Turkey Earthquakes 2023: An Astrological Analysis!

Turkey Earthquake 2023: The Republic of Turkey, a country synonymous with beaches, bustling markets and of course hazelnuts, as 75% of the world’s hazelnut production comes from Turkey, has been rocked by 4 major earthquakes in the past 24 hours. The first one and the most devastating one was measured to be of 7.8 magnitude that rocked Turkey and Syria on Monday. The death toll in Turkey alone has surpassed 4000. It is however expected to rise as rescue operations are in full swing, but extreme cold and the harsh weather conditions are making it difficult for rescue teams to operate smoothly.  Turkey predominantly lies in an earthquake prone belt where the tectonic activity underneath the earth is relatively higher making Turkey susceptible to frequent earthquakes. 

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AstroSage presents this blog based on the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and parts of Syria on Monday, 6th of February, 2023. We will provide you with an astrological analysis regarding this mishap as to which planets and astrological conditions were responsible for the massive earthquake in Turkey. We all know the geographical aspect of this occurrence, but let us now understand the astrological view as well. 

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Turkey From the Astrology Perspective

If we take a look at the astrological chart of Turkey, the Ascendant is Gemini with the moon being situated in the 1st house. Rahu in the 3rd house, Ketu in the 9th house and the ascendant lord Mercury placed in the 5th house along with Saturn, Venus, and the Sun. The 6th lord Mars is placed in the 4th house and Jupiter is placed in the 6th house. Now taking all this into consideration we will see why Turkey was struck by such massive 4 earthquakes in a span of mere 24 hours:

  •  Looking at Turkey’s horoscope, we get to know that Turkey is running in the Mahadasha of the Sun with Saturn in the Antardasha.  Saturn being the 8th lord (house of accidents) and Sun (the Mahadasha lord) is transiting the 8th house at present. Sun is a malefic planet for the Gemini Ascendant as it holds the lordship of the 3rd house. 
  • The connection of both the Sun and Saturn in transit and by means of lordship proves that current times are difficult for Turkey and the personal enmity between the Sun and Saturn cannot be ignored.

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  • If we take a look at the Rahu- Ketu transit at present and the Mahadasha lord Sun and Antardasha lord Saturn being connected with Rahu and Ketu, or whether we see the placement of planets is the natal chart or the current transits, we get to know that both the Mahadasha lord and the Antardasha lord is being affected by Rahu and Ketu, which are malefic planets and can be held responsible for such mishappenings.
  • Mars, a planet usually responsible for such occurrences like earthquakes and accidents which can claim human lives in large numbers  is transiting in the 12th house currently and holds the lordship of the 6th house which is also a malefic house or trik bhava. 

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  • The placement of the Sun in Swati nakshatra (Rahu’s nakshatra) and Saturn in Chitra nakshatra (Mars’ nakshatra) further explains why such a massive earthquake hit Turkey at this point. 
  • Mercury, the lord of the Ascendant is itself placed in Mars’ nakshatra, Chitra. This too makes the situation grim for Turkey.

AstroSage and the team stand in solidarity with Turkey during these difficult times. This was a small take from our end to help the readers understand how planetary conjunctions and positions can affect the nation and the world. We hope that Turkey overcomes the loss soon enough and extend our condolences to all the people who have lost their loved ones as a result of these massive earthquakes. 

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