Seek Blessings From Lord Vishnu By Performing Tulsi Vivah With Devotion

According to Hinduism, there is a provision of performing Tulsi Vivah on the day of Devuthani Ekadashi i.e. the day Lord Vishnu wakes up from his sleep. On this day, Lord Shree Hari Vishnu, the Creator of the universe, awakens after his sleep of four months. In such a situation, the marriage of Lord Shaligram and Tulsi plant is also celebrated on this day.

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It is said that organizing a Tulsi Vivah proves extremely beneficial and auspicious. Any person who offers Tulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu on the day of Devuthani Ekadashi and then performs Tulsi Vivah with Shaligram gets rid of all the sufferings also attains the special blessings of Lord Hari. 

When is Tulsi Vivah?

According to the Hindu Panchang, the Tulsi Vivah is held on the same day of the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, also known as Devuthani Ekadashi. In many parts of the country, Tulsi Vivah is also celebrated on the next day i.e. on Dwadashi. Those who perform Tulsi Vivah on Ekadashi will organize it on 26 November this year. And those who want the marriage to happen on the day of Dwadashi will opt the date November 27.

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Tulsi Vivah Muhurat

Tulsi Vivah 2020, 26 November

Tulsi Vivah Date – Thursday, 26 November 2020

Dwadashi start date – 05:12 pm (26 November 2020)

Dwadashi date ends – 07:48 pm (27 November 2020)

Importance of Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah is said to be extremely important in Hinduism. It is said that this is the day on which Lord Vishnu and all the deities wake up from 4 months of sleep. For this reason, this Ekadashi is also called Dev Uthani Ekadashi. Any person who performs the marriage of Lord Shaligram and Tulsi gets rid of the problems coming in their marital life.

Also, if one is facing hindrances in marriage, unable to fix relationship troubles, and much more can perform this ritual. Not only this, there is such a belief about this day that any couple who are not blessed with a girl can perform this ritual and perform the Kanyadaan of Tulsi to attain the virtue. 

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Tulsi Vivah Rituals

  • Those who perform the Tulsi Vivah must take a fresh bath.
  • Those who perform the Kanyadaan in Tulsi Vivah are told to keep a fast.
  • After this, install the basil plant at a stool or Chowki in the courtyard during the auspicious time.
  • You can perform Tulsi Vivah either in the terrace or temple.
  • Now install a Shaligram on another stool. Ashtadal Kamal should be made on this stool or platform.
  • Install the Kalash on top of it. Fill water in the Kalash and make a swastika over it. Place five mango leaves in a circle.
  • Now wrap coconut in a new red cloth and keep it on top of mango leaves.
  • Apply Geru on the basil pot. Also, make a Rangoli from it on the ground near the pot.
  • After this, place the basil pot on the right side of the outpost of Shaligram.
  • Light a lamp of ghee in front of Tulsi. After this, by immersing the flowers in the Ganga water and chanting the mantra ‘ॐ तुलसाय नमः/oṃ tulasāya namaḥ’, sprinkle the Ganga water on the basil. Then sprinkle the same Ganga water on Shaligram.
  • Now apply roli on Tulsi and a Sandalwood Tilak on Shaligram.
  • Make a Mandap with sugarcane in the pot of Tulsi plant and add a red chunari on it. With this, wrap Tulsi in a saree and offer the bangles to Tulsi Ji.
  • After bathing Shaligram with Panchamrit, wear yellow clothes.
  • After this, Apply turmeric to Tulsi and Shaligram. For this, turmeric can be soaked in milk.
  • Apply turmeric paste on the sugarcane on Mandap as well.
  • Include fruits, flowers, etc. at the time of worship.
  • Take the Shaligram along with the platform on which it is kept and circumambulate around Tulsi seven times. At this time, take special care that only a male member should carry the stool of Shaligram.
  • After this, perform Aarti, after which Tulsi Vivah is declared successful. Prasad is distributed among all.
  • On this day, offer Kheer and Puri as a Bhog to Tulsi and Shaligram.
  • Mangal songs are also sung during Tulsi Vivah.

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Know the Story Behind Tulsi Vivah

There are different stories in Hinduism regarding Tulsi Vivah. According to a legend, it is said that in ancient times there used to be a demon named Jalandhar. The demon was very brave and mighty and the secret behind his fearlessness was his wife Vrinda, who had always remain loyal.

It was only due to the powerful influence of the fast observed by his wife that the monster became so brave. In such a situation, troubled by his cruelty and torture, the Gods went to Lord Vishnu and requested him to put an end to the demon’s tyranny. Hearing the prayers of all the gods, Lord Vishnu decided to dissolve Vrinda’s oath.

After this, he took the form of Jalandhar and touched Vrinda by tricking her. Vrinda’s husband was fighting the demon Jalandhar with all his might, but he was killed as soon as Vrinda’s piousness was destroyed. As a result, her husband’s severed head fell into her courtyard.

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Seeing this, Vrinda became very angry. She thought that if my husband was in the war, who touched me? At that time, Lord Vishnu appeared standing in front of her. Then angry Vrinda cursed Lord Vishnu that, ‘As you have deceived me and separated me from my husband, similarly your wife will also be deceived and you will also seek a new birth to suffer this kind of separation. ‘ After saying this, Vrinda became Sati and sacrificed her life with her husband. It is said that Lord Shri Rama was born in Ayodhya due to the curse of Vrinda and he had to suffer the same separation with Sita Mata. A Tulsi plant appeared where Vrinda became Sati.

According to another popular story about this day, it is said that Vrinda cursed Lord Vishnu by saying, “you have tainted my piousness, hence you will become a stone. This stone will be called Shaligram. Then Vishnu said, “Vrinda, I respect your sacredness, but you will always remain by my side as Tulsi.” Any native who performs our marriage on the day of Kartik Ekadashi will get his/her wishes fulfilled. ‘

That is why it is believed that worship of Shaligram or Vishnu is incomplete without a Tulsi Leaf. 

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