Perform These Rituals To Be Blessed By Lord Sun On Tula Sankranti!

When the Sun enters from one zodiac sign to another, then that very movement is called Sankranti. Although there are twelve Sankrantis of the Sun, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn hold high importance. The transit of the Sun in Libra from Virgo is called Tula Sankranti. As per Hindu Panchang, Tula Sankranti falls during the month of Kartik. This year, it is falling on October 17, Saturday. During the transit, the Sun is worshiped. On this day, people wake up early in the morning, offer water to the Sun and wish for their good health. Let us know all the important aspects pertaining to this day.

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Timings of Tula Sankranti in the Year 2020

The Sun will transit in Libra on October 17, Saturday at 6:50 AM and remain in the same sign till November 16, Monday upto 6:39 AM. The Sun will remain posited in Libra for almost a month. During this transit, the Sun will remain in a debilitated state in Libra.

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What is Tula Sankranti?

The transit of the Sun in the seventh sign i.e. Libra of the Zodiac Belt is called Tula Sankranti. This transit will take place in the middle of October. As per Hindu Panchang, this occurrence falls during Kartik month. This festival owns special celebratory colours in states like Orissa, Karnataka etc. Farmers of these states celebrate Tula Sankranti to enjoy the harvesting of rice crops with great pomp and show. This day of Sankranti is also known as Tula Sankraman in Orissa and Karnataka. This day, the festivals are performed on the banks of the river, Kaveri, with the name of ‘Theerthodbhava’ or ‘Teerthadhava’. Here, local people take a bath in the river and give donations. The beginning of Ganesha Chaturthi and Kartik Snan takes place in Libra month.  

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Twelve Sankrantis in a Year

The transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is called Sankranti. It is a solar movement which has a great significance in Hinduism. As per astrology and Hindu Panchang, there are twelve Sankrantis in a year. Whichever zodiac sign the Sun enters, the Sankranti is celebrated in the name of that zodiac sign. Every Sankranti falling in a year has its own importance. Pitra Tarpan, donation, and bathing etc hold high religious significance on the day of Sankranti.

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Rituals To Perform On Tula Sankranti

The natives of all zodiac signs will see different changes in their lives with the transit of the Sun in Libra. This transit may be favourable for some zodiac signs while the same may be unfavourable for others. In this pretext, one must perform a few remedies to be blessed with auspicious fruits and avoid inauspicious effects.   

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As taking a bath and giving donation plays a vital role on the day of Tula Sankranti, the natives of all zodiac signs must wake up during Brahma Muhurat and take a dip in the holy river. After this, they must perform charity to the Brahmins. It is believed that these things reduce the adverse effects on the natives. If you are unable to bathe in the river for any reason, then add a few drops of Gangajal in the bathing water at home. After taking a bath, offer water mixed with Akshat and some sweets to the Sun. This day, offering water to the rising Sun is considered to be highly auspicious.     

Along with this, keep aside some food for the needy on the day of Tula Sankranti. If possible, then feed the cow the first chapati of the day. By doing so, Lord Sun showers immeasurable blessings.

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Fresh Rice is Offered on this Day

Tula Sankranti means the presence of the Sun in Libra for almost a month. During this, taking a dip in the holy rivers is considered to be extremely auspicious. At the time of Tula Sankranti, grains start appearing in paddy. People offer fresh paddy to please Maa Laxmi in connection with this happiness. At some places, even twigs of wheat and Cara plants are offered to Maa Lakshmi. People pray to Maa Laxmi to protect their crops from floods, droughts, pests etc. and provide them with an abundant crop every year. Therefore, there is a special ritual to venerate Maa Lakshmi on this day. It is believed that there is no shortage of grains if one worships Maa Lakshmi with all his/her family members and offers fresh paddy.

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