Vajra Yoga On 29 May: These Zodiacs Will Be Blessed With Courage!

Vajra Yoga 2023: There are a total of 27 different Yogas based on the 27 nakshatras propounded in Vedic Astrology. The astrological combinations help to decipher different auspicious or inauspicious mahurats. These Yogas are mathematically calculated by adding the longitudes of the Moon and the Sun and dividing the sum by 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

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Vajra means an indestructible force that is impenetrable and tough on the surface. Vajra yoga is the 15th yoga out of all the 27 yogas. Varuna is the element of this yoga and Moon or Chandra is the ruling planet. Vajra yoga reflects the firmness of spirit and spiritual power. The individuals born during this yoga mostly enjoy an abundance of wealth and a strong social reputation. They are great warriors and administrators. Also, they are exceptionally resourceful and articulate. This yoga forms on the 29th of May, 2023 and will last up to 21:00 hrs.

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Vajra Yoga: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Blessed

`Leo: The Leo natives are ruled by the mighty Sun and will definitely feel powerful, as aligned to their basic nature. Leos will be determined and extremely focused on their work. They will be able to complete all their tasks diligently and with dexterity. Their reputation at work will rise manifolds.

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Libra: Libra natives may experience money or wealth coming their way on this day. If you’re a business owner you may get higher returns during this yoga or you could make a transition from a regular job to starting your own business during this yoga. You may receive unexpected money and have financial gains in one way or the other. Starting any new assignment or project on this day would be fruitful. You will find the inner strength and walk on the path of your calling. 

Scorpio: Scorpio natives will gain wealth and any auspicious work started during this yoga will help them achieve huge financial gains. If you’re a business owner, starting a new project or signing a new deal would take your business a long way. Your reputation in the society and your financial status will rise for sure.

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Aquarius: You may walk the spiritual path during this yoga Aquarius or may finally find an awakening of sorts where you may want to walk the spiritual path in the future. You will also be able to find new opportunities at work or a new job if you’re looking for one and may be able to achieve your desired financial goals for this year. 

Vajra Yoga: Suitable Remedies

  • Chant the Vishnu Sahastra Stotram
  • Chant the Mahamrityunjaya Jaap
  • Worship the Moon and serve kheer to the poor 
  • Respect your mother and seek her blessings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Vajra Yoga signify?

This yoga signifies that you will be courageous, strong, helpful and caring all at once.

Q. Which element is associated with Vajra Yoga

Varuna or Air

Q. Is Vajra Yoga auspicious? 

The first 3 Ghatis are not very auspicious but may give you mixed results. The 4th Ghati is extremely auspicious

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