate in a long time, this is a good time to meet.
  • Virgo– Virgo natives are very likely to get back their lost love this Valentine’s Day. February 14 is going to be a very special day for the Virgo zodiac sign. On this day. you can get a big gift of your life. You can also propose someone. And your offer of love can be accepted by your partner.
  • Libra – February 14 is going to be full of love for the people of Libra zodiac sign. That is, Valentine’s Day is going to be special for love and romance for these people. You can also meet an old friend on this day. On this day, your partner can give you a big surprise gift.
  • Scorpio– Using this creativity of your zodiac sign, you can make your lovemate happy on Valentine’s Day. This day will also be better than usual for the love proposal for the people of this zodiac.
  • Sagittarius – The natives of this zodiac sign can win the heart of their partners on Valentine’s Day. People who are in love with someone can offer love proposals and there are chances of getting positive reciprocation.
  • Capricorn – The planet Mercury, which is considered to be a symbol of love and sweetness, changed zodiac signs, due to which the day of February 14 will be special for the people of this zodiac. Their luck will support them and there is also a possibility of finding true love.
  • Aquarius– Natives of Aquarius should give a good gift to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. People who are going to propose someone should not do this work in a hurry. The position of Mercury in your tenth house can cause a slight delay in matters of love.
  • Pisces – For those of this zodiac, this valentine is very likely to prove to be good, you can propose someone, while some people can also get a proposal. Positivity will remain a part of your love life.

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