Utpanna Ekadashi ‘22: Know Why This Ekadashi Is Special- Note Rules, Remedies & More!

Among all the fasts observed according to the belief of the Hindu Religion, the Ekadashi fast is the most important one. By observing the regular fast of Ekadashi, your mind stays still and its instability is ended. You get healthy and wealthy as well. Among all other important fasts, the Utpanna Ekadashi fast has a special importance. The Utpanna Ekadashi fast is observed to attain the health of children and emancipation. If you are facing any issues related to your mental health, then it can be eliminated by doing this fast. 

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This fast is observed in the auspicious month of Margashirsha on Krishna Paksha. It is believed that the fast of Utpanna Ekadashi is even more beneficial than bathing in pilgrims and doing charity there. On this day worshiping Lord Vishnu has a special significance. Through this specific blog by AstrSage, we will get to know all the things related to Utpanna Ekadashi fast. 

Utpanna Ekadashi 2022: Date & Auspicious Time

Every year the Utpanna Ekadashi comes in the month of Margashirsha on Krishna Paksha. This Ekadashi is known as Lord Vishnu’s day and in the year 2022, it will come on Sunday. This Ekadashi will be celebrated on the 20th of November. 

  • Starting date of Utpanna Ekadashi: 19th November at 10:32am. 
  • Ending date of Utpanna Ekadashi: 20th November at 10:44am. 
  • Utpanna Ekadashi Parana Muhurta: 21st November 2022 from 06:48 am till 08:55 am.
  • Duration: 2 hours 7 minutes.

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Importance Of Utpanna Ekadashi 2022

By doing fast on this day you receive endless blessings from God Vishnu. By giving charity during this fast you will receive the blessings in return, and the wishes are going to be with you even after this birth. Also, by doing Ekadashi fast, peace and prosperity always remain with you and you also get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. According to the Puranas, it is believed that out of Lord Krishna’s several powers, came a Goddess known as Ekadashi and she killed the Mur demon. That is why this Ekadashi is known by the name of Utpanna Ekadashi. This fast is also done to obtain good health, a child, and emancipation. On this day, after doing worship, hymns of Lord Vishnu are recited. 

Utpanna Ekadashi 2022: Rules Of Fast

  • There are two types by which you can perform this fast, without having water and eating only fruits. Only healthy people should keep the no water fast and other people can perform the fruit-eating fast. 
  • The fast commences from the night of Dashmi. Do not eat anything at night and observe celibacy.
  • On the day of Ekadashi, you should take the resolution to observe the fast, first thing in the morning.
  • After completing all your work in the morning, take a bath after that.
  • Worship God and then listen to the religious stories related to the fast. 
  • On this fast offer only fruits to the Lord Vishnu.
  • Perform your worship at night. 
  • If you have committed a mistake intentionally or accidentally then ask for forgiveness from Lord Vishnu.
  • On the morning of Dwadashi, offer food to a brahmin or to a needy person and after giving proper charity you should then break your fast. 

Do These Remedies On The Day Of Utpanna Ekadashi

  • If you want to avoid and keep away any health related problems then on this day you should take a bath with the soil taken from the roots of Tulsi. Mix a little bit of it with water and then take another bath with normal water. After doing this, wear clean clothes. 
  • If you want progress in business, then on the day of Utpanna Ekadashi offer 5 Gunja fruits and then do your worship. After offering your prayers, put those Gunja fruits either in your vault, safe, or wherever you keep your money.
  • To maintain peace and joy in your home then on this day place Dakshinvarti conch in your home temple and worship using Roli, incense sticks and lamps. 
  • If you want to have your salary increased then on this day after taking a bath, do worship of Lord Vishnu. Recite the mentioned mantra 108 times; ū~ goviṃdāya namaḥ.
  • If you want a happy married life then after taking a bath, worship Lord Vishnu and Tulsi Ji with proper rituals. After doing the prayers, offer sweets containing saffron. 

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The Mythology Associated With Utpanna Ekadashi

The story of the Goddess Ekadashi was told by Lord Krishna to Yudhisthira. According to the ancient tale, there was a demon in Satyug by the name of Mur, and he was very strong. He defeated the other powerful gods like Indra, Aditya, Vasu, Vaayu, Agni etc. After their defeat, the gods went to Lord Shiva and told him about this demon. Lord Shiva then told the gods to go to Lord Vishnu, because he is the Lord of the three worlds and savior of the saints; he will eradicate your miseries. After listening to Lord Shiva, all the gods went to Lord Vishnu and told him about their sufferings. The gods said to Lord Vishnu that the demons have kicked us out of the realm of heaven and that please protect us from that demon, Mur. 

After listening to Lord Indra, Lord Vishnu told the gods to go to Chandravati Nagri. During that time the demon Mur with his army was challenging the gods to the battle. After that, Lord Vishnu came into the battle and fought the demon Mur. This battle went on for 10 thousand years, and the demon Mur was not yet defeated. Lord Vishnu left the battle and went to Badrikashram. There was a beautiful cave there named Hemvati and Lord Vishnu went inside to rest for sometime. This cave was 153.6 km (12 Yojan, one yojan is equal to 12.8 km or 8 miles) long, and only had a single entrance. Lord Vishnu fell asleep while resting there.

The demon Mur followed Lord Vishnu, and once he found him resting there, he planned to attack him so that he could kill him. Suddenly, from the body of Lord Vishnu, a Goddess with splendor and radiance appeared. The Goddess challenged the demon Mur, fought with him and then finally killed him. When Lord Vishnu woke up, and after understanding everything, told the Goddess that you were born on the day of Ekadashi. So you will be worshiped by the name of Utpanna Ekadashi, and my worshipers will be your worshipers. 

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