17 Dec Is Special: 2 Two Auspicious Yogas Will Form On This Day!

Astrology says that there are around 27 Yogas that are formed on the basis of different dates, Nakshatras, etc., and the Yogas formed in your horoscope are based on many factors. It is pretty obvious that every Yoga has different impacts on each zodiac sign, and this blog by AstroSage will discuss two specific auspicious Yogas which will prove to be very auspicious for every individual. As the year 2022 is nearing its end, two most auspicious Yogas are going to be formed on December 17th. So without any further ado, let us start talking about these Yogas and their significance in our lives.

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People Born In The Ayushman and Saubhagya Yogas

Natives who were born in the Ayushman Yoga and Saubhagya Yoga in their horoscopes are destined to stay happy throughout their lives. They are more inclined towards art forms like music and poetry. They never face financial issues in their lives and always have enough money to stay financially stable for life. Along with this, these individuals are physically fit and strong. They are also easily able to defeat their enemies or competitors.

Additionally, people born under these Yogas are born with luck in their pockets. Their art is always appreciated by others and is always attractive to others.

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Date And Time Of These Two Yogas

Ayushman Yoga

The Ayushman Yoga will be formed on the Navmi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha, that is, on 17th December, 2022.

Time: 7:32 pm

Saubhagya Yoga

This Yoga will be formed on the same day as the Ayushman Yoga, that is, on Saturday, December 17th, 2022.

Time: The next morning at 6:46 am

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Astrological Facts Related to Ayushman Yoga

People born in Ayushman Yoga are considered to be very lucky. Taking the literal meaning of the word ‘Ayushman’, Yoga creates auspicious and beneficial effects on the person’s horoscope and grants them a long and happy life. They enjoy every pleasure of the world and never have to worry about money!

  • Those born in the Ayushman Yoga live an easy and comfortable life.
  • According to learned astrologers, natives born in this Yoga face only minor challenges in life. However, they could face problems with their life partners.
  • Such people always have a good intention towards others.
  • Enemies of these people can never harm them, no matter how hard they try.
  • The Moon is the lord of the people born in this Yoga.
  • The people born under this Yoga are fond of traveling and are in search of sources of income.

Facts About The Saubhagya Yoga

  • By the literal meaning of its name, the people born in the Saubhagya Yoga have fortune and prosperity brought into their lives.
  • The natives born in this Yoga are the masters of many talents.
  • They are very fond of perfume, are lucky, and talkative in nature.
  • This Yoga is calculated on the basis of the position of the Moon and the Sun in the Ashwini Nakshatra.
  • Lord Brahma is the lord of this Yoga.

Getting Married In The Saubhagya Yoga Is The Best

We have discussed Saubhagya Yoga in detail. This Yoga is also called the Mangal Dayak Yoga. Getting married in this Yoga is considered to be very auspicious and beneficial to the couple. As we have discussed above, Saubhagya Yoga is very auspicious. That’s why marriage done in this Yoga is considered very auspicious.

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