Attain Maa Tulsi’s Blessings On 25 Dec 2022 With These Remedies!

In the Hindu religion, the stature of the Tulsi plant is given immense respect and is worshiped with proper rituals and complete devotion. Tulsi is given the status of a Mother and her day will be celebrated on 25th December, 2022. According to the belief, the members of the house in which Tulsi grows up are said to be relieved from challenges and negative situations. The Tulsi plant gives the benefits of monetary gain as well. The extremely positive health effects of the Holy Basil are also known across the globe, and in Ayurveda, many references regarding the Tulsi plant can be found. One of the oldest systems of medicine that originated in South India, the Siddha medicine, also used Holy Basil in their practice.

The Tulsi plant also gives prior indications to the family members about the lurking dangers or any dreadful situations they are about to face. We can also find about Tulsi in the Hindu scriptures as well. When a distressing situation is about to come across a family, the Avatar of Goddess Lakshmi, Maa Tulsi leaves that home. Financial instability soon follows and the health of family members starts to deteriorate as well. 

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The learned astrologers of AstroSage state that Tulsi is not just a plant, but a godsend for this whole planet. In the Hindu religion, Holy Basil is worshiped with complete rituals and has a revered reputation. It is said that whoever worships this highly beneficial medicinal plant that home receives the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and gains financial benefits. He also says that most Hindu families celebrate and worship Tulsi on her worship day, which is 25th December, 2022. The families worship her with complete devotion as to receive her eternal blessings. 

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Tulsi is regarded as holy in Ayurveda because it is also utilized as a medicinal plant. People who regularly use Tulsi get its benefits frequently and they continue to be joyful, at ease, and full of life. Positivity is brought into the house and negative energy is expelled by having tulsi there. When performing devotion to Lord Shiva, it is forbidden to use Tulsi; however it is necessary to use Tulsi when doing worship of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is known as Surasa in Sanskrit and for thousands of years it has been used as an insect repellent as well!

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Maa Tulsi: The Ancient Lore

According to mythology, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna both participated in the devotion of Maa Tulsi. Lord Ram planted tulsi along the Gomti River, while Lord Krishna planted tulsi in Vrindavan. Maa Sita worshiped Maa Tulsi at Ashok Vatika, and Maa Parvati planted Tulsi in the Himalayan Mountains to get Lord Shiva. When she did this, her wish was granted. The Holy Trinity, also known as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, are claimed to bestow their limitless blessings upon anyone who has a Tusi plant in their home. Sins are purported to be erased by performing daily Tulsi worship.

Worship Methods Of Maa Tulsi

As per the learned astrologers of AstroSage, the worship day of Maa Tulsi will be celebrated on 25th December, 2022, on Sunday. Before worshiping Tulsi, take a bath first, and then offer water to her. After this, offer Akshat, sandalwood, and Roli, if Roli is not available, then before offering water to Tulsi, offer Turmeric. Then, according to your needs, circumambulate Tulsi 7, 11, 21, or 111 times. After completing the circumambulations, perform the Aarti of Maa Tulsi. On the day of worship, light a lamp of Ghee, near the plant; by doing this negativity and distress will be removed from the house, and peace and progress will come your way. Do not pluck the leaves of Tulsi on Sunday as plucking its leaves on a Sunday is prohibited. 

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