Vaidhavya Yoga Forms In Women’s Horoscope Under These Circumstances, Must Be Careful!

In Astrology, the birth horoscope of a native narrates the entire life of that individual. For this, an astrologer required certain information related to the birth of that native, like, birth name, birth date, birth timing, birth place, etc. Also, it is important to identify if the chart is of a male or a female. This is because it is believed that some planets, despite being similar in the charts, give different outcomes to a man and woman.

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It is also seen in many situations that an astrologer can provide accurate information about a wife by studying the husband’s chart, and vice-versa. So, without any delay, let’s find out about the rules that clarify the impact of certain planets in their horoscope of a female.

Female’s Horoscope Reveals About Her Husband

  • If the Ascendant is of variable zodiac in the horoscope of the woman, then after marriage, the husband of that woman will always travel abroad or her husband will be living in a foreign country.
  • If there is the presence of Saturn in the seventh house in the birth chart of a woman and it is also aspected by any other malefic planet, then there are many obstacles or delay in the marriage of such women.
  • If in a woman’s horoscope, equal planet Mercury and malefic planet Saturn are present together in the seventh house of the horoscope, then this condition makes her husband incapable of producing children.

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  • Also, if Saturn is present in the eighth house of a woman’s horoscope, this situation will prove to be inauspicious for her husband.
  • Apart from this, if there is Mercury and Venus in the ascendant of a woman’s horoscope, then she gets a very loving husband.
  • Whereas if there is an inauspicious planet in the seventh house of the horoscope, the woman gets a husband with a cruel, poor and cunning personality.
  • If there is an auspicious planet in the seventh house of a woman’s horoscope, then her husband is beautiful, prudent, and has a higher education.
  • Besides this, the presence of Saturn and Sun in the seventh house of the horoscope indicates that the woman’s husband may leave her due to some reason.

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Vaidhavya Yoga (Widow Yoga) In The Horoscope

  • If there is red planet Mars in the seventh house of a woman’s birth chart and it is aspected by any other malefic planet, then Vaidhavya Yoga is formed in that woman’s horoscope.
  • If there is a malefic planet in the Ascendant and the seventh house, then the death of the woman’s husband is possible only after seven years of marriage.
  • Apart from this, if the seventh house lord of the horoscope is in the eighth house and the eighth house lord is in the seventh house, then in this situation also the husband of the woman may die within a few months of marriage.

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  • On the other hand, in the eighth house of the horoscope, if a malefic planet is present in the enemy sign and the Mahadasha of that planet is also going on, then in this situation too, this yoga is formed in the horoscope.
  • If an inauspicious planet is in its debilitated sign or enemy is in the second, seventh, or eighth house in a woman’s horoscope, then Mrityu (death) Yoga is formed for her husband.
  • Along with this, if there is Sun in the eighth house in the horoscope of the woman, then this Yoga shows the untimely death of the husband.

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