Valentine Special: Numerology will bring Wonders for your Love Life!

The springtime is associated with the fresh blushes and blooming flowers. The fragrance of love and romance is in the air. The month of February is truly dedicated to this beautiful journey of love. The month starts with the freshness of flowers as the Rose day is celebrated and the complete week is full of celebrations be it with sweetness of chocolates or the softness of teddies. The mid of the month is the big day of expressing love and pouring out your feelings known as Valentine day throughout the globe.

The passionate red color is closely connected to this special day and is seen in all the decorations be it flowers, balloons or candles. The spark of love is witnessed in the eyes of lovers and their special attire which is generally the tints and shades of red. Like the colors, numbers also have energy and power to bring magic. Lets see which root numbers will dwell in the ocean of love this Valentine of 2022 :     

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Root Number 1 

Those who belong to the root number 1 may not have the best Valentine Day. Your professional commitments will keep you packed up. This may bring some irritability and pressure in your mind due to which you will not get enough time to plan out your special day. Furthermore, you may not get all the support and understanding from your partner, which may cause some fights and arguments. You will try your best to make up by the end of the day.

Special Color : You should wear the color of peace i.e. white in order to avoid any kind of heated up discussion.

Special Gift : The perfect gift for you will be a bouquet of fresh roses to convince your beloved.

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Root Number 2 

Those who belong to root number 2 can expect some freshness in their relationships. If you have been going through some stress or tensions then take heart, your partner will step up to spend that perfect day with you. You will have that day of reunion and revival of your relationship during this valentine. If your relationship was running smooth then expect more love and coziness as you spend a wonderful evening together sinked in love. 

Special Color : Wearing pink will enhance the beauty of love around you.

Special Gift : A customized cup to drink the spirit of love together will unify your souls.

Root Number 3 

Those belong to root number 3 may have a confusing day. You will try to gain the confidence and understanding of your beloved by listening to them wholeheartedly. You may face some conflicts due to the difference of opinions with your partner while planning the celebrations. However, this year you will have to surrender to the will and wishes of your dear one in order to enjoy this day of love to the fullest. Therefore you are advised to trust your partner and follow their plans perfectly.

Special Color : Embracing yourself in hues of red will bring the perfect power of love.

Special Gift : A piece of silver will be the most exclusive gift of all for you this year.

Root Number 4 

Those who belong to root number 4 will have a wonderful day. You will be surprised by your beloved with a number or gifts. The showers of love and romance will pour on you throughout the day. You may plan to go out to a distinctive location to spend some time in isolation. The romance and intimacy in your bond will be at its beak. You will feel yourself to be on cloud nine this valentine.

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Special Color : Any color will stand out to your energy and vibrations, you can opt for some beiges and browns to keep it subtle.

Special Gift : Gifting something that is dear to you will be the best gift for your beloved.  

Root Number 5 

Those who belong to root number 5 will have a balanced day. You will be able to draw out time to share those special moments with your beloved despite your work commitments. You will plan out your day thoroughly with your partner. You will prefer having a close association with friends and your beloved. Also you will take initiative to introduce your dear one to your friends if you have not done it already.

Special Color: The green color of ground will correspond to your energy and bring harmony in your love 

Special Gift : An electronic device/gadget i.e. cell phone,alexa etc will be great to keep you connected to your beloved.

Root Number 6 

Those who belong to root number 6 will have the most beautiful day. You will get surprises from the morning till the end of the day. You will feel that the day of love never ends for you, since you will be thrilled to that extent.The singles have bright chances to get committed during this Valentine. Those who are in a relationship will plan to take a step further in their relationship. The love and passion will be at its peak and you will share some warm moments with your beloved.

Special Color: Nothing but the color of love will match your passion and expand the energy of romance for you

Special Gift: A couple picture will or collage of your memories will be the perfect gift for this valentine.

Root Number 7  

Those who belong to root number 7 will have a moderate day. You will be in a reflectionary mode and will not expect much from your partner. You will have a comfortable day and may go out in the evening for a casual lunch or dinner. You will miss the romantic instincts and intimacy in your relationship. You are advised to pep yourself up and participate in your partner’s valentine day goals else they will be upset with your attitude and response.

Special Color: Wearing saffron will energize you and your spirit.

Special Gift: Gifting a red attire to your beloved will enhance the love in your relationship.

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Root Number 8

Those who belong to root number 8 will have a cheerful day. This will begin to fall in your court at the beginning of the day. Your dear one will plan surprises for you, which will be out of your expectation. The singles have possibilities of finding their perfect date as they will impress their crush with their soberness and patience. You are advised to be more expressive and responsive towards your partner’s gestures as that will enhance your day and love in your relationship.

Special Color: Wearing pastel colors will perfectly sync with your calmness and enhance your personality, which will please your dear one.

Special Gift: Gifting an exclusive watch will be a good choice as your relationship will enhance with the passage of time.

Root Number 9

Those who belong to root number 9 will have a passionate day. You will do every possible thing to pamper your partner and spend memorable moments with them. You may plan a big surprise for your beloved and they will be thrilled to witness your gestures. You will party hard with your partner and may go out on a short trip. The intimacy and romance in your relationship will increase.

Special Color: Wearing yellow will be the perfect balance of adventure and passiotion for you.

Special Gift: A room full of decorations, chocolates and small gifts will be a bang on surprise and will be appreciated by your beloved. 

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